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  1. This is a total scam. Legally they should have stated how many were taking part. This means that necessary information was withheld. They are in breach of Advertising Standards.

  2. Pure scam artists. I am annoyed that I can’t find a method to report them / nobody seems to be interested in putting a stop to it.


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Uklottoservice Exposed — Dropping Down the Rabbit Hole

Uklottoservice Review

Popping into the online lottery service provider is like being Alice (as in Wonderland) and dropping down the rabbit hole. The farther you go, the weirder it gets. is owned by a company called AD Management Ltd. It’s only one of the many sites they operate that provide a game platform to speculate on lotteries in a specific country. Does that sound confusing? Let me explain.

UK Lotto Service and Lotteries

This is not a place to come play your favorite ticket lines. offers players a ‘club’ to join in various combinations. Keep in mind this is subscription-based for a four week period that automatically renews. Each of their clubs has a different amount of people in them that share in the winnings. Let’s take their “System 4” which involves a player picking four numbers and guaranteeing a winning 5th number. There are ten people in the club. Players can quick pick their 4 numbers or use their favorite numbers to win.

Winning at Uklottoservice

This is where things start to get grey. Though they say players will receive 100% of their prize money, our team couldn’t find anywhere that actually said that they get the face value of the winning ticket. I also noted that they cap any wins over £350,000. That is the limit they will pay for each year until the total amount has been paid out. So, basically, if they go for the lump sum, they’ve got all the cash and then slowly pay you out.

Who Are They? is owned by a company called Ad Management Ltd. They are registered in Malta, though in their terms and conditions they say “the contract venue for the license for offering Lotto bets is Costa Rica”. Folks – note the word “bets”. In delving deeper, we found out that supposedly there are great benefits for setting up a business in Malta including tax exemptions and the ability to register a company very fast. Companies can register there and be considered a resident with all funds held in another country. Also, WHOIS says that the hosting country is the Bahamas. All this is pretty confusing.

What Else Does Ad Management Ltd Do?

These guys have registered a multitude of companies that concentrate on lotteries in specific countries, including,,,,,,, and then we stopped looking. What was really frustrating is all of their sites are mirrored (they look the same) with the same limited information. and Customer Service

Though there is a snail mail address at the bottom of the page for where they are registered, you’re already noted that their operating venue in Costa Rica. It was really interesting to see the number of businesses registered at the same address.

Worse – the only contact information available on the site is by email and that is during business hours with no information on quickly they will respond.

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The Bottom Line at

Boy, I got nervous just opening up their sites. At one point, our team had all their computers up and running on their different sites to see how much they are exact with only the currencies changing and how they package their specific betting deals. Note – I say betting deals and not the ability to buy lottery tickets online.


Club sharing for winnings to better the odds

Subscriptions so you don’t miss a draw

Are you kidding me?


No idea their payout on winnings

No idea if they really exist

Betting versus real tickets

These folks get a thumbs down. There is nothing here that gives our team confidence that they actually payout or what they payout. I really started thinking I was about to meet the Mad Hatter!

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