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Nick Silver
Tue, 5-Mar-2013 10:40
post thumbnail Means Expensive Fees! doesn’t claim to be anything more than an agent to purchase lottery tickets worldwide on your behalf. The site is very straightforward and very easy to find information. Registration is quick and easy and simply requires your name, email address and phone number. It also provides a ‘Terms and Conditions’ which clearly sets out the legal responsibilities of both them and you, the user.

Visit our Recommended Lottery Ticket Sellers.

How Does Work has agents all over the world to buy your lottery ticket for you. Simply pick the game you want to play, chose your numbers, they purchase your ticket, scan it for you and send. If you win, they collect your money and place it into your Lottery Master Account. You receive an SMS and email notice of your winnings. If you win a jackpot (the big one), they will arrange to give you the winning ticket so you can personally (and locally) claim your first prize.

To access the game you want to play at, click on “Play” at the top of the screen and the window opens up listing all the current games available, the Jackpot amount up for grabs and a countdown clock for the next draw. You can play SuperEnalotto (Italy), EuroMillions (Euro), EuroMillions (UK), Mega Millions (US), UK National Lottery (UK), PowerBall (US), New York Lottery (US), La Primitiva (Spain), EuroJackpot (Euro), El Gordo, La Primitiva (Spain) and Loteria Nacional (Spain). Hey, guess they don’t have any agents in Canada eh. They also seem to offer some special seasonal draws.

Now here is where they start to lose me. officially charge over 200% for the fee for providing the service. Sorry, for online lotteries – that’s expensive. They do provide a discount when you get to actually purchasing your tickets, but why bother. Why not simply make that the price (and it is still expensive).

Getting Your Money says they will transfer your money to your personal account after deducting the corresponding fees. The fees are based on your location, not the amount, and run between $2.50 (Europe, Australia & South America) to $10.00 (Canada & Asia) to $50.00 (Central America, Africa and the USA).  They say it takes 3 to 10 working days to get your money.  There is also something about a 5% bonus of the transferred amount which you can accumulate to use to play lottery games but cannot cash out.

Their Lottery Bonus and Lottery Loyalty Club offers 33 VIP points for every USD 1 played to win gifts and their ‘Free Lottery Promotions’ made me a little nervous. offers a special discount for the first 100 tickets purchased that day. When does their day start? I wondered if you have to sit in line watching the clock to click on the appropriate time to get the discount!

Bells and Whistles at

The support page at has a FAQ list or you can click on to chat. I’m not sure when ‘chat’ is available as they do say ‘when they are offline log on with your User Name and email your question to Customer Support.  They also offer a ‘Dictionary’ to learn the latest Lottery Terminology. Complaints

Going through a bunch of sites, there are no complaints and for once I think I believe it. It’s a straightforward agency style representative that simply facilitates purchasing lottery tickets. just charge a lot for this service. All the websites that do reviews agreed that these guys are for real and went so far to downgrade them in only one area – their promotions.

The Bottom Line at seems to be a real site that offers a service for players to play lottery games on site though I struggle with the different fees they charge and their promotions.


pros Clean Site
pros Easy to find information
pros Very clear instructions


cons Free Lottery Promotions don’t seem real
cons Bonuses and VIP points only seem to generate more traffic for them
cons Expensive to play here
cons Glad I’m not from Africa and have to pay the $50 service fee

Our team gives a thumbs down as there are other sites that offer a more consistent and realistic fee for the service of buying tickets for players.

Stay for a while and check out our Amazing Lottery Promotions page.

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Hello everyone, my name is Nick and you can find me on Google+. I am a founder and a primary author of the Here we are exposing online lottery agents, software and syndicates. Only on our site you will find a real truth about the lottery. Playing lottery is in my veins, writing about it makes most of my time. My life motto is: “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” So start doing and stop dreaming!

56 Responses to Exposed

  1. user avatar Chris :

    LotteryMaster is 100% FAKE FAKE FAKE
    They have charged my crdit card illegally 5 times already foring me to cancel my card.


    • user avatar Maurice :

      They are really fake, operating from Israel and said they are from Malta!!!

      • user avatar Nick Silver :

        Maurice – thanks for your info. Our team is onto it and it is feedback like this that helps. We have to be as fair as possible in doing our research and only report what we can prove and confirm. Again, thanks – Nick

    • user avatar Nick Silver :


      Thank you for sharing that. We really need this kind of feedback. I can imagine having to get your card replaced is incredibly frustrating. I trust you were able to get the charges reversed? We are working on this one to try and get to the bottom as there still seem to be people out there that haven’t had a problem. I would suggest if you are going to play lotteries online, you use one of the providers we have approved. The reviews we do are based on what we can confirm and though we might give them a thumbs up, that does not mean we approve them. It simply means that we could not find any information that confirms that they are not legit – hence your feedback is so important! Thanks, Nick

  2. user avatar Peter :

    Ive never had any trouble with them, they are sometimes slow purchasing my tickets but not a problem. I get regular phone calls from an 0203 number (london) Im happy with the service I get

    • user avatar Nick Silver :


      Thanks for that – we’re digging deeper and this kind of feedback is really helpful! Nick

  3. user avatar John :

    Used their services few times and overall happy with their service. Had my tickets bought and scanned by their agent each time.

    • user avatar Nick Silver :

      John – have you won? Thanks for letting us know that you’ve had no problems. It’s really interesting to me that the feedback is split with people confirming they have no problems and some that have. We’re still digging so any other comments are really appreciated. Nick

  4. user avatar Nick Silver :

    Thanks all for your feedback. We’re going to go back and have a second look at this. With the split on the comments,I’ve put a couple of our team members on to test the site further. Any more comments are most welcome! Nick

  5. user avatar Matthew :

    I was just charged instantly over $250 when only trying to purchase a $30 ticket. I have cancelled my card and talked to someone on chat who has advised me that “nothing has been taken off my card, and I have not purchased anything”

    Contacted my bank to try and speed up my money recovery.

    • user avatar Nick Silver :


      Did they actually charge you or load your account? I’ve asked one of the team to check the small print (hate that stuff) as some of the lottery concierge sites publish the fact that when they load your account, there is a minimum (which actually should be called a maximum) that your credit card is charged. Definitely annoying and as I said, it’s all in the small print. Check out the online lottery providers we’ve approved – not just reviewed but actually approved. These are the kinds of things that we’re cautious about. It’s scary enough inputting personal details to one of these sites never mind giving credit card info. Good luck with your play! Nick

  6. user avatar Netty :

    They charched my credit card illegally with 260$ instead of 30$. But fortunately the bank was very fast and called me immedeately, canceled the transfer and blocked my credit card :-)

    • user avatar Nick Silver :

      Netty – wow that’s really nasty. I’m curious which credit card you used. Nice to hear that they were so reactive in a proactive way!!! We have to be as fair as possible with our reviews and investigations, so this kind of feedback really helps. Our team is onto it so if you have any other comments or information, please let us know! Thanks, Nick

  7. user avatar Ruby :

    I’m glad to hear this is legit. I always wanted to play the international lotteries. The fee for the US is high but I think worth it. I’ll definitely use a debit preload to avoid excess charges should that ever happen. If I run into any troubles, I’ll report it here. Sadly, there’s no international governing agency that handles lotteries for all the scams out there now.

    • user avatar Nick Silver :


      Great and thanks for the feedback. You might like to look at the concierge lottery services that we’ve approved.

      Very, very smart on the use of a preloaded debit card! The entire legal situation with the internet is a very big grey area which countries are struggling with. Totally agreed it would be great if there was an overall legal authority but I don’t see it happening soon! Nick

  8. user avatar Chris Coombes :

    Lottery Master are conmen and theifs.

    My partner bought a single ticket 3 months ago and at the time read all the T’s and C’s and ensured that no subscription set up.

    The company has been taking money from her account every 3 days for 3 months totaling £200.

    When i called and asked for it back as it is illegal they refused and said that we could have a free $50 to
    play with as compensation and as its gone on for 3 months the bank wont do anything.

    Im furious about this and the site should be shutdown.

    We never noticed as it was small transactions.

    Please AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!!!!!

    • user avatar Nick Silver :

      Chris – Wow – that’s nasty! One of the things your partner might like to set up is a prepaid Master Card (it can only pay out what it has been loaded with)like Payoneer which allows you to control what these companies can charge. Thanks so much for the feedback. This is the kind of info we need to help others play confidently! Nick

  9. user avatar Steve :

    I won with these guys on the Spanish lotto. I got the reintegro number which is 15 euro they forwarded $2 to my account and continued to charge my card for tickets I never agreed to. These people are crooks, no doubt about it.

    • user avatar Nick Silver :


      Not a nice situation – I mean you won but I wonder about the small print on what they are allowed to charge for. Check out the recommendation written for Chris’s partner. Might help if you continue to play with anyone.

      Re the difference in the win, we did note that there is some confusion on the different fees they can charge. Did they give you any explanation? I’d be really interested in any feedback on that! This is one of those companies that though they do what they say, it’s all in the small print.

      Thanks for the feedback! Any other info or follow up would be great! Nick

  10. user avatar S.A :

    I have a good first hand source when I say this:

    • user avatar Nick Silver :

      S.A – So what happened? It’s been incredible the pros and cons on feedback from this site. Overall it is negative and I think we’re going to have to dig even deeper to get to the bottom of this site but we really need details from people like you! More information would be fantastic. Nick

  11. user avatar M. :

    Lotterymaster is %100 fake and stealing of our hard working money.
    Last night I made up an account with lottery master by mistake I transferred $100 from my credit card I wanted to transfer $10 any way I played $10 USA power ball and requested to cash out $90. Tonight I received a call from them they saying you are a new player we give discount you should transfer $160 from your credit card to your account so we can buy you tickets for big jackpot draws I refused then they toke $500 from my credit card and stopped my $90 cash out luckily called the bank stopped that $500 and lost $100 will report it to police tomorrow the number which I received call from 02 80730513.

  12. user avatar M. :

    If they are not scam or thief how they could transfer player’s money from his credit card to his lottery master account without his permission in my language lottery master is called thief anyone I wish I could upload photos of my account to show u guys how they stole my money.

    • user avatar Nick Silver :


      Thanks for the specific feedback and information. There is no question that there are questions on what these guys charge to accounts. I think it has something to do with the specific fee structure that they have. As our team pointed out from the start, they are expensive and I suspect make a heck of a lot of money with this. If you do want to play online, check out the lottery concierge service providers that we have approved. We’ve put a lot of work into making sure that these guys are for real and that their fees seem reasonable with no surprises. Let us know if you continue to play! This is exactly the kind of info that we need to hear about at the same time, we also like to hear when players win! Nick

  13. user avatar Peter Diepenhorst :

    Unsubscribtion of lotterymaster email seems to be impossible. (Spam / the Netherlands)

    • user avatar Daisy Morgan :

      Sorry to hear that, Peter. I suggest you to contact their support. I wish we could hear something from representatives about so many complaints.

  14. user avatar Pylyp Ryaboy :

    The first thing, the LotteryMaster subscribed me without my consent. After they said (Liam Frost which e-mail is no more active now!!!) that I, myself “pressed” the option for the subscriptions, which is lye.

    I asked the LotteryMaster to stop my subscriptions and they stopped it in august, but they continued in September to withdraw money from my credit card which I consider an incredible dishonesty.

    • user avatar Daisy Morgan :

      Thanks Pylyp, your complaint is received. We’ll add it to our next reviews.

  15. user avatar Pino :

    Hi after playing today I thought of looking if there is any information thus your blog
    I am from South Africa and played around $ 500 lets see will keep you guys posted
    On the outcome over the next few days and week to come.

    • user avatar Daisy Morgan :

      Welcome, Pino. We’re working for such guys like you. ;)

  16. user avatar Schalk :

    Avoid at all cost to play with these guys. I am from RSA and bought one single ticket by they overcharged me and played my numbers 5 times. I let it go as there was nothing I could do. Then one month later they deducted same amount again, a transaction I did not authorized. I cancelled my card and instructed my bank to do fraud investigation. Sick and tired of people taking your money!!

  17. user avatar Sean :

    I need some help.I amm from RSA and bought one single ticket through lotterymaster. they overcharged me and played my numbers 5 times and subscribed me. I let it go as there was nothing I could do after that first deduction. I got hold of them and they promised they would cancel my subscription. Then one month later they deducted same amount again, a transaction I did not authorize. The money keeps going out of my account every month and Im not quite sure how to cancel this…

    • user avatar Nick Silver :


      Contact your credit card or debit card provider and have them blocked. That’s the fastest way and you’re in the driver’s seat. You could also ask them to do an investigation. It’s been incredible the feedback from everyone on this online lottery provider. It does seem that they are definitely more probs then good play. If you still want to play (hopefully you do), check out our recommended/trusted online lottery providers. We put a lot of work into checking these guys out! Play safe and have fun! Nick

      PS: Please let us know how you get on with this!

      • user avatar John Phillips :

        I have had a very similar experience and I am very unhappy about it. From 19th August to 23 November 2013 they have taken a total of $274.92 from my debit card. There have been small “wins” totaling $20.70 over the same period – after deductions. I have emailed Lotterymaster several times and spoken to an operator 3 times. In every case I asked them to stop making unauthorized deductions, and they always apologized and promised it would not happen again. And then it does happen again – same time every month. I can see no alternative except to cancel my debit card, at some inconvenience to myself. It seems to me that their actions border on the criminal, and I would NOT recommend them to anyone. They should be thoroughly investigated, and it surprises me that there is not more adverse comment about them on various forums – yet.

    • user avatar paul :

      Go to your bank report it and have your card canceled. Get a new card.

  18. user avatar Pino :

    Well I said I would come back they are not fake but a total scam I paid 2 x $ 200 for the Spanish el Gordo and received 2 x $20 tickets so they stole $360 from me after many emails there answear was its cheaper then flying to Spain ???? They should be taken to book for getting away for this crime

  19. user avatar Pino from South Africa :

    They are international criminals and getting away with this type of criminal activities steeling where they can how can we stop them?? Is there no ways that we can make a complaint or even a law case against them and the operators that they make use of total criminals what is this less than stealing from a bank or even rape or murder there must be a way to stop them doing what they are doing, dos this mean anyone can go and open a site and start steeling and nothing gets done no ways ? Why can’t we take on the Google that allows this and sue them for damages of so many people all around the world. There phone number is identified from England so we need to get the police to investigate this through Scotland Yard …. I personally will do every thing in my power as a Citizen to lay a complaint and I think you all should follow it up the best you can, we should not take this sitting back.

    Sent from my iPad
    Pino Pulella

    • user avatar Pino from South Africa :

      Well I have sent an Emil to Scotland Yard in England let see what comes of it had no reply yet but will pursue the follow up until I get them to notice who the criminals are, I have sent them a information on the scammers and a lead to this web site, so that they can see your complaints as well. You guys need to do the same, take a few moments of your time and do the same. ……….. Let’s stand together to fight back.

  20. user avatar Pino from South Africa :

    Hi again here is a number they phoned me with +448000488208 I need you all to do some investigation and find out where this number originates from? As I have said it seems it from England but I am sure the more people put there time and resources together we will find them and deal with them together, if you have numbers the publish them here so we collectively can do some detective work and find them, the aim is to find them an stop them ,,, even when you are a a blog spread the word about them leave comments on other site and blogs and sites.

  21. user avatar Isabel :

    I’VE BEEN SCAMMED BY LOTTERY MASTER! I am from Canada and played the mega millions lottery a few weeks ago on the “Lottery Master” sight. I only played 5 tickets and the when I clicked the payment it was for $15.00. When the charge came through my visa card, Lottery Mastery had scammed me and charged me $102.00, which was for 5 weeks of 5 mega million tickets, which I NEVER ordered. They won’t give me a refund and keep insisting I had entered the 20% discount option upon payment, which I never did. I played a straight 5 ticket purchase game and watched the amount go from $3 $6 $9 $12 to $15. Then I clicked the payment option. $15.00. Yet, they charged me $102.00 with an option I had to cancel for continual plays in months to come. I NEVER authorized this. Then the scammers send me a “bogus bill” invoice showing an invoice anyone could’ve doctored up for $102.00. I am filing a claim against Lottery Master with the Better Business Bureau today. I warned them if they didn’t refund my hard-earned money, I’d report them. They don’t seem to care. I say to those who order tickets from Lottery Master, be very careful because the amount you play, might NOT be what you get. Then they’ll do the same to do you as they did to me – overcharge your credit card.

  22. user avatar Obie :

    I think this sie is real fake, in my first day when i play, next day they call me from London a man the name is Cris +44 20 3393 3590, and he say many things, in the finally he ask me to give the last 3 number of my Visa Cards, when i ask what? He say i only need your last 4 numbers from your card, and i say goodby. But i get some tickets before. When i played they didn’t put the real numebr in site, I choose some number, but the number of the LOTTERY RESULTS they don’t put the real one, in my accounting they put the results of 2 game ago. I want to delete my account, but i don’t know how.

  23. user avatar paul :

    I want to know if Lotterymasters is a bunch of crooks
    I received a invitation to play the lotto through their site last year.
    I am a pensioner and I thought why not try my luck, I played one game and thought see what happens.
    Next thing I receive a phone call from an agent who ask me to sign up as people who only play sometimes never wins.
    If I subscribe for $76 per month then I would be entered into every major draw.
    I explain that I am a pensioner and cannot afford it.
    He then says I can try it for one month and then unsubscribe.
    I then thought about it and decided to try for one month, but lotterymasters debited my account the next month again.
    I sent them email to cancell the subscription. But I keep receiving message from my bank that there is an amount for lottery master outstanding. Up to November 2013
    Now January I start receiveing an account again.
    How do I stop them robbing me of my pension.
    I have tried sending emails to stop them.
    I have tried to log into the members area where I tried to see what my account status is.
    It showed me I had some won something that was paid but I never received any cash?
    How do I get rid of these thieves?
    I am a pensioner and they want to take all my pension hoping that I must not be able to eat. I wish that they all will become bankrupt because they are robbing the poor to enrich themselves.

    • user avatar Daisy Morgan :

      Hi Paul, thanks for your message. Please read our review and all the comments above. Hope it helps. Daisy

  24. user avatar tatiana :

    Lotterymaster Birkirkara within three months withdraws money from my card. I did not do any long-term application Lotterymaster and demand an end to these exactions. I want to delete my account!

    • user avatar Daisy Morgan :

      Dear Tatiana, I moved your comment to the relevant section. Please, read our user comments to know what you can do. Daisy

  25. user avatar Saleh :

    This is a total SCAM at it’s finest. I’ve been scammed by these crooks. They use this number from UK (+44 20 3393 3590). I registered to their website to play for only once, and it was for only $15. So why not give it a shot for the heck of it. But my credit card did’nt go through & got declined. So I decided to cancel the whole idea. 2 days later, I got a call from this Crook Cris (+44 20 3393 3590) and he kept trying to convince me to play it again as they can process the payment via PayPal. But I strongly emphisized that I’m NOT interested in this at all, I suspected that this is a scam by his attempts & his answers to my questions. So , I knew it was a scam. I hanged up on him and asked him to Never call again. 5 minutes later, I received a Msg from my credit card company $222. I was shocked , and called my credit card to stop payment, and I was told to fill up a dispute form and send it back to invistigate the unauthorized transactions. One month later, I recieved another msg with same charge of $222 by those crooks. I called Credit Card company, and I had to cancel my credit card, and wait for 2 weeks to get a new one. I still have Not recieved any feed back yet. Please be advised & warned about Master Lottery Scam !

  26. user avatar Alex :

    As the other commentators have said, Lotterymaster is a scam. I gave them my credit card number and, despite carefully choosing not have auto-billing of any type, they kept recharging my credit card again and again.

    I have tried to contact LotteryMaster several times, including the MD Jonathan Preminger and his colleagues such as the Director Itai Hadas and Finance Manager Meirav, by email and my telephone, and they never get back to me. I’ve had to cancel my credit card as it’s the only way to stop the rebilling from Lottery Master.

    Avoid this dodgy outfit run by unethical people based in Israel.

  27. user avatar david valentine :

    Bought one line in Eurodollors. Dollar value on srcene showed E8.++
    The debit to my CC was 0ver AU450.00 before exchange rates. Contacted my CC provider to dispute

  28. user avatar david valentine :

    what I bought online is not what appeared as a debit on my cc by 400%

  29. user avatar Alex :

    Like @Chris they have charged my card 3 times. They sent a mail to say they made a mistake and will refund but after 1 week nothing has been refunded. All this after I requested an end of deductions and my account closed.


    I had to cancel my credit card to prevent them charging the card again.

  30. user avatar Bridget :

    I kept losing and wanted to close my account. The refuse to transfer the amount that I still have back to my bank. No reaction to chats or email.

  31. user avatar ROBERT :


    • user avatar Daisy Morgan :

      Hi Robert, we suggest you to contact your credit card or debit card provider and have them blocked. Or to cancel your old card and to get a new one. Daisy

  32. user avatar Shereen Rodrigues :

    I am disgusted that they took money out of my credit card without my permission, despite the fact that 2
    of their consultants called me to sell me more tickets
    which I declined as I am in South Africa and a single mother I can not afford this type of risks. I have sent a mail to them and await their reply failing which I will report them to the Highest Authority to Expose this Scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. user avatar JohnA :

    And this is the final nail in their coffin:
    I won! I bought a ticket through them (not having read this website first), and some of my numbers got drawn! Their website shows that the ticket was a winning one, and the amount of the win, and this corresponds to the rules of that Lottery. But that ticket has been marked as “NoWin”, and I certainly haven’t seen the winnings in my LotteryMaster account, let alone my bank account.
    I sent them a complaint via their website: no reply.
    I rang their listed phone number: disconnected.
    It’s been two weeks, and nothing has happened. I will not be using their services again, and I advise everyone else not to either.

  34. user avatar Dawie :

    hi, for the last 3 months Jerry from their offices contacted me, but at the end of March they debited my credit card with a substantial amount. I cannot get hold of any of them and neither do they respond to my emails. Im thinking this might be a scam, you never win big only enough to make you wanting to play more. So please be careful.


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