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Winloot Exposed — If You Have Nothing to Do, Go for It!

Winloot Exposed

Winloot Review

Advertised as a website that offers free online sweepstakes, Winloot is sure to attract many people’s interest. But is the promo too good to be true, however? We think so, and there are several reasons why we’re concerned about Winloot.

One thing that raises some eyebrows is the fact that news about Winloot big winners come in the form of professional press releases. If you do a bit of Google searching, you’ll quickly come across such information. Checking out our forum and other online communities, however, doesn’t reveal such glowing reviews.

So, what’s the truth about the WinLoot sweepstakes, and is the Winloot app worth a try? The following Winloot review will try to paint a comprehensive, unbiased picture.

Games at Winloot

Winloot was set up back in 2014, and ever since they’ve been pretty vocal with their advertising and attempts to generate consumer interest.

How does the entire premise work?

As per the official announcement on its homepage, Winloot offers 30 free daily draw-style games. These include a grand prize sweepstake with a top reward of one million dollars. There are also other games with maximum rewards of 100,000 dollars, 50,000 dollars, and 25,000 dollars.

On top of these draw-style games, 65 instant win games are available daily, and that can give players a maximum reward of up to 5,000 dollars. All of that, however, is the Winloot claims and not ours. Just because such opportunities are advertised does not mean that actual people have won the amounts in question.

Apart from the big games, there are also smaller sweepstakes that produce rewards of about 100 to 200 dollars for the winners. Players can earn tokens by entering into giveaways, and these tokens can, later on, be used to cash out or receive a particular prize of interest.

Winloot advertises itself as entirely free. Players do not have to spend anything on purchasing tickets for sweepstake participation. This fact explains to some degree the old-school design and somewhat spammy feel of the website.

But more about that later.

Who Can Play at Winloot?

Now that you know what Winloot is, it’s also time to find out that some restrictions apply to it. Most people across the world cannot access the games and Winloot bonus giveaways because there are geographical restrictions.

You have to be in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa to create an account. When trying to sign up, you’ll be asked explicitly to verify that you do not live in an EU member state.

There’s also a minimum age requirement of 18 for setting up an account.

Is Jackpocket legit? Let’s tell you what we really think 🤔 and Winning

Winloot winners will be notified after the draw that they’ve just gotten lucky.

To claim their prize, winners have to execute an affidavit of eligibility and liability/publicity within 30 days of being notified. A recent picture is also required (don’t ask us why!).

The website’s terms and conditions do not feature any explicit information about how winner prizes are paid out. There are individual rules pages for each one of the games and sweepstakes, and you should check this information out before signing up for a Winloot account.

Who Is Behind Winloot?

This site was created by ex-staff from Publishers Clearing House – one of the biggest free sweepstakes that masks email scavenging and advertising for an extensive product line. It appears simply copied the concept and opened up their shop.

The only way to talk to is by using their online form. Our team did dig deeper and tracked down a snail mail, email, and telephone number, but it did take some digging and is not posted on their site.

Other Bits and Pieces

Is Winloot legit? It is, as far as you like being exposed to dozens of ads for a chance to win some kind of prize eventually.

The terms and conditions for individual sweepstakes suggest that players will have to go through numerous screens before they reach a chance to participate in the respective game. That means being exposed to a third-party promo page after a third-party promo page. And there’s nothing really surprising about these means of operations – that’s how Winloot makes its money.

Winloot brags that it has over 82,000 winners and counting, but when you search for these people, you’ll get a pretty bleak picture. Most Winloot reviews suggest that individuals who have decided to give this portal a try have won 10 to 30 dollars at best for the entire duration of their membership. We are yet to identify someone who has claimed the so desirable one-million-dollar reward.

At the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Winloot has a credibility rating of F. There are multiple complaints focused on the fact that people have been forced to spend money on offers before they could cash out their winnings.

On top of that, members complain about receiving tens of promotional emails at the address that they used to sign up for the service. Thus, many are confident this is a scam site to get the personal information of as many people as possible. Once this happens, the unsuspecting victims are subjected to excessive spam while hoping to win something still.

Why You Should Register with Freebies


It’s free of charge (but you’ll have to pay off in another way)

There are many sweepstakes

That’s pretty much it. It’s rare for us not to have a bit more positives about a platform. But Winloot is really, really, really not worthy of your attention!

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Freebies


Registration is limited to just a few countries

You will have to go through dozens of promo pages before you get to register for a game

Winloot has been blamed for sending out tons of spam emails

People have reported exaggerated claims of Winloot big winners

Most individuals who play will not win more than a couple of bucks

It’s challenging to get in touch with customer support (if you manage to do so at all)

Would you mind rating

Is Legit?

It’s pretty obvious what the final verdict on Winloot is. Think twice before submitting your email. As innocent as this opportunity may seem to be, there are going to be consequences.

The promise of free sweepstakes is pretty attractive, and many people are sucked in by it. But try to resist the temptation. In the end, you’re not going to benefit from such an opportunity in any way.

  1. I have won a bunch of times for $1 – $10, but never a big prize. Only issues with the site at present is that in game play, between Sweeps 28 and 29 as well as twice near the end of the $5K keno game, I have been getting error screens. As they are always at the same spots, it has to be the site, yet they have not yet been addressed. Support is quite lacking.

  2. It is fun to play but what they have for payouts don’t fall for it. I have been playing for a few yrs now off and on and haven’t seen much. But I have fun playing the numbers.

  3. I keep on getting messages saying that my account is missing info like my DOB. I’ve tried to fill out this info but have NEVER been able to get that page on the website to load my info. I have left TWO messages on the website listing my concerns but HAVE NOT received a reply from them. So, I’m doubting their validity.

  4. They suck!!! I am drowning in their stupid emails and tons of other sweepstake lying emails that take you to a survey asking about your bank account and yearly income wtf does any of my personal info have to do with entering their bogas sweepstakes

  5. I have 1000s of emails stating I win and then you click on the link they email you and you get nowhere even answering all the questions and submit information time after time I should have half a million dollars by now and I’m still empty handed


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