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The Weather Lottery

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The Weather Lottery Exposed — How About the Lottery Based on the Weather?

The Weather Lottery Exposed

The Weather Lottery Review

People seem to understand that most lotteries are operated to support causes, whether it’s education through the government or specific good causes. The Weather Lottery is Great Britain’s most popular fundraising lottery. It was established to support a variety of societies in education, health, sports, conservation, and air corps training. It’s owned by a public corporation registered on the UK Stock Exchange. The Weather Lottery is regulated by the Gambling Commission under licenses 000-002122-R-103901-017 and 000-002122-N-103910-018. It’s a cute little lottery that offers a once-a-week lottery based on the weather.

Can you play the Weather Lottery on 24Lottos?

How Does The Weather Lottery Work?

Players pick six numbers based on what they think the second digit is going to be in the weather for six cities (Corfu, Istanbul, Tenerife, Innsbruck, Edinburgh, and Stockholm) published in the Daily Mail on Mondays. Prizes are paid out at £25,000 for getting all six numbers, £250 for five, £20 for four, and £2 for three. What is strange is that the numbers are based on Fahrenheit versus Celsius.

How The Weather Lottery Works

The Weather Lottery and Money

37% of the money collected goes directly to the cause that individuals choose. Part of the selection process at The Weather Lottery is choosing which charity or association you want the funds to go to. Each ticket costs £1, so that’s 37p that goes to whoever you choose. 63% goes to administration and prizes.

As we were told, on average, 46% of the money goes to society (if they’re VAT registered) and 38% if not. The rest goes to prizes and admin. Although this may not seem like a lot, 21% of the National Lottery goes to good causes, 27.5% (55p per £2 ticket) from the People’s Postcode Lottery, and just 20% (20p per £1 ticket) from the Health lottery (Correct of Nov 2nd, 2015).

Players at The Weather Lottery

The Weather Lottery is made up of hundreds of society lotteries, each raising money for themselves. PPS provides administration services. There don’t seem to be any restrictions on who can play at The Weather Lottery except people must to 16 years of age or older. When a person joins, they are given a unique 6-digit number (rather than picking themselves). A player chooses whose lottery they are entering when they register and money raised will go only to supporting that society.

Who Is The Weather Lottery?

The Weather Lottery is Prize Provision Services Ltd (PPS) products which are wholly owned by Boxhill Technologies PLC, listed on the UK AIM stock market. The Gambling Commission licenses PPS as an External Lottery Manager. The Gambling Commission also licenses the director of the Company James Rose.

The Weather Lottery Complaints

One of the funny things about checking for complaints on The Weather Lottery is the number of people who misspell the word ‘whether.’ There are pages of people who ‘want to know whether’ something is correct or not. Add to that the number of pages that come up offering information on the weather. After wading through, there don’t seem actually to be any complaints.

Customer Service at The Weather Lottery

Besides the usual snail mail address, The Weather Lottery offers both toll-free numbers within Great Britain, a regular telephone number outside of Great Britain, and an email contact form. All only seem available during regular business hours (GMT).

Why You Should Play The Weather Lottery


Once a Week

Licensed & Regulated

Over 850 Good Causes!

Why You Shouldn’t Play The Weather Lottery


GB Orientated

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Is The Weather Lottery Legit?

This is a cute little lottery that does seem to do a lot of good though their list of societies that you can choose to donate to is very, very extensive. For people in Great Britain, this is a simple way to support your local society and at the same time have a bit of fun.

The Weather Lottery gets a thumbs up from the Lotto Exposed Team. We always support the idea of raising funds for good causes.

  1. Bit of a scam if you thinking of winning a big prize. Most of the money goes to charity but a lot is taken by the lottery company. Don’t expect to choose your own numbers either, literally thousands with the same numbers on purpose.

  2. Great way to support local charities or causes and it seems transparent in how much goes to charity and how much goes into prizes.

  3. A fantastic way to really help out some local causes. My chosen charity and local team both use the weather lottery, so I can support them both and try and win some cash whilst im at it!

  4. What a riot and nice to see something different. You’re not going to win a mega jackpot, but definitely learn a bit more about the weather in a bunch of places. I think it is a great way to have a bit of fun, maybe win something and help out some local societies.


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