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  1. Okay – my bottom line is if you are going to have a live chat then someone should be there or at the very least – very clear on when they will be there! I dislike the fact that they leave a menu to do an offline message. If there is specific times that someone is there, then please – tell us!

  2. Hi Oscar,
    One of the interesting things that is currently evolving is the changes in legislation especially clarifications on what US citizens/residents can do and can’t do with playing online. I suspect that this will be clarified, but by the rules set forth on itself, sorry – US residents can’t play.


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Winalot Exposed — Win a Lot or Not?

Winalot Review

If you’re not from Afghanistan, Iraq, Japan, Libya, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines or US, then you might want to take a look at to play lotteries online. I have to admit I got a chuckle of the residents that can’t play here. is an online lottery service provider which looks awfully familiar. It provides international access to most of the big jackpots worldwide as long as you aren’t from one of the previously mentioned countries.

Who is Winalot? is owned and operated by Overseas Subscribers Agents (OSA) which operates a heap of sites.,,, and are just a few our team tracked down. They’ve been in operation since 1988 and seem to know their stuff. Games

They offer access for players to play many of the big lotteries including US Powerball and Mega Millions, EuroMillions, Spain’s El Gordo to name a few. Hey – have you got your tickets for the big Christmas draw?’s registration process is pretty straightforward and they offer a variety of different subscriptions depending on how long you want to pay and play.

Winning at

Winners will receive a prize notification, though they say for prizes over USD 1,000 they will call players immediately by phone. They also say they will provide a Subscription Results Statement listing all your winnings over the time of your subscription. I’m not sure if I would want a statement to see how much I’ve spent versus how much I’ve won. does say they don’t take any kickback when you win; it’s all yours.

What Made Me Pause

I must confess, I am still trying to work out what they meant by “Please note, if for any reason we are sold out of the allocated tickets, we guarantee that you will be entered into the next draw available”. I mean I’ve picked my number, so why wouldn’t I get them.

I also get very annoyed at some of these online lottery providers that publish a variety of winners obviously not through their site. has this scroll bar that continually rolls with these pictures.

Customer Service at

I also couldn’t figure out why a company would do a big advertising campaign on the fact they were now offering a 24-hour live helpline and then don’t do it. They said they are doing this in the “continuing battle against an upsurge of lottery scams abusing the OSA name”. The fact of the matter is that their online help is available from 2:00 am to 11:00 am GMT+1. The alternative is a customer service form. Their ‘how it works’ services as terms and conditions.

OSA and Scams

I do get that they must be inundated with emails and people asking about the different scams being run using their name. The complaints online are huge though in all cases, it involves people who have not actually played a lottery with them. It’s the usual fee or identity scams that seem to have replaced the 419 scams.

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line at Win a lot

OSA has been running online lottery service providers for years and does appear to know their stuff. is just one of the many sites that offer international lotteries. I don’t get why they would launch a 24-hour live chat and then not follow through with it.


Lots of international lotteries to play

Winnings are all yours

Various ways to play


Live Chat?

Winnings free of charge

Winnings free of percentage gets a reserved thumbs up. There is no reason to think they are running a scam at the same time, OSA operates so many sites it has made itself a target for hackers and scammers. I also think if you are going to put a press release out that your live chat is 24/7, you should do just that.

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