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Congalotto Exposed — You Choose. They Buy. You Win.

Nick Silver
Last updated on February 8, 2016
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Congalotto is an online lotto messenger service, offering 21 richest lotteries and having clients in more than 140 countries of the world. Congalotto is owned by Ledonford Ltd, which is located at 3 Athonodorou Street, 2025 Stovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus. It also could be reached by email address [email protected] or phone number +44 20 3150 0476. Congalotto service was founded in 2007. Its website is available in 8 languages. Congalotto has a wide range of the payment methods and offers the various play options, including single and syndicate play. According to Congalotto, they have paid the winnings to almost 260,000 players, ranging from $10 to $1 million.

Congalotto Review looks like it is one of the better online lottery ticket websites on the net. The website acts as a messenger service or agent that facilitates the purchase of lottery tickets for players all over the world. It has an incredible range of lotteries on offer as well, the site is clean and easy to move around. Owned by Ledonford Ltd., it began operations in 2007 and has endeavored to be a leader in the online lottery business.

Getting Started at sells individual lottery tickets and subscriptions for most of the international lotteries world wide. Registration is straightforward by entering an email address and personal details. All that is left to do is deposit funds in your account and offers a wide range of ways including most major credit cards, debit cards,  e-wallet options and bank wire transfer. Most of the deposit options can also be used for the withdrawal of lottery winnings.

After choosing the lottery game you want to play, choose your numbers,  enter your email address and with that you could become the next lottery millionaire.

CongaLotto Syndicates offers two syndicates to play. Syndicates means joining a group of people who all share their tickets and their winnings. There is a specific number of tickets shared by a specific number of people. If there are 100 people, then any winnings from those tickets are shared equality (1/100th each).

How Does Congalotto Do It? staff all over the world receive your order and locally purchase your lottery ticket. You will receive a notification email confirming your purchase as well, you can view your numbers on your account online. The original ticket is placed in a safety deposit box to await the draw. Immediately after the draw, you will be informed if you won the jackpot or any prize in the specific lottery.

Lottery Games, Games and More Games offers lottery players a wide range of games. Players have the choice of playing popular lotteries such as Mega Millions, US Powerball, UK Thunderball, Oz Powerball, Mega-Sena, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, SuperEnaLotto, Irish Lotto and much more.

Customer Service at’s does have live chat but it is only open regular business hours and we could not find anywhere what those business hours are. Out of business hours, the site has an email address or use the online form. They also have a FAQ which covers everything from the legality of their service, account management to a lottery dictionary for online lottery novices.

Congalotto’s Site

The website has a professional design,  is colorful and fun looking with easy navigation from page to page. On the Home page, players see what lottery games are available, what the jackpot prize is and how much time is left until the next draw.

It wasn’t good to read the fact that in their privacy policy, they have the absolute right to disclose personal details to a third party. The interesting thing is they do allow you to opt out of this by notifying them – it’s just very buried in the small print.

Winners at has made many lottery players winners ever since it rolled out. According to the information found on the site, 7,457 players have won an accumulative $1,221,415.42. They also have a running scroll on the names of winners and how much they won. I found the range of amounts realistic as they included a $1 win!

The Bottom Line

There were limited complaints about with most of them being one-liners that made very little sense. Most people gave the site positive reviews. This is a very user friendly site that does offer most of the international lotteries around the world online.


pros Simple Design
pros Secure (256-Bit Encryption)
pros Available in Eight Different Languages
pros Allows US Citizens
pros Powered by Custom Software
pros Many Lottery Games Available
pros Fully Licensed


cons Live Chat is Not 24/7
cons No Referral Bonus

Information was updated1). Apply the following promotional code CGLPB50 to get 50% off on buying US Powerball tickets!
2). Apply the following promotional code CGLMM40 to get 40% off on buying US Mega Millions tickets! does give lottery players around the world the chance to take part in the popular world lottery with the click of a button. In addition to this, it is a leader in the online lottery market and has managed to maintain a platform where people can play lotteries and feel confident of both their security and their personal details.
Information was updatedDear visitors,
The Lotto Exposed Team is really shocked by the amount of complaints we’re starting to get about the Congalotto. All we want to ask is to give this trusted company some more time to sort everything out. They were simply overloaded by the amount of new players caused by Powerball jackpot. Congalotto is an honest lottery agent and it’s definitely not a scam as some of you trying to say here. Please be patient and send all the complaints directly to [email protected]. They promised to assist. The Lotto Exposed Team regularly forwards all your complaints to the Congalotto support.

Leave your comments below, or join the Congalotto Live Discussion.

Congalotto Exposed — You Choose. They Buy. You Win. 3.53/10 (70.59%) 17 votes


Hello everyone, my name is Nick. I am a founder and a primary author of the Here we are exposing online lottery agents, software and syndicates. Only on our site you will find a real truth about the lottery. Playing lottery is in my veins, writing about it makes most of my time. My life motto is: “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” So start doing and stop dreaming!

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43 Responses to Congalotto Exposed — You Choose. They Buy. You Win.

  1. casey renke

    They billed me every week without me knowing until I checked my statement. In the fine print it says you place a bet and they subscribe you so watch put for this slimey deal. I think of it as stealing. Plus they charge a few bucks a lotto ticket so you can go to the store and buy 4 tickets to their one!

    • Iceni

      I totally agree that Congalotto is a scam.
      I bought 3 tickets at $4 each, then 3 tickets at $5 each, this morning they have charged $65 to my
      Credit card. I am contacting my credit card to tempt a fraud.
      I have, tried several different ways to contact them to stop my subscription, but am unable to do so.
      Be warned people this site is a scam.

  2. Nick Silver

    Casey – thanks for the info. They do what they say but there are a few of these online lottery concierge providers that have a heck of a lot of small print to get through. This is exactly the kind of info we need from players online! Thanks again, Nick

  3. Oscar Williams

    Well suppose you live in an area that you can’t go down the Street and purchase a ticket? Well a lot of player don’t have this and the only way they can hope to win is with a service like this. Some states don’t have lotto but they will have their hand out if you win. And just how are they gonna pay their employee and other business exspense?

    • Nick Silver


      Absolutely agreed. There are times when I am in different countries where I can drop into retailer and pick up a ticket. But mostly I prefer to know that I can rely on my service provider to make sure I’ve got my tickets. The big thing is making sure you are confident in the provider you use and looking at the options on lotteries on what you want to play. Some people get caught up in the big numbers of some lotteries but don’t realize after taxes etc some of the other lotteries are better. That’s part of our research. Please let us know how you get on in playing online! Nick

  4. Ken C.

    I have used it frequently when the powerball/megamillions reach a certain point because I cannot purchase lottery tickets in my state and the additional cost is comparable to the cost of gas to drive to a border town that sells lottery tickets.

    The customer service is friendly, although, not always helpful.

    My biggest concern is payment… there payment methods change frequently. In the FAQ they state they accept all major credit cards, however, they only currently accept Visa cards and they charge an international fee as well.

    They used to accept checks, but no longer do and the customer service representative I spoke with said they do not know if they will accept checks again in the future.

    It seems their payment methods change frequently, arbitrarily and with little or know additional information. To me, that seems a bit sketchy, but I’ve never noticed anything irregular or fraudulent on my purchased form them.

    I do know when you purchase a ticket, the system automatically selects “subscription” and you need to deselect that when you purchase. It’s not difficult to do so, but you need to manually do it and if you don’t, you will be charged. However, it is also easy to deselect the option later on as I have done previously.

    I appreciate the website and the services they offer along with the friendliness of the staff.

    I do not appreciate the arbitrary and inconsistent payment options they provide and the pricing is a bit high… but after comparable to gas so it evens out in the end.

    • Robert

      If their is a deselect button then please point me to the right spot thanks because they are taking way to much money from my card!


  5. nav

    Hi, I am from india & I want to know that which international lottery I can play.

    • Daisy Morgan

      Hi Nav,
      You can play any international lottery if this activity is legal according to the Indian law. Thanks!

  6. Baharul Alam

    If I use my credit card to pay for tickets I buy online, how do I make sure that my card won’t be charged for purchases I do not make?

    • Daisy Morgan

      Hello, first of all, you need to read all the information available on the site you want to play (including FAQ, TOS, etc.). Make sure you’ve carefully read a small print as well. And don’t forget that you always have an option to open a dispute or block your card. Daisy

  7. YAS

    The owner of congalotto also owns I have played at this site and they are OK. They scan the tickets and the customer service is good, but not many people bring this site up in their reviews.

  8. colin battison

    nick, I”ve been with just for a couple of months, and i don”t have any complaints [they are very good], i”ve been with a few shithead”s in the past. Colin.

  9. WTJ

    I used Amex for 2 years with them with no problems.
    They stopped accepting AMEX so I used VISA.
    VISA declined the charge as questionably fraudulent.

    It should have been for $104, but 2 charges came in simultaneously FROM CHINA with different names for $104 and $103, both declined by VISA.

    I asked the online Chat about this and got only “maybes” as an answer and that they could not tell me who would bill at any given purchase.

    Well, If they don’t know who they’re giving my credit card info to, I certainly don’t want them to have it.
    I cancelled my card.

  10. Deb Be

    How much is the ‘service fee’ charged by congalotto if I buy 10 $1.00 ‘Mega Million’ tickets? I have not been able to find the ‘service fee’ cost on any conga lotto web sites.

  11. Joseph Myers

    Will you really received a huge jackpot from this company if you win it

  12. Lian

    I’m buying tickets with Congalotto for 3 years now, from the beginning it felt simple like ordering a pizza and I’m happy today I think it’s more complex because there are many lotteries. I won small amounts, keep dreaming to win more.

  13. Jade

    I just got a call from my bank saying that the purchases on my credit card are fraudulent. They are saying that the purchases that conga lotto supposedly made were at a shoe store in China???? I did not authorize that. How is that purchasing lotto tickets? The amounts charged also didn’t match my tickets. It was more. And I never received my scanned copies of my tickets. They cancelled my card and issued me a new one. You need to stop recommending this site. They probably made a few legit purchases to lure people in. But I see others saying the same thing about China. SMH!!

    • pen

      did you cancel your card?! i bought too :( i got scammed

  14. Karen Jackson

    I went online and made two powerball transactions that were confirmed. I have the copies. When I went to sign back in to Congalotto I couldn’t remember my password so requested a password reset. The response was that my email address was not in their database. So now I can’t get in at all. I think this is a scam and now I have to cancel my credit card. cityTV stated outright that we could buy tickets for the powerball on line leaving me to believe they checked out the site and so I imagined it was safe.

  15. aldan

    Fraudulent purchases on my credit card

    Will not give scans of lottery. They take your money and you get nothing.

    I think LottoExposed should change their review, because this website is a scam.

  16. Ken

    Problem 1:
    4 days had passed and the site cannot show me the scanned copies of my tickets. (I started to think this is a fraud, ’cause the site advertised the scanned copies of the tickets should be delivered within 24 hours. Otherwise, email customer service. But no one responds to my emails).

    Problem 2:
    Email few times. no one ever replied.

    Problem 3:
    minimum purchase 3 powerball tickets, but the charge was USD $15 for 3 tickets…? Isn’t that each ticket cost $2 to $3 each?

    I don’t mind being charged overprice as long as what advertised was delivered, but the site fall to show me the tickets I purchased. Which lead me to feel that I was being cheated. I got charged, but the scanned copies of tickets were not showing. So, are the tickets actually purchased? or the site actually cheat of buyers?

  17. Ernie

    Never received my tickets via EMAIL. No actual proof that my tickets were purchased by this company. No response to any email I sent for the last 3 days. Chat is a joke. as you will auto tell me that they are busier then usual and that I should email. Nice scam…

  18. Qm

    THIS IS THE BIGGEST SCAM Ever. I bought the Powerball ticket a few days ago for the biggest lotto in history ($ 1.5 billion).
    They charged my credit card, but didn’t play my number. I have been trying to contact them, but they won’t return my emails. Definitely not happy with them rite now

  19. Rob Herdman

    I bought tickets last week for what I thought was the 1.5 billion powerball in the US. (I’m in Canada) Tried Visa, Mastercard, neither would go through. AMEX did! I think this is because Visa & MC have had so many complaints they just won’t deal with them! Called AMEX to appeal the charges $63.) US. They wiped it off my statement completely….Bless their Hearts!

  20. Tracy

    I just used it and my mc was compromised. Within days someone had tried to charge over $1700 with of stuff to my card. Very disappointing. I will never use this air again.

  21. Lori Wendt

    I have authorized for one time use to buy Powerball tix on credit card no they have been sending emails saying they bought more tix on credit card that were not authorized and cant get ahold of anybody so had to cancel credit card thanks jerks and then some

  22. Eliot Cimbol

    I’m playing with Congalotto for over 4 years and I’m shocked from the reviews I see. Congalotto is the most legit service I have ever seen.

    I get my scanned tickets everytime, very good service.

    Never won anything , but i’m hoping i will.

  23. Dillip kumar Behera

    Really, this site is reliable and trustworthy, I personally like to play this site, hope, all lotto lovers should try their luck with Congalotto.

  24. RH

    Unable to cancel subscription. Followed the directions in the FAQ and there is no “My Orders” function on my account menu anymore. I removed my credit card info and I’m still being charged. No response to emails sent to customer service. I can understand that the PowerBall issue may have caused some problems, but they’ve had enough time to respond to customers by now and I’m guessing they won’t be giving anyone’s money back. The only answer is to block charges or cancel your card.


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