I like to think that I love lottery just as much as you do and I strive to improve this community by promoting the best lotteries out there. The internet is my playground and I know the industry inside-out so you can rest assured that the lotteries I recommend are only going to produce pleasant surprises.

My research pays off and each week I add new lotteries to the list and rate them in such a manner that prospective players know what they are dealing with. A quick round-up brings forward a few names and the list below includes some of the top lotteries that you won’t regret doing business with. You might wonder why are these among the lotteries that I endorse and what makes them stand out from the crown in this competitive niche.

My Recommended Lottery Ticket Sellers

What makes these recommended lottery ticket sellers great?

What do these lotteries have in common? Simple yet beautiful design and a user friendly interface, a nice variety of lottery games and an unswerving pledge for preserving the highest security standards. All my recommended lotteries use secure encryption protocols Like SSL to their Credit Card Clearing on site, have an excellent customer support and are fully licensed. Below you’ll find our recommended ticket seller features compared.

I know how difficult it is to beat the odds in lottery draws, and I don’t want my visitors to be pitted against unnecessary challenges. Finding the right lottery is one of them, and that’s why I make it my mission to find the best ones and rate them accordingly. I don’t hesitate to make a harsh criticism when needed, because I feel that my readers deserve an honest opinion.

Stay safe and enjoy the game

In an industry where the number of dishonest operators greatly exceeds trustworthy ones, you can rest assured that my recommended lotteries are 100% secure. Moreover, I have checked and reviewed all user complaints, lottery frauds, and lottery scams about the lotteries and add their reviews. I frequently update the list of endorsed lotteries and strive to create a bridge between the best operators and lottery players.


Nick Silver

31 Responses to Reliable Lotto Agents

  1. user avatar David :

    Just a quick note: You can play single line entries at playhugelottos.com. I buy single lines all the time.

    • user avatar Daisy Morgan :

      Thanks David, fixed.

  2. user avatar Potvin :

    I gotta favorite this internet web site, it seems really beneficial.

  3. user avatar colin battison :

    I play with oas in holland [is it genuine and secure]. Colin.

  4. user avatar marlene muller :

    Nick, you gave Icelotto a thumbs up does that mean they are legal and can be trusted. If so let me know as I do whant to play them, hope to hear from you soon. Regards, Marlene Muller

    • user avatar Daisy Morgan :

      Hi Marlene, you can see the sites we recommend on this page. IceLotto is not included in this list. Please read the IceLotto review http://www.lottoexposed.com/icelotto-com-exposed/ and user comments below. You have to make your own decision. As we mentioned in the bottom line, we want you to be the judges in this case. Daisy

    • user avatar Alice Lyons :

      Hi Nick, have you researched ICE LOTTO!I had someone call me asking for details to play the Mega Millions USA, because I signed up for Ice Lotto. The no is +448081890001. Should I trust this or not. Elsabe

  5. user avatar Yasser :

    Hello…I use TheLotter.com and Buylottoonline.com and have just signed up with Lotterymaster. I have chatted with the customer service for this website and actually asked questions about their authenticity. It seemed OK to me. I am going to stick with these three.

  6. user avatar YAS :

    Hi, I was wondering if there a list of online lotteries that ‘Lotto Exposed’ have reviewed. That would really help in finding out “lottery gems” that were reviewed some time ago and also some new ones that are not in the recommended list. If there is, how can we access it. Thanks

  7. user avatar David :

    Can anyone give me any info on ice lotto? I want to play on this site but just not sure about it yet?

  8. user avatar Tony wellard :

    Play Huge Lottos seems like the one to go for, the 10% commission is a little off putting as the others don’t charge a commission. I guess their portion is included in the ticket price?

  9. user avatar Grahame Kane :

    Is Giantlottos.com a genuine site and safe to purchase lotto tickets

  10. user avatar David :

    Hi…… I just want to ask whether is it true that international lottery is illegal in some of African Countries, and if so is there other way u can play without being on the other side of the law.

  11. user avatar A Wellard :

    Not happy with playhugelottos.com they have not responded to my email of the 18th November, I could have been a multimillionaire by now!!

    • user avatar Lois :

      Hi Mr Wellard, I hope the call from our customer support team has resolved this for you! Kind regards – PlayHugeLottos.com

  12. user avatar Chubasco Diranga :

    How can l become an affiliate member?

  13. user avatar katie :

    I just checked the lotter service. I sent two emails and they answered me back. Good.
    But, I have a doubt: If someone buy a jackpot winner here in the United States, all the concierge lottery says about giving the winner jackpot to the customer at the local office/representative. right? BUT, here in US, all local stores have cameras. So, all lottery office know who bought the ticket. How can I complain? or how can I claim as well? Not sure about it.

  14. user avatar Meta Tron :

    Hi Nick & Daisy!

    This is an excellent site & you guys are doing such a fantastic job!

    In your comparison table for RECOMMENDED ONLINE LOTTERY TICKET SELLERS, you’ve indicated one criteria as “Is it possible to play in groups?”. I don’t understand what this means? Can you please elaborate for those of us in the dark. Does it mean self-picked Syndicate entries?

    BTW, based on your recommendations, I’ve already signed up with PlayHugeLottos.com & Wintrillions.com & must say that so far so good even though I’ve not hit a jackpot yet.

    Thanks in advance!

    • user avatar Daisy Morgan :

      Dear Meta Tron,

      Thank you for a such evaluation of our work!

      By playing in groups we meant a possibility to join the syndicates.


  15. user avatar Lito :

    Hi Nick,

    I like to play an online lottery. Pls provide the list of trusted online retailers that are legally operating. Thanks.

    • user avatar Daisy Morgan :

      Dear Lito,

      This is a page with a list of reliable online lotto agents reviewed, tested and approved by LottoExposed’s Team. What else do you want?


  16. user avatar Caroline :

    How is BuyLottoonline?

  17. user avatar Johnny :

    Are these agents required to carry a special license to act as a broker? Or do we engage these brokers after signing their agreement?


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