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The Selfie Lottery Exposed — A Little Bit of Innocent Fun or Something Darker?

The Selfie Lottery Exposed

The Selfie Lottery Review

Are you a selfie queen or king? If so, how would you feel about winning some cash by doing the thing you love the most – capturing your image in that smartphone camera?

If this sounds like a dream come true, The Selfie Lottery may be the right premise for you.

What is the Selfie Lottery, you may ask, and that’s going to be a fair question. It advertises itself as a free-of-charge lottery, and uploading your selfie is one of the things you can do. There are additional micro-tasks you can complete to win prizes.

Existing The Selfie Lottery reviews aren’t that positive, so we’re about to tap into our inner investigators and do the work for you. Is it good, is it bad, is it worth trying? Let’s find out.

Which is a more reliable lottery service in the UK? 24Lottos or Selfie Lottery

How to Play Selfie Lottery

There isn’t too much to unpack here.

Entering the website is free of charge, but you will be exposed to lots of promotions. There are daily draws, but as per the terms and conditions, “these prize draws are not licensable gambling or betting services and are not regulated by the Gambling Commission.” Take that information as you will, but it does raise a red flag.

The website offers competitions and tasks that players need to complete to win prizes eventually. Uploading selfies, as the name indicates, is one of the possible activities.

This brings us to the next question – is the Selfie Lottery safe?

Plastering your image online for everyone to see doesn’t seem like the best idea on the face of the planet. Given the fact that the payouts are negligibly small (more on that later), sharing so much personal information online isn’t justifiable, in our opinion. And the fact that “the Selfie Lottery human trafficking” is a trending query on Google doesn’t help much.

A final thing you should keep in mind is that you give the lottery the right to use your image in any way they deem appropriate. This is clearly outlined in the terms and conditions. You grant the lottery perpetual, irrevocable rights to do with your pic as they please.

The Selfie Lottery Prizes and Odds

In essence, this isn’t a lottery. It’s a website that you join for free; you’re exposed to ads, you complete some tasks, upload a pic, and could eventually win some cash.

The Selfie Lottery’s Facebook page is used to announce winners and the amounts they’ve acquired. On October 21, 2020, for example, a user named Deimante won 22.50 pounds for her selfie. The previous day, another user won 21.5 pounds. The biggest amount we ever saw being paid out to someone for their picture is 42.5 pounds.

We couldn’t help but notice that many of the selfies winning are pretty young and attractive women. The publications about their wins on Facebook come with the hashtag #18+, which is a little bit concerning, in our opinion.

There’s one more thing we need to mention.

To boost your prizes, you can refer your friends. Previously, those who referred people also received commissions when members of their network won. There are publications on the topic dating back to 2015 and 2016. Because of this possibility, people spammed forums and communities with their referral links.

What this is reminiscent of is an MLM rather than a lottery. There are some claims of people actually winning prizes in the range of 10 to 20 pounds. All we ask is to use your judgment and be a critical thinker before signing up for anything. The rest is up to you.

Can You Play the Selfie Lottery Online?

Signing up online is the only way you can play The Selfie Lottery.

Some Information for Selfie Lottery Winners

As per the website’s FAQ section, the winnings are credited to a player’s account. After that, a winner can withdraw the money that they have acquired via PayPal.

The terms and conditions claim that certain games available through the website are provided with a limited window to claim the reward. Should you miss that timeframe, you will no longer be entitled to the money.

There is another concerning statement that we couldn’t really interpret. It goes like this: “winning and claiming your prize has no monetary value, and The Selfie Lottery reserve the right to deny your claim at any time.” It obviously negates everything else and protects the game’s organizers in the event of a legal claim against them.

The Bottom Line at Selfie Lottery

Please be careful about opportunities like the Selfie Lottery. On the surface, it all appears to be very innocent. However, when you dig deeper, you uncover a network of activity that has very little to do with an actual legitimate lottery.

To sum up our findings, here are the pros and the cons that we came across.

The benefits of Selfie Lottery include the following:

Why You Should Register with Selfie Lottery


Available to play online, which makes the lottery effortlessly accessible

Free of charge to participate in

There is a daily drawing that you can enter by uploading your selfie

The website provides additional opportunities for boosting your prizes and claiming a bigger amount

Prizes are paid out via PayPal

Referral bonuses and other bonuses for new registrants are available upon signing up

On the downside, Selfie Lottery is a failure in more than one way:

Would you mind rating The Selfie Lottery?

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Selfie Lottery


The prizes most people win are negligibly small

Once you upload your selfie, you grant the lottery operator a right to use it in any way they deem appropriate

The referral bonuses turn this website into more of an MLM scheme than a lottery

For a chance to win a bigger prize, you have to do a ton of undesirable stuff, from downloading apps to creating TikTok videos

The terms and conditions come with some very ambiguous and troubling disclaimers (please read that entire section before signing up for an account and revealing any of your personal information)

Is Selfie Lottery Legit?

The Selfie Lottery has been around since 2015, but in 2020 they rebranded and modified the website. As per the official presentation, the entity behind the lottery is Next Mark Ltd. Based on what we discovered, this company is based in the UK, and as such, the relevant national laws apply to its operations.

Due to this characteristic, only individuals over 18 and living in the UK can register.

Is the Selfie Lottery legit? That’s a bit more difficult to answer. The website and the official Selfie Lottery Facebook account do a good job of promoting the pictures of the people who have become daily winners. However, in forums and online communities, many complain that they’ve never acquired a single payout from the website.

It’s also interesting to point out that “members” have referral codes that they can post for others to join through. This means that an affiliate system exists, and it encourages people to get others to sign up for the service. Because of this fact, the legitimacy of excessively positive and cheerful reviews comes under question.

Please do your research and be careful about opportunities like The Selfie Lottery. Yes, it all seems like a bit of lighthearted fun. What have you got to lose after all, right? Just because the site is free to join doesn’t mean you’re not going to pay for your participation. If you are ok with that, you’re absolutely free to become a Selfie Lottery member.

  1. Won on the 14th the email doesn’t work and neither does their social media complete scam


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