Is There a Free Lottery? No Way!

Free lottery

Nothing in Life is Free or…?

If you’ve been following us for a long time, you know that we cover a lot of stories of scammers who try and take advantage of people by saying they won some sort of lottery. We will always end those types of stories with reminders that “If you do not purchase a ticket, there is no way to win the lottery.” And for all intents and purposes, we stand by that 100%. You definitely should not believe any email, letter, phone call or anything else that may claim that you won some kind of lottery unless you bought a ticket.

Unless you’ve started playing a free lottery.

Oh yes, you read that correctly—a free lottery.

Now I know it may sound strange; after all, supposedly nothing in life is free, right? Well, there’s been a few online lotteries that give players a chance to win free money.

What? Free money?? Where do I sign up!?

Of course, at the mention of free money, you may be interested to start looking into the validity of such claims. We did reviews on some of these so-called free lottery sites:,, and (how original!). Upon our reviews, we pretty much have this feeling that ultimately you get what you pay for—which is nothing. Hell, sometimes you walk away with spam, a headache due to the blindingly bright website, and wondering if you’re going to be harassed by the website in the future.

What if I told you that there was, indeed, a free lottery that you could play, with no risk at all? You probably wouldn’t believe me, right?

Could There Be Game Changer?

Have you ever heard of an app called Lotto23 (not to be confused with I first discovered Lotto23 when it first was released on iTunes in April. At the time, I was very skeptical about the game because I’ve always been told that nothing in life is free. But, of course, I downloaded it anyway.

For the first few weeks, I was skeptical. But, every night at 9 p.m. EST, I would check the app to see if my 6 lucky numbers would win the jackpot (which was only $25,000 at the time). Each night I would watch the number of players slow (SO slowly) rise. It hadn’t even hit 70,000 users yet.
Free Lottery - Lotto23
Until one night, 3 of my numbers were drawn! I won! Granted, it was only $5, but still… I won! May 23rd, my prize was deposited in my PayPal.

I kept playing, hoping that more of my numbers would come up to be drawn. I’d get one or two here or there, but I never saw the “You Won!” again. I have since upgraded my phone and, of course, it is not available for Android devices.

Are Free Lotteries Worth While?

Now, this is where I am at a crossroad. On the one hand, when reading the reviews written by my colleagues, I would say definitely not. No one wants to be burdened with spam and the uncertainties of a sketchy site—especially not when you read so many scams that claim people win lotteries they never even purchased a ticket for. But then I think of my experience with the Lotto23 app and my measly winnings. The only reason I took a chance on the app because of a free download. It’s hard to say if there is a future for free lotteries.

I do have one suggestion though. Don’t be like me and go into a free lottery all willy nilly. Looking back, I’m glad the app turned out to be legit. Since it was on my iPhone, I could have put myself at risk for scammers. They could have hacked my phone, got personal information, and maybe even drained my bank and Pay Pal accounts (since I had the apps for those services on my phone). If ever you come across anything that claims to be free—do your research! You can never be too certain.

  1. There were genuine free lotto sites. Lottosurf was one of them.
    I played and won $1000 in 2000. They promptly sent the cheque.
    Currently, it seems most are fake. Previously most were genuine.


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