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Yourlotter Exposed — Subscriptions Only!

Yourlotter Review

These days the number of online lottery provider sites is continuing to grow. Some of them are ad hoc, and it’s essential to be cautious as it’s becoming easier and easier to throw up a site simply. Some of them are affiliates that only present their lotteries under a different kind of platform. is one of these. It’s an affiliate of Wintrillions and owned by Ledonford, which is a major player in online lotteries. Let’s see what these guys have to offer.

Yourlotter Games offers a heap of different lottery games online including the big US Powerball & Mega Millions, and EuroMillions & EuroJackpot. They also provide many of the US state lotteries and other internationals including El Gordo (a personal favorite) and Oz Lotto. It is by subscription for a variety of different periods pending on the lottery you choose. Subscription means that you can’t buy a single ticket, but instead buy tickets for a period of time as a minimum for say two weeks or a month.

Hey, I Won!

I do dream of saying that very loudly, and if it happened at, I would be collecting that big jackpot myself. Winnings over $600, they either turn the ticket over to you, or they help you get your winnings. Winnings under $600 are credited directly to your account. Part of the issue could be the fact that for US lotteries, taxes are applicable. Oh, that goes for El Gordo also. also underlines that all the winnings are yours. They do not charge any service or processing fee. This is included in what they charge for the service of getting your tickets.

Who is

This is a company owned by Ledonford Ltd. and is an affiliate of Wintrillions. What is a little surprising given the connections, that this site is not more transparent on their rules and regulations. There are a lot of nice words on why they are good and what they will do but not a lot of substance. It meant a lot of questions to go and ask.

Yourlotter’s Customer Service

Some of our questions were answered pretty quickly using their online chat. The operator was straightforward and able to answer all the questions thrown at them. The frustrating part is that the team shouldn’t have had to ask a lot of these questions. They should have been on their web site. There is no snail mail, phone number or email address. The only contact choice other than online chat is an online form. They do say they will respond within six hours – and they do.

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The Bottom Line

Given we’re talking Ledonford here, I would have expected a bit more of a professional Terms of Reference and FAQ, at the same time there is a part of me that enjoyed not walking through pages of legalese. Ledonford operates a heap of different online lottery sites and has been reputable in paying winnings.


Subscriptions Only

Finding Information

Collecting Your Winnings (not a jackpot)


No Fees on Winnings

Reputable Company

A heap of Lotteries to Play

These guys get a reserved thumbs up more because of who they are versus some of the actual information available on their online lottery site. If you are interested in playing subscriptions, then it is straightforward, and I do like the fact they do not take fees. If I win – it’s all my money!

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