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STARS Lottery Exposed — Being a Good Person Pays Off

STARS Lottery Exposed

STARS Lottery Review

2018 marked the seventh year of the STARS lottery being held in Saskatchewan. In Alberta, the lottery has a much longer history that spans 26 years.

If you’re looking to participate in a lottery with a cause, this one would be it. The rotary air ambulance program was initially known as Lions Air Ambulance Service. Today, STARS offers emergency helicopter assistance, and it saves many lives.

The STARS lottery is a fun opportunity, and it also comes with a feel-good factor for those who participate. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

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STARS Lottery: Introduction

STARS lottery is available in both Saskatchewan and Alberta on an annual basis. The lottery aims to provide funding for the activities of the STARS rescue teams while also giving players a chance to win a few cool prizes.

Over its numerous years of existence, STARS has carried out multiple rescue missions. The maintenance of the equipment and the work of the rescue teams requires a sustainable funding form. The lottery provides such an opportunity.

STARS lotteries are carried out independently in the two regions. Both of them print out a specific number of tickets and distribute prizes. The proceeds go to fund the activities of the respective STARS department. Hence, the official STARS website has two sections – one for Alberta and one for Saskatchewan. If you are a resident of either, you will need to visit the respective website section to find out more in terms of participation.

How to Play STARS Lottery

To play STAR Lottery, you don’t have to choose numbers or do anything else other than buy a pre-printed ticket.

There are several options for ticket buying – by phone, in person at lottery show homes or the STAR office, by mail, and online.

A single ticket costs 60 dollars, but you can also buy two tickets for 100 dollars, six tickets for 250 dollars, or 12 tickets for 375 dollars.

The total availability of tickets in STARS Lottery Saskatchewan is 150,600 per year.

In Alberta, one ticket costs 25 dollars; three tickets are available for 60 dollars, six tickets come at 100 dollars, and you can buy 18 tickets for 250 dollars (as per 2018 information).

The ticket-buying methods are the same – you can get your tickets by phone or fax, at the STARS headquarters in Alberta, at lottery show homes, and online.

Anyone interested in participating has to be aged 18 or older. STARS board members, executives, and employees are not allowed to participate in the lottery.

STARS Lottery Prizes and Odds

STARS Lottery winners are entitled to win a wide range of prizes. In Alberta in 2018, there were over 3,000 prizes worth more than 4.5 million dollars.

Prizes are drawn in the following way – there’s one Loyalty Draw in February of the year, one Early Bird Draw in March, one Final Draw in April, and a Top Five Draw in April.

In 2018, the biggest prize in STARS Lottery Alberta was a home valued at 975,000 Canadian dollars. The second grand prize was also a residential property estimated to cost 892,500 dollars. There’s a third property prize, as well.

STARS Lottery also hands out one dream fund of 500,000 dollars, a STARS flight for two, loyalty cash prizes, four cars, 10 vacations, electric appliances, luggage prizes, camping and outdoor prizes, home prizes, cameras, and magazine subscriptions.

The range of the prizes and their values are similar in Saskatchewan.

The cut-off date for getting Loyalty Draw tickets is January 10, for Early Bird tickets – February 28, for Final Draw tickets – March 22, and for the top five prizes draw – April 12.

STARS Lottery Scam

One thing you should know is that various scam schemes use the name of the official STARS lottery.

In 2018, law enforcement professionals registered an increase in the number of impersonators and fraudsters using the name of the lottery to scam people. Scams follow a traditional scheme. People are contacted by phone or mail and told they’ve won a car or cash from the latest STARS Air Ambulance drawing. These so-called winners have never bought tickets, but they could fall for the promise of winning something expensive. The fraudsters ask for the payment of a processing fee, after which they disappear.

Remember, to win anything from the lottery; you will have to buy a ticket first!

Some Information for STARS Lottery Winners

Anyone can buy lottery tickets for the STARS Lottery in the two provinces. Foreigners are also welcome to give the opportunity a try, as long as they’re within the respective province at the time of buying the ticket.

The prize has to be accepted as it’s being advertised. There’s no opportunity to exchange an item or a vacation in cash and get the sum instead.

STARS Lottery winners have one year from the date of the drawing to come forward and make their claim. STARS covers the delivery of the items, regardless of the location of the winner.

Travel prizes are also valid for one year from the draw date.

For vehicles, players need to come forward by April 16 of the respective year. When they do, they can decide between two vehicle brands or a cash sum instead of the automobile.

Unlike other lotteries, STAR is committed to contacting winners by phone and making sure that they get the prize within the specified period.

Can You Play STARS Lottery Online?

STARS lottery has online ticket-buying options. Go to the website for the respective province to find out more about the opportunity and what you’ll need to do to get your e-ticket.

Such opportunities, however, are not available in other parts of Canada or outside the country. You need to be in Saskatchewan or Alberta at the time of ticket buying.

Why You Should Play STARS Lottery


A lottery organized by a legitimate national entity that has been around for decades

It supports a noble cause and provides funding for rescue missions to take place

STARS Lottery offers a wide range of prizes – cash, properties, appliances, vacations, and many others

Participating is simple – you only have to buy a ticket

Some of the items can be exchanged for a cash prize (for example – automobiles)

There are multiple ways to purchase tickets

Why You Shouldn’t Play STARS Lottery


Only available in Alberta and Saskatchewan

While the lottery supports a noble cause, the price of the tickets is unaffordable for many individuals

You have to be in the territory of Alberta or Saskatchewan to buy, even if you opt for the e-ticket option

There are various scams out there using the name of the STARS Lottery – be careful!

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Is STARS Lottery Legit?

STARS Lottery is not a scam. Whether you’re interested in STARS Lottery Alberta or STARS Lottery Saskatchewan, you can rest assured that your money will support a good cause and that you will be eligible for winning one of the numerous prizes. STARS is a national organization with decades-long history.

Throughout its existence, STARS has launched more than 36,000 rescue missions in Western Canada. Its teams provide critical care and emergency services to people in dire circumstances, people who would have lost their lives otherwise due to the unavailability of first aid services.

The STARS crews consist of paramedics, nurses, and transport physicians that offer life-saving care. Experienced pilots are also a part of the crew, helping the medical professionals reach the locations where they’re needed at.

Hence, buying a STARS lotto ticket in your province is an excellent idea – you will be supporting a noble cause. Is it possible to purchase STARS lottery tickets online? We’ll take a more in-depth look at that possibility in the coming sections.

While tickets are somewhat costly, STARS Lottery supports a significant and noble cause. Helicopter rescue teams do a massive job for the benefit of society and carrying out such rescue missions is not cheap. Hence STARS has come up with an excellent opportunity to fund its activities while rewarding supporters.

If you can afford to buy a ticket, you definitely should. STARS is an essential Canadian organization that should keep on carrying out its rescue missions. The fact you can win a prize while doing a good thing is a bonus.

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