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Lottoland Exposed — Value and Choice

Nick Silver
Last updated on November 5, 2015
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Lottoland is an online lottery service offering the opportunity to bet on the outcome of the world’s biggest lotteries. is operated by Lottoland which passes on Player’s Bets to EU Lotto, which is acting as a bookmaker. EU Lotto Ltd. is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission for Great Britain customers (license: 000-038991-R-319408-002). It is also licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner (RGL 085 & 066). Head Office is based in Gibraltar and got a diverse staff of over 150 employees. Lottoland could be reached by Live Chat or email address [email protected] Lottoland was founded in May 2013. The Lottoland CEO is Nigel Birrell.

Lottoland Review

Lottoland allows players to bet on the results of official lottery draws from around the world. Lottoland take out insurance against these bets, guaranteeing players are paid out in the event of a win. Established in March 2013, the company is privately owned and based in Gibraltar. New players are offered a no deposit required free EuroMillions line Welcome Bonus when they register and are able to enjoy a range of additional benefits after sign-up.

Lottoland’s Promotions

Lottoland offers their players a range of attractive promotions, including:

– Welcome Bonus
– No Deposit Required Free EuroMillions Line
– Ongoing Retention Bonuses

Lottoland regularly offers their existing players ‘buy one get one free’ lines for different lotteries, discounted lines and free lines.

Games at

Players bet on the outcome of lotteries at Lottoland, but have the same experience as if they had played the official draw. The world’s biggest jackpots are available, with key draws including EuroMillions, EuroJackpot and America’s Mega Millions and Powerball draws. There’s also a host of attractive state lotteries on offer including Irish Lotto, Polish Lotto, Swedish Lotto and many more. Lottoland prides itself on the fact that players can go for one or more life-changing jackpots every day with them. Players at Lottoland are also able to save time and hassle by buying subscriptions for their favoured lotto draws.


You can avoid missing your favourite lotto draws with a subscription at Lottoland. Choose your numbers, tick the subscription box and enter how long you want to play for and your line/s will be automatically renewed for each draw. There’s no additional cost and you can cancel your subscription at any time.


Enter your numbers for a particular draw, select the JackpotHunt option and choose how long you want to play for and Lottoland will renew your line for each draw until the jackpot is won.

Winning at

Withdrawing your winnings is both quick and easy. As the customer support advised all winnings are deposited to your account, which can then be transferred to your personal bank account for no fees. They can also be transferred to your credit card. Once in a while they publish articles about big winners in their Lotto Magazine.

Who Is Lottoland?

Lottoland Ltd. (or Lottoland) is an online company that allows players to bet on the outcome of a range of international and state lottery draws. The company has been operating since March 2013 and the Managing Director is Nigel Birrell, a former director of the poker and sports betting company BwinParty. Lottoland take out policies with world leading insurers, including Lloyds of London to cover larger payments, typically those in excess of €5 million. A portion of the price you pay when buying a line goes towards these policies.

Lottoland is audited by KPMG and licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and by the UK Gambling Commission.

Chris Tarrant and Lottoland

Famed broadcaster and millionaire-maker Chris Tarrant is the brand ambassador for Lottoland. Tarrant will be the face of a major UK TV advertising campaign for the company, which is set to launch in September.

Chris Tarrant promoting Lottoland

Customer Service & Lottoland

Players are able to access comprehensive customer service at Lottoland, with agents at hand via phone or live chat to deal with any concerns. Players can also contact the company via e-mail and look forward to prompt responses.

Who Can Play at Lottoland?

On Lottoland everyone can play except for players located in the US or any country where gambling and bets using the Internet are not legal. The player must be 18 years of age provide a valid ID for payouts to be compliant with the Gibraltar Gambling Commission.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to play for big jackpots from around the world then Lottoland is the place for you. As well as variety, Lottoland offer their players an attractive no deposit required free line Welcome Bonus and a range of ongoing retention bonuses. You can also avoid missing out on your favourite jackpot draws with the Subscription option.


pros Variety – One or More Major Jackpot Every Day
pros No Deposit Required Welcome Bonus
pros Attractive Ongoing Retention Bonuses
pros Subscription Option
pros Guaranteed Payouts


cons Too Many Options
cons Private Company

After a second review Lottoland gets a clear thumbs up for their variety of products, features and great promotions. They are still a private company but can guarantee and do pay out winnings. They are a good alternative for anyone looking for innovative lottery features.

Have something to add? Leave your comments below, or join the Lottoland Live Discussion.

Lottoland Exposed — Value and Choice 3.02/10 (60.35%) 114 votes


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125 Responses to Lottoland Exposed — Value and Choice

  1. Daniel Platts

    I was offered a product on Lottoland, with a discount. It was called “Jackpot Hunt”. It said something like “The tickets will renew until you win the jackpot”. As I was buying several “tickets”, I understood that this meant the tickets would continue to be played until the jackpot was won, taking funds from the amount I had credited to my Lottoland account; but of course I expected that once the credited money had been spent, there would be no renewing of the tickets. I had credited the money to my Lottoland account from my credit card – so I authorised a single fixed amount, shown in the “checkout” screen. However, what it actually did was to continue debiting money from my credit card for each renewal. There was absolutely NO notification that I was setting up a regular payment, or subscription. This is clearly a manipulative method of dragging people into a regular payment without explaining what the actual situation is. It is devious. Any such subscription should be clearly notified at checkout: “BY AGREEING TO THIS TRANSACTION YOU ARE AGREEING TO A SUBSCRIPTION AND ARE AUTHORISING MONEYS TO BE DEBITED FROM YOUR CREDIT CARD REGULARLY AND INDEFINITELY, UNTIL ONE OF YOUR TICKETS WINS THE JACKPOT.”

  2. Matty

    unless you signed a Direct Debit Mandate Form they are taking payments illegally. If you contact your bank/credit card company and tell them lottoland have set up an unauthorized direct debit they should instantly return your money then recover the funds from lottoland themselves.

    Give it a while, see if you win. if you don’t then get your money back.

  3. Ian Johnson

    Wowcher are now selling Eurolottery tickets :two for the price of one. It looks like real euro lottery tickets at a great deal. Then I look closer and see its Lottoland, based in Gibraltar but I still think maybe they are able to get discount on tickets or something. But then my head says ‘no’. So I find this page and realize it’s just a bet on the outcome and I don’t like the feel of Lottoland either.

    • Simon – Lottoland Representative

      Lottoland take bets on the outcome of lotteries such as EuroMillions and make payouts in the same prize categories as the official lottery. Lottoland does not have a UK millionaire raffle prize, however unlike the official lottery we can offer discounts & promotions such as the Wowcher Welcome Offer mentioned or our Money Back promotion.

  4. Steve

    I foolishly bought the Wowcher deal, 16 tickets for the price of 8. Now though, I’m being spammed by them to email and text… they want me to text reply to stop the text messages but it says there’s a charge when I attempt to, but not how much, so I don’t. I can’t add it to spam numbers either due to the number being used for some reason.

    Definitely not okay to spam text people regularly and not give them a FREE option to make it stop.

  5. Helen

    I foolishly bought the Groupon deal of half price Euromillions tickets. Now I cannot get Lottoland to stop denoting my bank account, even though I have suspended my account with them. I tried to contact Lottoland via email through their website, but it went to my sister instead! I am now f the opinion that they are scam artists. Any advice?!?

  6. Janine Scarisbrick

    I got into Lottoland through Groupon and was happy until I tried to withdraw the money that I won (£25). When I clicked to add bank details I as asked for a JPEG copy of my passport! I don’t have a passport, and fail to see how a scanned copy of a passport can verify anything online. Seems VERY dodgy to do that; anyone could use the JPEG for whatever they wanted. Have emailed customer service, and await their response.

    • Simon Lottoland Representative

      Lottoland is required to verify the identity of players as part of the terms of our betting licence agreement with the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. Customers are prompted to provide their ID when they first register, however they will be required to do this when they wish to withdraw winnings. Our Customer Care team are at hand to help players through this process, and will provide alternatives if the preferred option of a passport ID is not possible. All player details are held in a safe and secure environment as validated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission.

    • Martin

      It’s no different than online betting companies like betfred, bet365. You have to now show your passport for the know your customer requirements set out by the authorities. Stops fraud and all that, but you only do it once. Gambling industry is heavily regulated now. If you don’t want to hand over a passport then suggest buying a ticket in a shop as everyone that is regulated will ask you for one now.

  7. lee marshall

    seeems like a scam as i have not seen 1 person who says the lottoland is legitamite or that they got money out, i will not be buying any more tickets as i could not live with the fact i won but was not valid

    • Simon Lottoland Representative

      Players are able to withdraw winnings as soon as they have completed the necessary steps, including their account details and relevant ID. As part of our betting licence with the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, Lottoland is audited by KPMG to prove our financial standing to return winnings to players, and this includes the insurance required for the jackpot payouts.

  8. bristol

    Yeah lottoland is a scam, they pay you the little amounts, but as soon as you win the jackpot your ticket is invalid or they have some issues sending you the money. FAKE FAKE FAKE

    • Simon Lottoland Representative

      Lottoland’s jackpot payouts are insured and will be paid out to the relevant player when applicable. Lottoland has paid out winnings to players who have only played a Free Line introduction promotion, meaning they have never deposited any money into their player account. Once they have provided the necessary details they have received their winnings. This information is audited by KPMG.

  9. Carol James

    Has anyone purchased and won money from
    Lottoland……and been paid? The e mailing system
    is strange Thanks

    • Daisy Morgan

      Hi Carol, I moved your question again. :) Next time feel free to use our website search on the main page. Just type the name of the lottery agent and voila! Anyway, check out our review and users’ comments below. Daisy

    • Simon Lottoland Representative

      Ms K. W. from Sholing, Southampton won over £150 from their Free Line introductory offer on March 22, without depositing any money into their account. The player has since fully completed their registration including providing the necessary ID and has withdrawn the winnings to their account.

  10. Matt

    I was given a free euromillions ticket through betfred, after the draw had taken place I went on the website to see if i had won anything, i was unable to view the ticket and told i hadn’t won anything! Sounds like a scam to me!

  11. Sarah b

    I’m a bit concerned when asked to email a copy of my passport or I.d to withdraw my winning, surely this isn’t necessary and always worrying when asked for these details, has anyone actually got any money transferred to their account

    • Terrence Figworth

      Actually providing a passport as well as bank details gives all the information necessary for serious identity theft. Especially since this business is based in Gibraltar the chances of a genuine scam are very high.

  12. Simon Lottoland Representative

    Customers are requested to provide ID for proof of age and security purposes and are in line with our policy to ensure we abide by the rules and regulations of the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. This procedure is no different to how players would claim winnings from other major online gambling companies such as William Hill, Ladbrokes & Coral. Winnings are returned to a player’s bank account if they have provided this, or back to the payment card that they have deposited funds with on the website. The transaction can take a few working days and as always, players can contact Customer Care for further assistance on [email protected]

  13. Charles Reaves

    Hi, Somehow i have won a small amount and wish to withdraw. However it asks for bank details.
    Anyone had any problems – got suckered in by a discount offer….

  14. Simon Lottoland Representative

    RE: Charles Reaves. Customers are asked to provide their bank details so that they can withdraw money to their bank account. As you haven’t made a deposit it is not possible for Lottoland to return winnings back to your bank card as we do not have your details. Your bank details are required in the form of the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and your BIC (Bank Identifier Code) – this information can be found on your bank statements or if you request it from your bank. This is because the money is transferred from our bank based in Gibraltar – Jyske Bank. ID is also required as part of our security measures. If you require any further assistance please contact [email protected]

  15. IK

    Lottoland are scammers,there is no way that they will pay out a “DOUBLE JACKPOT” when you win a jackpot, it just does not make sense. Buy real Euromillions and other lottery tickets from reputable online retailers like THELOTTER, who scan a copy of the real ticket they purchase on your behalf. They even fly you out to the country from which the lottery is from, should you win a big price. Sorry Lottoland, but everything this company does, sounds too good to be true.

    • Lucy

      Hi. I just looked up The Lotter website. They sound interesting from what you’ve said but the website is identical to Lottoland–I’m wondering if they’re the same people?

  16. Simon Lottoland Representative

    Lottoland is government regulated and operates under a betting licence agreement granted by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. Our financial standing is validated to ensure that we can cover all customer payouts. and this is audited by KPMG. Our insurance on jackpots including DoubleJackpot are now covered by world renowned specialist Lloyds of London. Gibraltar is currently the destination of choice for over 60% of the world’s online gambling industry. Our reputation is now backed by distinguished tv broadcaster Chris Tarrant OBE, who is our official UK Brand Ambassador.

    • IK

      Thank you for your reply Simon. It is my sincere hopes that Lottoland is as legitimate as you claim and hopefully when a player(s) wins one of the jackpots through your website,they get the payouts as stated.

    • LottoFan

      This is the 3rd insurance company that is mentionned (lloyds, emirates and now AXA). Please let us know what is the reason for those changes? How to be sure you can out those huge (double!) jackpots? Looking forward, thanks

      • Simon Lottoland Representative

        The change in insurance partners was a business decision and in no manner impacts our ability to payout Jackpot sums including those with our exclusive feature of DoubleJackpot. The amendments are validated and approved by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, otherwise we would not be able to operate under their jurisdiction.

  17. Simon Lottoland Representative

    Thank you for your feedback IK. We look forward to a big winner soon.

  18. Andreas Grandl

    Mega Millions and Powerball are lotteries in USA and according to your terms of condition in case of winning the jackpot via Lottoland the stranger has to pay US income tax. The question is what is the basis for this, as your business is a bet placed at an european insurer about the outcome of the US lottery draw. As you state in several postings there is no ticket bought by the customer of Lottoland nor by your “Bookie” EU Lotto Ltd at the US lottery stores. And even with this single winner (at Lottoland) the origin US jackpot will remain for the next draw.
    Another topic at Mega Millions is that in US the price for one ticket is 1 USD while you currently sell the same at 2,50 EUR!
    At least the increased ticket price may pay off if sometimes really grabs the jackpot via Lottoland…

    • Simon Lottoland Representative

      Hi Andreas, sorry for the delay in replying. You are indeed correct with regards to the MegaMillions and PowerBall payouts at Lottoland and players do not have to pay US taxes on a jackpot. If you’re playing from UK, you do not have to pay tax on any winnings but we always advise jackpot winners to check the information for their respective country and to seek financial advice. The cost to play MegaMillions at Lottoland is determined by the premium we have to pay for the insurance on the jackpot – we currently have a special jackpot on offer exclusively to our players, whereby we have boosted the jackpot prize on MegaMillions. Rest assured we are one of the more competitive lottery betting providers for the US Lotteries. Please feel free to contact [email protected] if ever you have any query.

      • LottoFan

        to extend what Andreas Grandl correctly pointed out, I would like to understand how Lottoland deals with the “lump cash” payment versus the annual payments for US lottereies. I read that the US jackpot amount changes according to your terms and conditions. I don’t understand this as you are a placing a bet and have nothing to do with the US lottery (who pays according to the 30 year annual/lump cash system). Why don’t you pay the whole jackpot at once? Also how come the US lottery bets you offer have considerably bigger jackpots than the original US lotteries? (and why not for the Euromillions/Eurojackpot). Thanks

        • Simon Lottoland Representative

          We currently offer the US Lotteries only with a cash annuity plan over 30 years – this is due to the insurance agreement we have in place that covers the Jackpot payouts. Lottoland is a betting & gaming company and not a ticket re-seller so we are currently able have a special promotion to offer a “boosted” Jackpot on both PowerBall and MegaMillions – and this is reflected in the cost a ticket. We believe this gives added value to our customers. We are looking at the possibility of bringing special seasonal boosted Jackpots for all our products and this may include EuroMillions and EuroJackpot in the future.

          • LottoFan

            Thank you for your answers.
            Can you please tell us more about “Emirates insurance”? Is it a credible and sold insurance company? Their website does not provide much information. What kind of guarantee is there that you will pay jackpots? Can we see the insurance contact you passed with Emirates AG? thank you

          • Simon Lottoland Representative

            We have recently re-arranged our Prize Indemnity Insurance through Bluefin Insurance Services Ltd. Bluefin is owned by AXA UK PLC, who are authorised and regulated by the FCA in the UK. Our financial standing has been verified by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission as part of our requirement to operate with a betting and gaming licence.

      • Justin

        Re your comments Simon @ lotto land with regards to paying no U.S tax on Powerball winnings. Your terms & conditions do in fact state the winnings will be as if you won in the U.S so you do have to pay the 35% tax.

  19. ben

    Is Lottoland an agent to EuroMillion and others as listed in their website? If not are their lottery activities deem illegal? Thank you.

  20. Simon Lottoland Representative

    Lottoland is not an official lottery ticket reseller, but is a lottery betting provider. We give players the same experience of playing online lottery, and give the same payouts as declared by the official lotteries (EuroMillions), including the Jackpots. We hold an official betting licence from the Gibraltar Gambling Commission who have certified our ability to pay customers. A number of respected online betting and gaming companies hold a Gibraltar Betting Licence from William Hill, Ladbrokes & Coral. The only restriction for players is if online betting is illegal within their country. In the UK and many parts of Europe, online betting is legal. If there is any further info you require, don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]

  21. Daisy Morgan

    Hi guys, thank you very much for your comments. A special thanks to Simon for giving the detailed answers. We created a forum thread for LottoLand, everybody is welcome to join. Please find a link at the bottom of the review. Daisy

  22. Aristide Pangan

    I have used the welcome bonus of Lottoland and occasionally buy tickets from my account. Just recently they offered me a free ticket and it won although a small amount only as I only matched 3 numbers. Nevertheless, I had my winnings credited in my account and successfully withdrawn it. I can say that Lottoland is legitimate and has lots of promotions. You can also double check the winning numbers and you will find the numbers matched in your ticket highlighted. Hope this review helps those who are dubious.

  23. Peter

    I wanted to close this account but your website refused to close it because I do not have any credit or live subscribe which I requested that last week – I am not happy about your unanswered my message as you have been ignoring me and that is a fraud.

  24. Mathew

    Hi, I really want to play the double jackpot on your site, did you paid huge winnings before, do you have proof, thanks

    • Simon Lottoland Representative

      As a licensed betting operator under the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, we have validated our financial standing including the insurance premiums we undertake to pay out Jackpots and also our exclusive DoubleJackpot feature.

      • mike

        So basically the answer is NO you do not have any proof that you paid any huge winnings before.

        • Simon Lottoland Representative

          We are audited by KPMG and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and also the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, who would only grant the licence with the provision that we could fulfil “winning payouts”. As per the UK National Lottery our players retain the right to privacy and we do not publish their details if they wish. In future we will consider changes to our terms and conditions so that jackpot winners will be available for marketing and promotional activities – please note our player base will be consulted first before any changes occur.

  25. Denis

    Can I play on-line and receive winnings if I am not a citizen of EU ?

  26. Reinhard

    SCAMMERS SCAMMERS SCAMMERS. you will never see your money. This fake company is currently sued in many countries for offering games they dont have license to. Don’t be fools people.

    • Simon Lottoland Representative

      Lottoland is government licenced both in the UK and by Gibraltar, and also audited by KPMG, who have verified our provision to payout winners.

  27. wills

    Seems like nobody gets anything out of lottoland, I’ve gone through all the reviews and all people say are SCAMMERS, FAKE, NOT REAL, ILLEGAL. I was interested in playing with Lottoland but apparently its not worth the risk, sorry LottoLand, am just gonna try the next door

  28. john

    You keep saying that you have a Betting and Gaming license, can you show us a copy of that official paper please?

    • Simon Lottoland Representative

      Lottoland has an active UK Betting Licence granted by the Gambling Commission in the UK. You can find our status by visiting and by searching “Find licensees” and the search term Lottoland.

  29. kyle

    Is it true that you pay big winnings over 30 years? if yes can you clarify that part, for which lottery does this apply to? or does it apply after a certain amount of money won? Please give us specific figures and examples.

  30. Simon Lottoland Representative

    Only MegaMillions and PowerBall jackpots are subject to annuity payments over 30 years, and this is due to the financial agreement we have in place with a respected insurance company that is part of the AXA group Plc. Other lottery jackpots available are paid in a lump sum, unless the player wishes to use an annuity agreement with ourselves.

  31. Amor Habboubi

    I’m Tunisian and I live in Qatar. I just want to know if it is possible to register in The Website and it is confirmed and verified website?
    Thanks for reply

  32. Robin

    I am furious and steaming with what Lottoland is doing to my account. 10 days ago they said one transaction for Euro 10 failed (i do direct debit from a German account) so they charged my an additional Euro 7.50 chargeback fee. i told them that i would settle this week as i was overseas and could not get into the account. yesterday i look at my bank account and they, without my authorization tried to debit my account for another Euro 13.80 ( i had no knowledge of that) and today they send me an email claiming that this did not come through and charged me another Euro 7.50 charge back fee…what they are doing is illegal – this is a big scam… i did send them an email just now but i am flabbergasted at the cheek of just trying to access my account. i have been a customer for a year or more and now i see the real deal behind this… i would report them to the gaming commission and i will NOT pay the unauthorized amount nor he charge back fee they tried to steal from my bank account…. crooks!

    • Martin

      If you are in the red then maybe you should not bet rather than blaming others for your choices, make sure you have enough money in your bank or cancel your account before you get in the red.. Maybe you should visit gambling aware if you have an addiction.

  33. Simon

    Please contact [email protected] for further assistance to clear up the problem. Lottoland automatically stops a Direct Debit when a player is in debt on their account in order to avoid additional chargebacks. The additional payment may have resulted from another ticket purchase. If a payment has been made from your bank to clear the debt, it can take up to 2 weeks before that payment is received due to the changes for Bank transfers (SEPA).

  34. dfarias

    Hello! What happens if a winner of the Jackpot is from a country that does not belong to Europe? How do we know that the contract you have with the Emirat AG says exactly that would bear the payment of a jackpot to lottoland open bankruptcy? What is the guarantee of the person who played?

    • Simon

      Sorry for the delay in replying dfarias. Lottoland is regulated both by the UK and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. These are both respected international online betting and gaming regulators. Our betting licence depends on our financial ability to payout winners including jackpots that are done via an insurance agreement that have been verified.

  35. pj

    scammers scammers scammers you will never get your money

  36. Arturo

    If Lottoland is a private company how can they assure to pay if someone (very unlikely) wins the jackpot (i.e 150 million Euros)?
    Would they have the cash flow to pay?
    If someone wins either Megamillions or Powerball with Lottoland how can they warranty they will pay the winner in 30 years? What if the company changes name or stops existing?

  37. Nicole Lottoland Representative

    Thank you for voicing your questions and I would like to take this opportunity to relay Lottoland’s procedure relating to this matter.

    When playing with Lottoland you are placing a bet on the outcome of the Official Lottery Draws. For this reason you are correct in saying, Lottoland are responsible for making all payout of all Prize Tiers for all Lotteries themselves.

    To achieve this we have two options we use:
    For smaller prize tier payments on a ticket, we make payment directly from the fund we have from the total ticket sales.
    In order for us to make the larger prize tier payments we take out insurance policies to cover the eventuality of a Jackpot or substantial payout on the ticket. Part of the ticket price paid goes towards the payment of this policy.
    We have a risk assessment team that calculate the requirement for each prize tier and depending on their results, we decide to make payment by option 1 or option 2.

    Lottoland are registered with the Gibraltar Gambling Commission and in order for us to gain and retain this Licence, they verify that we are able to make the required payout of winnings to our players and that we have the correct procedures in place to guarantee this for you. This includes having the correct Insurance cover and procedures in place to make the payout of large Jackpots and also payments of instalments over 30 years.

  38. Gerald Hallam

    I won on Lottoland and asked for the winnings , under £16, to be paid back to my credit card which was o.k ..I thought . 3 days later I received an email from Lottoland saying transfer refused , not who it was refused by . So I contacted them and was told that their license stipulates that for payouts they need I.D confirmation as an anti money laundering measure. They were happy to receive payments from my credit card without checks but apparently to stop money laundering they aren`t happy to pay out to that same credit card. I am not happy for an online lottery company holding sensitive information about me and my I .D. Also when I asked them to stipulate and provide me with the legal details within their license that says they need I.D confirmation they just fobbed me off with it is in the agreement I “signed” online . But they could not provide me with the license details I asked for and just kept repeating the same agreement details they had previously mentioned. So they were actually lying about their license terms . They have a duty to ensure that the player is over 18 , well I have a credit card which they took payments from so they seemed happy I was old enough to play and they only need to ask for further I.D if they are unsure about the age of the person , again taking payments for a while they seemed very sure I was old enough and the person I said I am.I said I wanted further information and they haven`t bothered to reply and I still haven`t received MY money . They are a con outfit that tries to hold onto the winnings as long as possible . I have now compiled a complaint for B.B.C Watchdog and the Gambling Commission

  39. Nicole Lottoland Representative

    Dear Gerald,

    We are sorry for the trouble that you have been through in order to get your winnings. At the moment, we are reviewing our process of ID verification to see if we can make it more optimal for customers.

    However, please note that we are required to check ID and perform “on going monitoring” of our customers, in accordance with Sections 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9 of UK Gambling Commission’s Money Laundering guidance and codes of practice and the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 act, Sections 7 and 8. This is not just about checking players under the age of 18, but all players, including when we conduct “occasional” transactions. Payment out of winnings would fall into this “occasional” category.

    We do believe that asking for your ID at the winnings stage would be a proportional request consistent with our self-governance obligations as a responsible licensee, which are aimed at preventing money laundering and other fraud (for example in the case of identity theft).

    In order to make sure that we comply with regulatory requirements, we have included in our terms and conditions the right to reserve requests for proper identification documents to enable Lottoland to satisfy itself as the the validity of Player Account details. Please see Section 7 – “Other Rights” of our terms and conditions:, which are binding on all Players.

    Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused and we hope that the above answers your questions satisfactorily and please do reach out to us in case you have further questions.

    • Gerald Hallam

      Lottoland have dealt with my complaint 4 weeks after the original win, but they have now suspended my account. Really is very telling that they would suspend an account after a complaint and taking 4 weeks to deal with that account holders queries. Beware of using them for your lottery deals, I hate to think what would have happened if i`d have won a large prize. I checked the UK Gambling Commission website and entered Lottolands details and nothing came up under the License search, A complaint has now been sent to the relevant authorities.

  40. Tom

    Got some (small) pay out “canceled” without any reason. Their support chat could not explain the problem and I’m still waiting to understand why they did not pay my wins… Beware (even it the site sounds good). BTW there is no phone call support or any address or so. Only Gibraltar gambling licence. Just wonder if someone really can cash out a jackpot ^^

  41. anthony turner

    I joined this site just a couple of weeks ago credited my account and played the lotto of my choice, but before you can withdraw they require proof of I.D the site advises a passport which provide name and date of birth, sent the details, this was not good enough, so I sent a copy of bank statement to show my address as requested this was not accepted because it was more than two months old, gave up and closed the account seems to me this is a way of getting you to play take your money, but they don’t want to pay if you win using the excuse that you couldn’t prove your I.D they should confirm your I.D before they allow you to deposit and play beware this site is not all they make themselves out to be…

    • Nicole Lottoland Representative

      When registering a Player Account you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the site. These include the requirement for the proof of identity and address for all UK Players.

      EU Lotto Ltd. holds licenses granted by the Government of Gibraltar and the Gaming Commission in the United Kingdom.
      To comply with our license agreement Lottoland are required to provide proof of age and identity for every player. For this reason we must ask our players to provide one option from the following documents in order for us to verify their accounts.

      1. Passport – details page and cover plus Bank/Utility Bill Statement with full name and address displayed
      2. Driving Licence Photo Card – front and back (provisional licence is accepted)
      3. ID Card – front and back plus Bank/Utility Bill Statement with full name and address displayed

      The proof of address must be dated within the last 2 months to ensure that the details are current.

      I hope the above information helps clarify the reason for the request for the documents and also why we must be particular with the information we accept to adhere to these regulations.

      You can view our Licence Agreement through a link on our Landing Page by clicking on the Gambling Commission Icon to the bottom of the page for the UK Licence and the
      following link for the Gibraltar Information:

  42. Chris Allen

    I joined Lottoland and stated that my limit was £25 per day and I went to deposit £10, but my original transaction was declined evidently because my CVC code was wrong. I corrected that but Lottoland debited £50 instead and I have not been able to get the difference back or cannot see how I can.

  43. David

    I use LottoLand via the App on my Iphone and I like it. Easy, clear and concise and a wide range of Lottos… I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys dreaming of winning big!

  44. John

    I note that Australia is not included for membership.

    • Nicole – Lottoland Representative

      Hello John. Unfortunately, Lottoland cannot accept any players from Australia at this time. This is due to Government restrictions and is currently out of our control. We are in the process of applying for a license and once this is received, we will operate a site for our Australian Players. Please keep an eye on our site for updates on this situation.

  45. colin battison

    Hi Nick, I”ve been playing with Lottoland for a few months and i”ve got no complaints. The only complaints i think are from A—H—- who don”t win. Colin.

  46. james

    Its been 5 days since I’ve been able to access my account, numerous emails to the support team later and not one single reply!!!

    Is the telephone someone can give me to call


  47. Alex

    I was just wondering is the Mega Millions jackpot still paid though an annuity or is there now an option for the 60% jackpot payout.

    Thanks in Advance,

    • Nicole – Lottoland Representative

      Hello Alex. I am pleased to confirm that you can receive payment for the MegaMillions Jackpot as installments over 30 years or as a lump sum.

      We replicate the pay-out structure of the Official Lotteries in America and therefore a 35% reduction is made in the total US Jackpots to reflect the tax an Official Lottery winner would pay.
      Therefore the MegaMillions and PowerBall Jackpots can be paid out in the 30 year installments, with one annual payment being made for the 30 year term.
      The level of payments are calculated such that the payments rise 4% from year to year until the full sum has been paid out.
      Payment can also be offered as a lump sum and will be paid out at 60% of the total value of the annuity amount.

      I hope the above information answers your query regarding the MegaMillions Jackpot payouts.

  48. Mojo Rainer

    SCAMMERS! Stay away from that mafia. Who are these people?!
    WHEN TAKING YOUR PAYMENT THEY DON’T ASK YOU FOR ID, but after you win, you will receive an email that you have to provide ID and PROOF OF ADDRESS. !!!??? They give you 2 days for that. Does not matter if you click if you are over 18.
    I guess they must copy your identity and then applying for credit cards in lloyds I.e.
    Or if you win they will just get straight away to your account or just stole your house, or worse, who knows, this society is so corrupted.
    I wanted to withdraw my money that I paid for ticket, first I was promised to do that and then I was told NO.
    But after even more than a month and closing my account they were still happy to get my ID COPY and ADDRESS as a proof of MERCY! Stay away people!

  49. Jeff

    I tried today to register and buy a ticket. Couldn’t register because Australia is not in the list of countries, the Live Chat was not available and an email sent yesterday is still not answered. Plus the Double jackpot feature was not available – the entry card not the same as the one illustrated. ?? So starting to look schonky – too bad seems like a very innovative business. Cheers Jeff

  50. Spaa

    Lotto land is a mirage if you ever think you are going to win all that jackpot, think again, you are in a pie of dream. Lottoland is in the business of making money, whose main gold is to make money. I did played personally, but I have stopped because I realized it’s nothing more than a money making machine for Lottoland. They are the one who is making money and not you.

  51. Phil Cooper

    For the many that shout scam, fraud etc. No-one has either won or even played. I have read most of these reviews and there are very few from actual customers of Lottoland. If reviewers make comments that are not correct, they should be taken to task.


    I was simply tricked into opening an account with these people thinking it was “the lotto” or “euro millions” it isn’t.

    Its a private company who take out an insurance policy on your bets.


    Try closing it down and theres every excuse, I will contact my bank first chance.

  53. Mr Beer

    On your website you don’t appear to be able to spell as on numerous occasions you spell their as thier, made me think your site was a fake, con etc. I see by reading up on the company that it is a genuine business, but give your copywriter a swift kick up the ass!! Regards.

    • Lucy

      I noticed that, too. They also spelled ‘its’ as ‘it’s’ once or twice, which is very unprofessional. They need to look into this if they want more people to take them seriously.

  54. John J

    Well I just joined Lottoland taking their free line offer and put £10 into the account and played powerball at £2 for 2 lines. £4 total. I was thinking about all the effort it would probably be to get my £6 back so I thought blow it I’ll put another few lines down for the following draw. 2 powerballs down and with no warming of price rises, I now had paid an £8 stake. Without warning the price had doubled.

    • ldb30

      Agreed Saturday did a line for £2, this morning £6, tonight £8 a line!! WTF.
      Worldlotteryclub still £2 a line, plus a free line, easy choice.

  55. M. Dicker-Izsak

    Lottoland tripled today their price for Lottoland – w/o any warning.
    Snake oil company

    • M. Dicker-Izsak

      P.S. The price for Powerball was tripled w/o warning – anyway, never again. Will play now the minimum in order to get the legal right to bring Lottoland to justice. Will inform DoJ, too.

  56. kenneth flatley

    Bought a 6 for the price of 3 tickets and then told me I needed to show my ID AFTER I had already paid them. Sneaky bastards!

  57. Jose

    I am a player in Lottoland and the bets are 2.5€ In Powerball for 01/15/2016 the prize is 1300M$. Now in Lottoland bets are € 10! If the company were true the value would be the same. The bets does not vary with the prize. LOTTOLAND IS A SCAM! I will close the account.

  58. katty

    Wow…. So many complaints …..I will definitely think before I put my credit card details.

  59. david thompson

    I signed up for Lottoland and brought some scratch cards. When I tried to play the cards they would not load so I was unable to play them. I have tried to email support for 3 days with no susses I then tried the 0203 number which just rings and rings also the cards have been played but not by me still as of today no one from Lottoland has contacted me .. Not happy at all.

  60. C.Y

    Powerball is meant to be $2 a line, yet i’m being asked to pay £8 a line. What a crap site, funny how we see no representatives or info on why this is happening. I understand the checking of ID for wins, but to only ask for it after purchase seems stupid. There also seems to be no data protection on their site which leads me to believe that not only are they able to keep your winning and charge an extortion for a ticket bet, they are selling your details down the drain. Even if this site isn’t a scam, it sure is dodgy and cannot be trusted with card details.

  61. Paul M

    I ordered tickets on 13-1-2016 in the US Powerball draw. After selecting my numbers and inputting my credit card details i waited for at least some confirmation email with my numbers. The next day i emailed support saying that i paid and received no numbers and suprise suprise “Alex” mentioned that “i can not locate any tickets under your account”. How is it possible to charge my credit card yet not issue me with my numbers even though you select your numbers first!. All smells like a scam to me. Emailed support again and have yet to receive reply. Will be placing a complaint with the Gaming Ombudsman and Consumer Affairs. Very misleading and SCAM




  63. Shan

    Fake website does not answer phone ever or reply to emails. I won but they won’t release my payment. Fake af. Never again. It’s a scam beware.

  64. Anon

    Non existent customer service and pathetic cheap website. Total SCAM. Wouldn’t go near them.

  65. begar

    I have the feeling that there is NOBODY behind their support email.

    I have sent 2 messages and after 7 days NO RESPOND.

    It makes me wonder, what if i win?
    If they do not respond for simple questions, why would they respond to pay winners?

  66. Gloria ROBINSON

    I emailed Lottoland with my driving licence to confirm who I was. 2 months and they still have not confirmed me. I won a few times and wanted to withdraw the money but couldn’t as I have not been verified.
    I emailed again to say I am not able to purchase anymore and still no response from them.
    I don’t understand why they don’t have a contact number.
    I am starting to wonder if this company is scam. Please advise.

  67. Paul

    I purchase 2 lottery ticket ($2.3 billion US PowerBall) $28 they charge my credit card for the purchase But no lottery ticket ?
    I Sent an email to Lottoland
    This is the email back
    Dear customer,

    We’re aware that you may have experienced significant problems when trying to use our website or engage with our customer services team in the last couple of days.

    This was due to unprecedented levels of traffic in response to the world record-breaking $2.3 billion US PowerBall jackpot, which placed exceptionally high levels of demand across our systems.

    We would like to offer our sincere apologies for any frustrations or difficulties you may have suffered as a result.

    We’re working around the clock to make sure any outstanding issues you may have are resolved as soon as possible.

    As a gesture of goodwill we would like to offer you a free Game bet for PowerBall.

    We would also like to reassure you that we’ll be doing everything we can to guarantee the best possible customer experience for all our players in the future.

    Good luck

    Lottoland Australia

  68. Karen

    I recently purchased a ticket for the huge jackpot from Australia, which cost me $46.50 for 3 lines.
    I have been charged twice for this same amount on the 12th and 13th January.
    I have contacted customer support and have been told I requested it twice.
    Why would I want two tickets with the same numbers for the same draw.
    I have not authorised this and like I said in my emails all correspondence pictures and emails have been forwarded to my lawyer.

  69. Michael McGovern

    I wanted to withdraw £3.69 balance, I not long ago won £13.69 on 2 numbers of El Gordo, well they stated that I had to play all my money before any winnings can be withdrawn, this means I can only get 69p left from my winnings and have to play £3 left. They stated under terms and conditions and even to stop money laundering, which is quite suspicious since I play via my bank account. Lottoland is risky fraudulent theft, they can’t cover all bets ie Powerball £330 million! Euro Millions £68 Million! They cover up to £50 Million winnings so they state, but try withdrawing your money??? I won’t bother now with Lottoland and Chris Tarrant our scum bags.

  70. Jerry Springer
    1 is a scam site full stop. Please don’t waste your money or your time & if you already wasted your money like I did (over $2000 aus dollar) go to the bank & dispute it & get your money back. C’mon guys lets show these scam artists whose boss.

    P.S. All these complaints and no more reply from thier so called fake ass representatives. Nicole u fat SL_T what bullshit u wana say now.

  71. Steve

    I had a great win on a scratchcard and then had to verify age and ID. I think this should be done prior if needed but my real gripe is their refusal to send the money as promptly as its taken. Im at almost a week of waiting for a win and still nothing. They dont seem to want to part with my funds.

  72. Peter Swann

    After playing several times, I was advised I had won £6. I asked for this to be transferred back into the credit card from which they had taken several payments. Two weeks and a dozen emails later there is no sign of the money. Thank goodness I did not win a fortune.
    I have just told them to stick the £6.

  73. narelle edwards

    Worst scam ever!!! Sent me a message saying I had won $742, but later when I tried to transfer my winnings, they conveniently said the win amount was a technical error. What a load of bullshit. BIGGEST SCAM EVER!!!


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