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  1. What a riot! Seriously I’m going after those mega jackpots and do not want to play somewhere, where I get some bits and pieces. I get that this is a betting site and that’s fine but I want a site where I can play international lotteries and win – as in mega jackpots. Boy, I’d be angry if I got the big score and got paid out at their level.


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Sports.galabingo Exposed — Bingo and Lotteries Do Not Mix

Sports.galabingo Review

My head is hurting and I’m not sure if it’s the noise at or trying to figure out how it really works. This is an online gaming site that was set up primarily to play bingo. At some point, they jumped into a bunch of other games including lotteries. Keep in mind this is a betting site – not your usual buy lottery tickets online. They run sports betting, Vegas and slots betting and well, let’s leave that and get back to lotteries.

Games at Sports.galabingo

Remember this is betting – not buying tickets. Players chose their numbers to bet on based on specific lotteries and their official results. Games include Spanish, Hong Kong, German, French, Daily Millions, NY, Canadian and Singapore Lotto, and two games from Australia, Tattslotto, and Oz Lotto.
Straight bets can be placed on 1 out of 6 numbers up to 5 out of 6 numbers. The top tier prize is on 5 of any of the numbers that are announced on the regular draw. Adding the bonus ball where available decreases the payout odds. They also offer combination bets and I hate to say this (and I did consult a mathematician) but I have no idea how it works and their site did not help clarify this!

Sports Galabingo and Winning

Be careful what you actually bet, especially regarding the top tier prize. In each of the lotteries offered, there is a cap on what they payout. Even if you bet and won against the posted odds, the maximum prize is £100,000. There are some exceptions to this ranging from Irish Lottery with a max payout of £500,000… Okay – hang on. In one place, they say £250,000 and another £500,000. Sorry folks, but that’s a big difference.

Getting Your Winnings

It all looks fairly straightforward here with any winnings available within 24 hours of a draw. They also don’t take commissions though, depending on how you want your winnings, bank charges, and credit card fees might be applicable.

Customer Service at

We did ask some serious questions to the live chat and sorta got answers, but they kept returning back to pushing their bingo and not answering lottery questions. Regarding the different top tier payout for the Irish Lottery, they said: “they see the problem and will refer it for review”. I am sure these folks are really great on the bingo side, but I definitely have reservations regarding lotteries. There is a snail mail address in Gibraltar, plus phone numbers in the UK and an email address. I did get a chuckle that at the end of each page there is a “was this answer helpful” and you’re supposed to click yes or no.

Betting versus Lottery Tickets

There are a lot of arguments on the whole concept of betting versus actual lottery tickets. One problem I have is that there is nothing on their site that guarantees how they are going to payout. Their jackpots aren’t those mega ones that we see with say US Powerball or EuroMillions, but if several players in several lottos all hit the big one, where are they going to get their money. Most betting sites use an insurer to protect their company and I’m not seeing it here.

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The Bottom Line at

I’m sorry folks, but as much as this might be attractive not having to get all the numbers to win, I’m after that mega jackpot. The other point is that this site doesn’t do a good job of explaining how it all works and what people actually win.


5 out of 6 Wins the Jackpot

Payout Within 24 Hours

No Commissions


No Mega Jackpots

What Exactly Do I Win

What is Combination Betting? gets a thumbs down. Getting past the noise on their site (and boy is it loud) was hard enough never mind getting to the bottom line.

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