New York Lotto

New York Lotto

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$13,600,000 00:00:00 UTC
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Winning Numbers for 2022-05-21
Numbers to Pick: 6/59
Days of Draw: Wed, Sat
Average Price: $1
Odds of Winning: 1 in 22,528,737
  1. I never seen anything like what has been happening with the $30 scratch offs. For the last few years it has gotten down rite criminal. I mean I am taking about going through 20 to 30 tickets with no winner and when a winner finally comes your way its $50 on a $30 ticket or $75 if your lucky. I’ve found myself going to the bank multiple times just to finish the roll cause I can’t believe there is not at least a $200 winner to get SOME I’ve money back. Always ends the same me losing alot of money. And let’s talk about how these tickets are designed. They are specifically designed to affect a person who struggled with addiction 100x more than someone who does not just by design. Add that to the fact that they just don’t payout anymore and you have a situation that can destroy lives. I’d like to no how many lives and homes the NY Lottery system is responsible for destroying. They should be held accountable, at the very least they should offer to pay for people that wanna stop and need help to do so. At the VERY least.

  2. Been buying scratch offs for many years and have never had great luck but occasionally would win but never anything big. This past year I have only won on 2 tickets ($40 on a 50X and $2 on a 7 11 21) and I buy on average 5-10 scratch offs a month. Definitely feels like a scam and I hope NY Lotto is investigated for lying about odds.

    • I think it’s a scam….. same daily night, win 4 same numbers my numbers used to come out a lot, now nothing???

  3. Don’t play pick ten numbers on one ticket for a week. If you get 0 numbers you won’t get paid unless you cash in the next day. Thieves. Mafia like!!!!!

  4. I absolutely hate the New York Lottery the last time I won big was way back in February when I won $600.00 but ever since then no matter how many tickets I’ve bought I have been having the absolutely worst luck I have ever seen in my entire life. I mean tonight I bought $200.00 dollars worth of tickets and I only got back $73.00. I don’t intend to buy tickets again for a long long time.🤬🤬🤬

    • It’s not bad luck. NYL is ripping off the public. They are not paying back any money on scratch offs. Time to file a lawsuit.

  5. New York lottery is a joke. I have been playing scratch offs for over 4yrs now and I always play $5, $10, $20, and $30 scratchers every week and I mostly spend $40-$80 everytime. I’m proof NYL is the biggest scam in the state. I believe the government is part of this scam how else would these criminals get away with this obvious crime. now I bet on sports. casinos are no different either they criminals too. what a country we live in..I see why now it’s called United Snakes of Amerikkka. They done took the fun out of gambling ✌🏾

    • Complete scam. There are no winners in scratch offs.
      Save your money. The odds of winning are literally below 3%. Biggest winners you will see posted in stores are a few $500.00 winners.
      Complete scam, stop supporting the scumbags in Albany.

  6. New York lottery is a total scam at least the scratch offs. The state is broke I used to win about 40-50 percent of the time which is really good. I would buy 10 tickets off the same roll costing $20 always winning at least 8-10 dollars back. Now I am lucky to win 2 dollars. I know the odds they give for each scratch off game are and out right lie. The New York lottery is a Ponzi scheme I will no longer be playing until there is an investigation which proves my theory that the state is making huge sums of money with no real chance of winning. I did a test so for those of you that are interested the odds for cashword doubler after buying 5 complete roles are 1:15 to win your money back. Let that sink in. NYSL says it’s 1:4…… nope total scam so anyone out there still dumb enough to play good luck!

    • It’s a scam… but the odds the state gives on scratch-offs are correct… IF you don’t take into account location and ticket turnover (which they obviously don’t).

      Drawing games are universal, so the odds can be calculated based on drawing the potential number combination correctly. Since anyone anywhere in the state can play the same game at the same time the odds are holding.

      But for scratch-offs the odds inherently have to fluctuate because multiple people can’t play the same winning ticket or have the same chances since one location across the state may carry only 5 games and another location across the state may carry 20. As well, the turnover rate is higher in areas like NYC so if winning tickets are randomly distributed then NYC is turning over more often and thus getting more chances to rake in potential winners. The odds should reflect this fact and printing algorithms should compensate for this but they obviously don’t. Why? Because the state sees NYC as the only relevant area of the state. They want as many winners to come out of there so said winners dump the money right back into the city and back into the state.

      I lived in NYC for 8 years. Never played lotto once when I was there. Perhaps I should have. I loved that city but it’s obvious now how corrupt it and Albany are. The lottery (particularly scratch-offs) is a prime example of that.

  7. Gotta tell you, I bought my first lotto scratch off the day I turned 18, 18 years later I’ve decided this is the year I’M DONE. I have always enjoyed a scratch off on & off through the years, I’m not a lucky person, so a dollar here or there I’ve always been satisfied…but since Coronaviris, I LITERALLY have a hard time even winning a buck, I’m done, NYS Lotto has ABSOLUTELY become a scam no question in mind anymore… I’ve always wondered why all these shows have so many more winners than in so many other states other than NYS…now I know…NYS lotto is a scam 100%

  8. I played $50 worth, which is 100 numbers and only won $2. NY Lotto is a SCAM!

  9. New York Lotto is a middle size lottery with a pool of 59 numbers to choose from. What I like is “Play It Again” feature that allows to play the same numbers you played within the last 30 days.


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New York Lotto Exposed — Official and Trustworthy

New York Lotto

New York Lotto Review

Playing lotteries out of the United States usually gets people thinking of mega millions. The New York Lotto isn’t one of the big ones though it did have a $58 million jackpot. It was established in 1967 to help fund education in the State of New York and to date has raised about $56 million. I’m still a little mixed on whether I like the idea of lotteries funding initiatives like this and tend to favor those that commit a more significant percentage to prizes. So what can you win at New York Lotto?

Winning at New York Lotto

This isn’t a big lotto like US Powerball, but New York Lotto is consistent and does build. If a player wins the big jackpot, they have sixty days to choose whether they want it as a lump sum or a 25-year annuity. Pick all six numbers, and players win the big jackpot. The prize tier pays out through five tiers, with the amount varying depending on sales.

Numbers MatchedOdds of WinningEstimated Prize Fund
6 Numbers (Jackpot)1 in 22,528,73775%
5 Numbers + Bonus Ball1 in 3,754,789.507.25%
5 Numbers1 in 72,207.495.5%
4 Numbers1 in 1,089.926.25%
3 Numbers1 in 48.086.00%

New York Lotto’s Game

This lottery is played Wednesdays and Saturdays weekly. Players choose six numbers from 1 to 59. The draw includes a bonus ball from the same pool of numbers. The bonus ball only comes into play on the second-tier prize.

New York Lotto Takes Taxes

Keep in mind that this is not a tax-free lottery with both state and federal taxes payable for foreigners, which means 6% for the state and 30% for the feds. For US residents, the fed tax is less. Wherever you live and play New York Lotto, make sure you get good advice if you win to figure out the best way to handle your jackpot.

Big Apple Shrinking

The New York Lotto has had its ups and downs with a steady decline in sales. This is mostly a result of the big lotteries offered in the US, including Powerball and MegaMillions. In November 2012, rollover increases decreased from $500,000 to $300,000. In April 2013, the starting jackpot went from $3 million to $2 million. Compare this to the increase in one jackpot in the late ’90s, where its jackpot was $10 million after one rollover due to sales.

New York Lotto is Official

New York State Lottery operates the New York Lotto on behalf of the state, with all transactions governed by the New York Lottery and Gaming Commission. Players must be a minimum of 18 years to play, though they must be 21 years where alcoholic beverages are served. I had a good chuckle on that one. I was picturing myself on my computer at my local, ordering tickets and sipping a beer.

Complaints at New York Lotto

There are the usual people/scams using the name game in scamming people on either identity theft or fees for processing. The check game also seems to be doing the rounds. If you haven’t heard of this one, mainly the scammers send you a check from New York State Lotto saying that it represents the taxes and fees to process your win. The idea is to get you to deposit the check and then send the same amount to a location somewhere the person can pick up the money and disappear. The check bounces, and the player is stuck. Smart people would wait until the check is cleared. More intelligent people tear it up!

Customer Service at New York Lotto

The New York State Lottery operates new York Lotto; hence those are the guys that you talk to. They can be reached by snail mail, telephone, and an online form. There is no online chat or email address. It appears the telephone numbers are only accessible during EST.

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The Bottom Line at New York State Lotto

This is a nice little lottery – sorry, it is small compared to some of the others available. Only 40% of the take (that’s sales) goes to the prize, and the overall jackpot has decreased through the last year.  The tax side does mean the government gets a chunk of your win.



Twice a Week




New York Lotto gets a thumbs up, though if players are looking for big jackpots, this isn’t the place to play. It does grow, but given the current rollover, it’s not going to happen fast.

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