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Postcodelottery Exposed

Nick Silver
Mon, 31-Dec-2012 14:51
post thumbnail Are You the UK Resident?

I know what you’re thinking when hearing about a lottery that has “postcode” in its name. What are these folks on about. It’s exactly what it says! PostCodeLottery runs lotteries that is based on your post code. It’s sold as a monthly subscription though you can purchase more than one. It’s run by “People’s Postcode Lottery” who manages society lotteries on behalf of charitable bodies. They support good causes (their words, not mine) all over Britain. Anyway, let’s all take a step back and see what exactly PostCodeLottery is about.

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How Can PostCodeLottery Win Me Millions?

PostCodeLottery is a subscription service. Each subscription buys one ticket for a month at a cost of £10 (plus .50p service fee). This ticket is based on your post code. You can buy as many monthly subscriptions as you’d like which means you might have three tickets on your post code. Why do this? Their millionaire prizes (six slated for 2013) are not in fact one individual jackpot but split amongst the people that live in an area based on the symbols (i.e. lowest prize is first three, second lowest is first four) in your post code. The person with the full winning post code gets the big prize. But, it is important to note according to their site “In accordance with the Gambling Act 2005, the maximum amount that can be won by a single ticket is 10% of the monthly UK ticket sales (up to and not exceeding £400,000)”.  If you have three tickets, you could win three times in a specific shared draw.

Sounds confusing? You’re right. It took me quite a bit of time reading and re-reading information on their site to figure out how this actually works. The subscription also includes daily and weekly and  monthly prizes based again – yes – on your post code.
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Stop the Presses

You have to have a British post code to play – so what am I doing here? Okay, I am reviewing this site to try and provide a review on what these folks offer and whether it’s for real or not, but if you don’t have a British post code stop reading now. You’re only wasting your time! Signing up for UK residents is easy on the lottery’s official website. Debit and credit cards alongside PayPal are accepted for purchasing subscriptions.

The Site at PostCodeLottery

Getting around PostCodeLottery’s site is painful. The information is scattered all of the place with no one location that provides a summary of what they offer. Too many words are done up in bold so reading is a chore. Okay I finally noticed up in the top right hand corner a little (very) place to click How It Works.  The site simply draws your attention to so many other things, it was hard to get the basics!

Customer Service at PostCodeLottery

PostCodeLottery has their telephone number all over their site.  You can ring them or complete a form asking them to call you back at a specific time.  I’m not comfortable about this as sometimes I like my answers in writing at the same time, at least there is someone real you can talk with to discuss your question. People can also sign up for regular emails for PostCodeLottery news, updates and results.

Complaints at PostCodeLottery

Most complaint about PostCodeLottery were about the fact that some lottery representatives call them at inappropriate hours or inconvenient times []. There were also former players saying that they felt harassed by the lottery after refusing to continue to sign up for their service.

So Where Does the Profit Go?

One of the selling points of PostCodeLottery is that they direct a significant amount of the money collected from customers towards supporting charities. Looking at the charities list, it seems most are Scottish based.  I wonder what people in Wales thinks of this? I was unable to determine for a fact whether some of the complaints regarding the manner in which the financial support was distributed were justified or just the result of disgruntled people (like from Wales).

The Bottom Line on PostCodeLotto

The bottom line is whether you think your post code is lucky. No seriously, I guess it would be almost irresistible for most people to want to get in on this game.  Results are widely broadcast and it would be very frustrating to hear your post code or street won and you didn’t have a ticket. I can already hear my neighbor rubbing it in. This might account for the popularity of this game.


pros No Numbers to Pick
pros Lots of Prizes
pros Supports Charities



This is not a lottery that is going to make you a millionaire but it will provide some fun and part of likes the idea that I don’t have try to figure out what my lucky numbers could be. It’s a cute little lottery that the average person can play and feel they are supporting charities. But, the bottom line is you must have a UK address to play!

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Hello everyone, my name is Nick and you can find me on Google+. I am a founder and a primary author of the Here we are exposing online lottery agents, software and syndicates. Only on our site you will find a real truth about the lottery. Playing lottery is in my veins, writing about it makes most of my time. My life motto is: “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” So start doing and stop dreaming!

75 Responses to Postcodelottery Exposed

  1. user avatar Jana Dudova :


  2. user avatar Pam :

    I have been playing the Post Code lottery for three months. I canceled my account, because I don’t like direct debit. It is not fare making people set a direct debit. I think this should be a free decision for everyone to play or not to play, not a every month subscription. And if you want to cancel they make you call them. I don’t have a land line, so I used my mobile phone and I was billed £10 for the conversation with them. They don’t give you a reference for cancellation, you can never be sure. It is better to check with your bank. They have an option to call you back, but if it is for cancellation, they don’t do it straight away. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THE POST CODE LOTTERY TO ANYONE.

    • user avatar lorraine :

      Hi thanks for the info .. I will not be drawn in by this like what u said should be able to buy if an when :(

    • user avatar Smiffy :

      I’m going to cancel my subscription basically as I can’t afford it really, but there’s no question of me having to call them to cancel, I’ll just stop the direct debit…end of! They have no right to force me to call them so I won’t be doing so!

  3. user avatar Nick Silver :

    Pam – thanks for the feedback. You are the first to comment here and we wondered about how people find the play. Do you play other lotteries? Nick

  4. user avatar Ray :

    Firstly this lottery relates to GB and not to the UK, otherwise I would not bother to enter.
    What are the odds of winning?
    There are over 3 million postcodes, not sure how may are entered, cant find this info, I can only assume the draw is based on only the postcodes entered, again they wont state how many. I will give it a go for 2 months, but I am certainly not paying £120 a year to win nothing!

    • user avatar Nick Silver :

      Hey Ray,

      We are checking this out and will get back to you. Initially, it appears that all postcodes are part of the draw but our team will verify this and get back to you shortly. Stay tuned! Nick

      • user avatar trista :

        I received an email a month or two ago about a postcode lottery drawing from the UK I found it interesting but I have played no games and honestly forgot about this. Then today I received an email from Mrs. Sharon Basil saying I won the lottery, is this a scam?

        • user avatar Richard Scarr :

          If you never played then you couldn’t possibly win, could you? You will almost certainly be asked to send them a sum of money first, before they send you your non existent winnings. Don’t let them scam you. Delete their email.

      • user avatar Christine :

        Only postcodes for which a ticket has been purchased are entered into the draw. So there is never a ‘rollover’ issue. I think a couple of quid a week is fair enough, because i would be infuriated if my street came up and I wasnt in it! However if it starts to get any dearer may reconsider, seeing as it does seem to be very Scotcentric…and i live in Shropshire! Plus they dont have a mobile app like the National ~Lottery which is dead easy to use.

  5. user avatar N/A :

    I think the postcode lottery (especially their instant win games) are a scam! You never win and when you try to cancel your account they don’t let you! They wanted me to reveal all my personal details and then becuase i’d registered with an old mobile number (which I couldn’t remember) they refused to let me cancel?! (Even though I was talking to them, logged in, on my own account!)rubbish! I wouldn’t go near them…

    • user avatar Daisy Morgan :

      Hi N/A,
      Thanks for your feedback.
      Have you talked to support? If so, what did they tell you?

  6. user avatar Lola Jane :

    I’ve seen a lot of ads lately for the Postcode lottery and they seem to be offering big prizes. Was thinking about having a go but have looked everywhere and cannot find and info on winning odds. Does anyone know this? Why would I take a gamble on anything that I do not know the odds of???

    • user avatar Daisy Morgan :

      Hey Lola Jane,
      This is what I have found:
      “The more people that play in any given postcode, the greater chance the postcode will be drawn – people literally play and win with their postcode. When you are subscribing at the start your odds to win are higher than ever: the prizes of £25,000 per postcode each week and a car each month are guaranteed.”

  7. user avatar jon :

    Cancelled my account last year fed up seeing nearly all the winners in either Scotland or the north East, Durham, Tyne area and surrounding areas oh yes and Washington uk, just check and see how many times all the winners and the big money winners come from these areas.

    • user avatar Daisy Morgan :

      Hi Jon, I appreciate the information you have provided us with. Daisy

  8. user avatar jennifer :

    I thought it was only me thinking how unfair the odds of winning, a lottery is a random number generator and not an area generator. Your postcode acts the same way as if you pick a selection of numbers so why do areas of the country win over 80 per cent of the prizes. The lottery commission state that its a fair and random judging of equal proportion, so why is such a high number of winners coming from scotland and northeast boarders. They cannot tell me that more people play than anywere else in the uk, if so why are people living outside of the postcodes not informed of these statistics, my advice is don’t bother and save your money. I tried it for nearly 2 years before realising were most of the winners come from, even the tv ad are northeast winners talking about ther win. Leave your money in the bank and not there’s.

  9. user avatar Kirsty :

    I have been playing the postcode lottery for only 10 months and my postcode area sr8 3 has just been drawn for Octobers millions draw and have been contacted by them to advise i am a winner of minimum £1,000 and anything upto £400,000 i will be attending a winner party at a local banqueting suite in a weeka time to find out how much, i for one am pretty happy evebln just to win the grand and will be overjoyed if its more and considering i have on paid £100 for the pleasure im pretty pleased with the winnings :) wish me luck for a biggy!

    • user avatar Daisy Morgan :

      Good luck, Kirsty! :D

  10. user avatar Linda Saxon :

    I signed up to play Postcode Lottery on Saturday 2nd November. I only signed up once, yet received two email notifications with two different references stating that two amounts of £10.50 each had been taken from my account. I tried to rectify this with the Postcode Lottery and it is virtually impossible. I got caught in an email ‘loop’ whereby someone called Calum (Customer Journey) kept asking me for my full address and date of birth. After four requests for this, I decided to phone the 0800 number. I spoke to a Customer Journey Advisor (?) who told me that they couldn’t help because I had registered online and that I would have to send bank statements so that they could check this. I gave her the payment confirmation details but she said that she had no way of tracking these numbers. I asked how, in that case, could she be sure, as she assured me, that I had only purchased one ticket. She confirmed that she couldn’t. I then asked her to cancel the whole transaction. She said that she couldn’t, since I had signed up online. She could only ensure that no further payments were taken from my account. The whole thing is either highly suspicious or else the worst-run lottery I have ever encountered. Either way, it’s back to Camelot for me, although I fear that my ordeal via Peoples Lottery is not yet over – since until next month I will not know how much has been taken from my account, nor how to get it refunded.

    • user avatar Daisy Morgan :

      Hi Linda, thanks for sharing your experience. Daisy

      • user avatar Gary :

        Do you have details of the 0800 number – I don’t want to call any premium rate number as they usually cost a bomb :) Thanks

    • user avatar Tony :

      Hi Linda. The best way to stop money coming out of you bank account is to go to your bank and tell them to stop payment to Postcode Lottery. All so tell them If they try to get the money out. Tell the bank to stop payment.

  11. user avatar Gary :

    Made a map of recent winners from details from the postcode lottery homepage – I find it weird there isn’t a single winner in the Northern Ireland… approx 2m people.

    • user avatar Sian :

      Thanks for completing the map Gary; was wondering what the “spread” of winners looked like!

  12. user avatar Lisa :

    I wrote to them asking what were the odds of winning and they replied as follows:
    “Thanks for getting back to us.
    Unfortunatetly we can’t give out specific odds.”

    That alone says it all. Obviously they have done their own calculations and if they refuse to give them out, there mustn’t look very good compared with other lotteries.

  13. user avatar Ed :

    I spoke to an agent online today asking about the double direct debits, the way it works, as they have preset DD dates each month so, for example, I signed up at the end of November, my ticket would not be eligible till the 7th of December but a second debit (I presume) for January’s ticket, would be taken on the 10th of December.

    Now, this is the confusing part: My brother signed up last night (the 4th of December) but he’s not eligible for the draw which takes place on the 7th of December, in fact his ticket will not be eligible for any draws until the 4th of January, yet he will have a second debit taken from his Pay Pal account on the 10th of December.

    I asked the agent to confirm that, should a DD be cancelled, the last DD taken, on any given date, would be used for a “final draw”; e.g. if my brother cancelled his DD after the 10th of December, but before the 4th of January, he would be entered into all draws from the 4th of January through till March.

    The agent could not confirm this, my suspicion is that they probably outsource their customer care and the people dealing with it have no reference point.

    In regards to people asking about how the draw works, my instincts tell me this is more of a raffle than a lottery, so if your postcode is in the draw it has a chance of being picked, if no one in your street or postcode area purchases a ticket then it’s impossible for your postcode to be drawn. The more tickets purchased for a particular postcode increases the chances of that postcode being picked and, seeing as lottery’s are the easiest way to get money from those within a particular wealth bracket, it would not surprise me if there were more winners from particular areas, the proof of this is the fact that Romford, Enfield and Dartford have produced the most lottery winners after which it was northern cities which tookover.

  14. user avatar Phil Coyle :

    I have just cancelled my account with postcodelottery after 1 month, first of all I could not access my account, and after five new passwords I finally achieved access, I made a one off payment for a ticket to see how things went and then they helped themselves to Decembers ticket cost without my saying so. An email I sent to them has not been answered in the 3 days they said it would be (now on day 8) and on phoning them to cancel my account immediately I was subjected to a several minute monolgue as to why I should remain with them.
    I would class them as unprofessional and only interested in getting hold of your money, the phone conversation ended with saying my account would be canceled on 11 Jan 2014 WATCH THIS SPACE!

  15. user avatar Sandy Fishness :

    They tricked me into giving them my bank details, claiming that it was just to set up an account and that they wouldn’t use them to set up a Direct Debit till I said it was OK. Then they took money out of my account.
    The company is legit but their methods are not. DO NOT TRUST THEM!

  16. user avatar Andy :

    There are strict rules in the UK regarding the collection of monies by Direct Debit.

    If a business takes money from your bank account by Direct Debit and you have not specifically authorised them to do so, report them in writing to your bank immediately.

    If a business sets up a Direct Debit on your bank account they must advise you of the Direct Debit Guarantee either by reading the whole thing to you over the phone or by posting you a copy. If they don’t do this, report them in writing to your bank immediately.

    As the bank account holder, you can cancel (or instruct your bank to cancel) any Direct Debit without agreement from the beneficiary (eg: Peoples Postcode Lottery). The beneficiary must then contact you to obtain any agreed payment by some other means.

    If a company takes the wrong amount from your bank account by Direct Debit or they take the amount more than once, first of all try to resolve the issue with them. If they do not resolve the issue within 10 working days, report them in writing to your bank immediately.

    A recurring PayPal payment is not the same as a Direct Debit. If you have any problems with a PayPal recurring payment, contact PayPal Customer Services immediately.

    As noted by another poster, Postcode Lottery sounds more like a raffle than a lottery, so each ‘ticket’ does not have an equal chance of winning a prize.

  17. user avatar Jean parsons :

    I have tried to stop direct debit payments for 3 months now and pcl are still taking the money, even though the bank is charging them, this has got to stop how many people are you doing this to!!

    • user avatar Tony Tombling :

      Hi Jean, If you sign up to internet banking with your bank, you can then go into your account. and cancel the direct debit yourself. It is also useful,if they, or others set up a direct debit without your previous consent. Good Luck.

  18. user avatar Tony :

    Thanks for reviews I nearly signed up then I thought I would just check to see if there was any feedback. that was a close one I will keep my money to save me all the hassle you people are having, they need much more transparency if they want to survive.

  19. user avatar Nichola :

    I was called and was talked into joining the postcode lottery by a really bubbly young lady. I decided after a month that I would cancel as I thought about the amount of postcodes and the odds if winning. I called and had no problem canceling. I then decided that actually I must go back and rejoin as would be gutted if my postcode won (gotcha! Well got me!)
    I got a text a few days later to say I had won £10. Now, ordinarily I would have been quite pleased but I am left wondering if it is in fact luck or they rewarded me for coming back? Making me believe it isn’t picked at random at all!!!

  20. user avatar Peter :

    All 6 digits came up, prize £10, what a scammmmmm!
    No more, don’t go there!

  21. user avatar anna :

    I started playing in December, beginning of January I was told I had won 10.00, I have had to chase up the payment ever since, I was told it would be paid in on 17/1/14 nothing I have rung them I don’t know how many times, and emailed and they say the same they will need to investigate, I have confirmed my bank details etc but still not payment. Not sure where to go from here.

  22. user avatar Leanne :

    Been playing this for a number of months and not won a bean. Ive worked out that this is predominantly a northern thing and as they have a high number of postcodes registered in turn more chance of winning. So if you are based int he north defiantly enter as you will be in with a good chance if your in and area that has not been targeted successfully by the post code lottery then stay away as you will just be wasting your money. I have also played the normal lottery along side this and have won more from this in the last 4 months then i have with the post code lottery. Will be cancelling

  23. user avatar dont understand :

    I joined postcode lottery as I got something to say that it was going to be in my area (February) I think – however, I have just looked at results and the last postcode to win anything near me was in December? Just how does this work exactly?

  24. user avatar donna d :

    Really do you think this is a scam, they spend thousands on tv advertising but the question above about what postcodes are in the game, would be of great interest to know the answer. Good question ray. Await Nick’s reply on this one.

    • user avatar Anita :

      If you look at the map it’s London area have the most winners in smaller area. It may be the ones that run it.

  25. user avatar Peter W :

    They sent me an email invitation – which I ignored and have blocked as it appeared dubious, but I would like to where they got my name, email address and post code from… I don’t use the email address for anything except work and it is definitely not published on-line anywhere.

  26. user avatar Ali :

    I played for a year and a half, and then got nervous if it was a scam, as there are many articles referring to it being a scam on google. I phoned and told them I had cancelled my direct debit and told them not to make any further claims on my a/c as the d.d. had been cancelled. I also cancelled because there is no clear way of knowing how fair the drawing of the winning postcodes are. With the National Lottery everyone can see the draw and it is all transparent. Within the last hour a female called and wanted some feedback. I informed her about what I have written above, and she just went into denial and stated that I should not believe all that I read, but she ignored my comment about the lack of transparency in the draws. I informed her that I do not take all that I read on the internet as gospel, whereupon she lost patience and said I can believe what I like and slammed the phone down. Is that the behaviour of an employee from a legitimate organisation? She has now convinced me irrevocably never to resubscribe. I am also unhappy about the postcode lottery’s links with some online casino, bingo and slot machine operation based in Malta.

  27. user avatar nazi :

    I played the postcodelottery for six months and only won £5 pounds twice then I stopped playing. I went in the bank and got my direct debit cancelled, but after two months they joined me back again, I had to ring them.

  28. user avatar Dave Clark :

    I started doing the Postcode lottery, after a few months decided to stop. I phoned them to give them notice that I was stopping the direct debit.
    3 months later I noticed the money was still being taken from my account, when I contacted my bank , they informed me that 2 direct debits had been taken out. I phoned the Lottery number and was informed that “They always take out two direct debits In case one fail”. They stated that I should have cancelled both, even though I was never informed that they take 2 out. Definitely a con…………

  29. user avatar newsonppl :
  30. user avatar Ian corley :

    You hear of people being in the Postcode Lottery for a month and they win a prize, a large amount of cash I have been a subscriber of the postcode Lottery for over a year and I am waiting to win a prize. I have only one ticket so maybe this is the reason I havent won anything. I will give it a few more months then cancel the direct debit. Then I think my postcode will win .

  31. user avatar malcolm farrimond :

    Just received letter from “people’s postcode lottery”- address 32 London Bridge Street, London SE1 9SY, saying “in the draw of Peoples Postcode Lottery 2014 Award International held in London, my postcode won the lottery award in the 3rd category winning a total of 825,000 pounds!! “They ask me to call Anthony Stan the Foreign Service manager of UK Security Solution on 0207-570-0342 and once the processing fee is paid they will release the cheque. There is something not quite right with this don’t you think? Any comments.

  32. user avatar Anna taricska :

    I was thinking to sign up, but my question is how would you ever know how many people in your post code have signed up? I don’t have a good paid job so £10 a month to me is a lot of money, and when you think £120 a year that’s a considerable amount of money I’m only 20 years old and just rented my first house with my boyfriend would you say the £10 a month is worth trying?

  33. user avatar Douglas Thomas :

    I got a letter today 08-05-2014 saying I had won the PEOPLES POSTCODE LOTTERY of £825,000,00 pounds is there a scam going round. Douglas Thomas

  34. user avatar rani :

    I have played postcode lottery for nearly 1 year and haven’t won anything.

  35. user avatar david :

    I’ve been playing the postcode lottery for 2 years and have never won a penny. Before I cancel I would like to know why the draws are never televised? Also the people who play the game know next to nothing about how it works e.g. how is each postcode drawn etc

  36. user avatar harold kennedy :

    i would like to know lookingin the west midlands no winners hardly .mostly wales scotlan .hane you forgot the midlands.a waste of time i think

  37. user avatar natalie :

    Just cancelled my subscription. Something does not feel right with this company. Just tried to log in on the site, but where do you log-in now?? There is nothing to click, had to search in browser for log-in page. No “my account” page either, telling you about your bouns points, just goes straight to card details for purchashing tickets. VERY STRANGE, I have cancelled through my Paypal, so if anything is took out of my bank account, I will no they are dodgy.

  38. user avatar menai griffiths :

    I have been playing post code lottery for a year and havent won.

  39. user avatar andrea :

    Been doing postcode lottery for 2 years and just won Dream holiday for June and as I play with 2 tickets the prize was doubled. Never expected it to be me.

  40. user avatar Bruce Bennett :

    I tried to log in today but it would not allow me, I thought it ws my memory for password failing so I invoked a CHAT, after a bit of to and fro(ing) I asked why I couldn’t log in, the person told me that system was down and would be for some time, I asked if this was the end of the lottery and was told NO… (We shall see!)

  41. user avatar pedro :

    I have just cancelled my 3 tickets which I had for a year and low and behold I won this month.
    How strange ???

  42. user avatar MR T WALMSLEY :

    Been looking for the last 4 months at post code lottrey results if it is randum why is there never winners in the soth west seem somthing dogey going on.

  43. user avatar Johnf256 :

    Keep working, impressive job!

  44. user avatar Rob :

    What are the chances of winning the Peoples postcode lottery based on 1 ticket??

  45. user avatar Mr. Rutter :

    I cancelled my account a while back because most big prizes were going up NORTH. I have recently returned to it but find it is still the same with most of the big prizes STILL going there so I shall be cancelling my account.

  46. user avatar verdun lowe :

    I have tried many times to cancel my De3bit payment
    (which was set up without instructions from me)
    I have had to resort to writing to Head Office
    I just postcode lottery to cancel my Debit payment
    what do I need to do to make the lottery understand

  47. user avatar john wernham :

    I been doin postcode lottery for 8 months not won a lenny.perhaps Thats cause i live in wiltshire.if i lives in scotland or wales purhaps i would win. Going to do it for 3 more months then bin it.its a fiddle

  48. user avatar Dave J :

    PPL want your money in any advance, but to pay any win under 10000 pounds can take up to 28 days. Imagine having all the money people have won in your bank for 28 days. I wonder if it would make much interest. PPL need to address this issue, we all like a little flutter, but don’t like being mugged off !

  49. user avatar glenys Wood :

    I would like to bring to your attention a current scam concerning your lottery. I have received a letter saying I have won £825.000. I do not do the lottery. It states “once your processing fee is paid etc. Some people may be taken in which may give your lottery a bad name. Please be aware of this scam.

  50. user avatar don baker :

    September this year cancelled all direct debts through paypal.they are still taking money out of my account. suggestions ??????

  51. user avatar Jamil Ahmed :

    I’m playing with three tickets last 8 months but I’m hopeful one day I will win and big prize I m waiting my day in Nottingham

  52. user avatar Dennis Cross :

    I Have cancelled my standing order the £30 pounds I spend will go to a bill

  53. user avatar Donna :

    Complete con! We won the postcode lottery but they won’t pay! In t and c it’s states you pay in advance for 5 draws a month. They say on the phone one min it’s the first sat after the first thurs of the month for 5 weeks and then one min they say it’s 5 weekly 1 draw every Saturday, so it’s not actually 5 draws in one month but 5 weeks splattered about and that’s why they aren’t paying as we didn’t pay September for November ( supposed to be sept for oct and oct for nov?) out draw was for November for a whopping £50000, they said they don’t need to state any of this in their t and c! The have broke the gambling act law and will be seeing our solicitor about this!

  54. user avatar Tracey :

    I was lead to believe that you pay by monthly direct debit for the following month. My post code came up recently. Yippee. I check to make sure my payment came out the month before. Yes it had so I phoned them as they hadnt contacted me. They said that my payment did cover the first draw of that month even tho you pay one month in advance??? Does anyone know about this. I was off sick the previous month n the dd wasn’t coverd by my bank. I don’t think this should matter as I had paid in front for the month we won ?? Can’t find anything different in the rules.

  55. user avatar steph :

    Hello I’ve been doing the postcode lottery for several months now and since September I have noticed I have been being charged £20 instead of £10 a month. When I asked why this was I was told I had opted in for 2 tickets instead of 1 which I never did myself I’ve never even logged in on the site before. I am now membership as don’t trust them and never win anything either.

  56. user avatar russ farmer :

    There is no MY ACCOUNT that i can find so i dont know where Ive paid up too and they have taken out two £10 lots in a week without prior warning it is not run correctly.

    • user avatar Dave :

      I have also been charged twice this month, I’ve tried to sort it out by email, they told me they had charged me once only, I supplied screenshots of my PayPal and bank account proving they had charged me twice. They now say I must have clicked the confirm button twice when I set it up, and blamed it on me. I replied how can this be when you have already charged me correctly for the previous 3 months. Foaming at the mouth I decided to phone them, they took my details and said they would call me back in 5 minutes, 30 minutes later I’m writing this, these need investigated by trading standards.


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