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  1. This company is taking money $48 every month without my permission. No number to call to cancel, no emails replied to live chat said they would cancel, but didnt. SCAM



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WinMoreLotto Exposed — Too Much Blah Blah Blah Yadda Yadda!

WinMoreLotto Review

Most people agree that there are more chances to win in a syndicate. WinMoreLotto is a lottery provider that only offers syndicates. They do this for individual lotteries and combos. You’d think this would make WinMoreLotto a good place to play – not! Let’s look at why.


Before we go any further, for the newbies, a syndicate is a group of people that put their tickets together in a pool, and whatever is won is shared. One of the important things about playing in a syndicate is understanding how many people are actually playing in that group. The ratio of tickets to people is also important, I mean the whole idea is to increase your odds of winning by having ownership of more tickets without putting in more money.

Syndicates and Win More Lotto

Popping around’s site, the first thing we noticed was the challenge of getting to the bottom of how many people actually are involved in each of the syndicates. They throw comments out like increasing your shares but then do not post how many total shares are in the actual syndicate. and US Powerball

Let’s look at US Powerball. The minimum buy into the syndicate for is 2 draws for 20 lines. That’s at a cost of US$ 18.65. But – yes the big but – they do not say how many shares they sell on this. Players can buy up to ten shares for any of their syndicates. Remember, I am not a mathematician, but even I can work out the money these guys are raking in if there is no limit to the shares within a syndicate. The whole point is to limit the shares to the number of members.

Winning at WinMoreLotto

Prizes under £600 are paid directly to your bank account “as soon as the funds are available”. There is no indication of how long this will take. Bigger prizes are either picked up for you and transferred to your account, or they arrange for you to get your ticket to make the claim. Keep in mind, the ticket belongs to the syndicate and most likely the Syndicate Manager is the lottery so why are they even discussing this. Okay – they say no fees are charged, but I wonder how many shares WinMoreLotto keeps for them in any major win.

Customer Service

Talking to customer service through their live chat – yup, they have it – I kept getting the same rhetoric over and over again on the increase in odds in playing this way and a bunch of other nonsense on mixing up shares, tickets, and members. In fairness, at least they do have live chat and it seems to be active 24/7. There is also an online form and a snail mail address in Cyprus. After some significant digging, we were also able to confirm a telephone number.

Who Is WinMoreLotto

This is a company registered out of Limassol, Cyprus where a whole stack of online lottery providers operates. Their trade name is Eudoxus Limited. What is interesting is the number of companies internationally that have used this name. Eudoxus of Cnidus was a Greek mathematician and astronomer who studied under Plato. What’s this means for any investigation was there were pages and pages of information on the person and various companies that have incorporated the name.

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The Bottom Line at WinMoreLotto

Personally, I like syndicates. Many in our team play in several but it is important to be very clear what you as a player are putting in and what you are getting. This is definitely not the place to play.


Lots of Syndicates

Lots of Combos

Live Chat


How Many Shares

When Will They Pay

The team and I talked about it and sorry, these folks get a thumbs down. There is just too much yadda yadda, and not enough clear facts on what we’d be buying into.

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