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Show Me Cash Exposed — Will It Show You Cash Online?

Show Me Cash Exposed

Show Me Cash Review

What could be better than a lottery called Show Me Cash? We know – a lottery called Show Me Cash that comes with excellent odds of winning. Missouri has such an opportunity available and it meets both of the criteria. Show Me Cash is a fun little game that takes place every single day of the week and that has some remarkable accomplishments in its history.

What Is It and Can You Play Show Me Cash Online?

Show Me Cash is one of the prominent games in the portfolio of the Missouri Lottery. It appeals to lottery fans with the low ticket prices (a single dollar to test your luck) and draws that take place every single day.

The lottery has a progressive jackpot that keeps on growing until it is eventually won. The minimum guaranteed jackpot isn’t the best one out there, but Show Me Cash compensates with excellent odds of winning.

You may be wondering whether you can buy Show Me Cash tickets online. We will take a deeper look at this possibility in one of the coming sections of the guide.

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How to Play Show Me Cash?

It’s very easy to play Show Me Cash. All that you have to do is pick five lucky numbers in the range from 1 to 39 and pay 1 dollar for your ticket.

Show Me Cash also features an additional opportunity called EZ Match. To benefit from this possibility, you will have to pay one additional dollar. Whenever the option is chosen, a set of EZ Match numbers will be printed on the ticket on top of the main ones. Whenever EZ Match numbers match the selected Show Me Cash numbers, the player will win an instant prize. Obviously, the more numbers are matched, the bigger the prize is going to be.

The Show Me Cash drawings occur Monday through Sunday.

Prizes and Odds

Show Me Cash comes with a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 50,000 dollars. If there’s no winner for the respective drawing, the sum will roll over toward the next one until it is won. The odds of claiming the Show Me Cash jackpot are 1 in 575,757.

51 in 575,757
41 in 3,386.8
31 in 102.6
21 in 9.6

The biggest jackpot ever in the history of Show Me Cash was won in 2010. A St. Louis duo of players claimed the top prize of 829,986 dollars. The players had bought a ticket for the December 3 drawing and they were the 118th jackpot winner in the history of Show Me Cash.

The two men – Jerry Schallom and Jerry Hentis – had been buying tickets together for a period of eight months before they won.  They had a ritual of stopping for a soda and a snack at a retail venue, where they also bought their tickets. The lucky duo had bought six tickets for the December 3 drawing. Their typical ritual was buying five, but they had also won a free ticket. It turned out that the free ticket was the lucky one.

Other than the jackpot, Show Me Cash has three additional prize tiers. Players who get 4 numbers correct will claim a prize of 250 dollars. Three correct numbers produce a prize of 10 dollars and 2 – 1 dollar. The overall odds of winning a Show Me Cash prize are 1 in 8.77.

As far as the EZ Match prizes are concerned, the top prize is 500 dollars. The lowest one is 2 dollars and the odds of this happening are 1 in 6.68.

Some Information for Show Me Cash Winners

Players who win a prize have 180 days from the date of the drawing to make a claim.

Prizes of up to 600 dollars can be claimed at any Missouri Lottery retail venue. They will typically be paid out on the same day.

Prizes that exceed 600 dollars can be claimed at a Missouri Lottery office. Usually, these amounts will be processed within a two-week period (the bigger the amount, the longer it will take to process).

All lottery prizes in Missouri are subjected to both a state and a federal tax. Missouri withholds a four percent tax on amounts that exceed 600 dollars and there’s also a federal tax of 25 percent (30 percent for non-US residents) that is applied to sums of 5,000 dollars or more.

The good news is that Missouri Lottery gives winners of larger sums an opportunity to remain anonymous if this is their wish.

Can You Purchase Show Me Cash Tickets Online?

Show Me Cash is a state lottery that is available in the territory of Missouri. Anyone who wants to buy Show Me Cash tickets online is currently deprived of such an opportunity.

Online lottery agents don’t have Show Me Cash in their portfolio. Thus, lottery enthusiasts who are currently in another country cannot play Show Me Cash online.

Show Me Cash is a lot of fun. It’s a state game, which is why it can’t be expected to feature the level of national jackpots. Still, this Missouri lottery has been known to produce some great top prizes through the years. Its biggest advantages include:

Why You Should Register with Missouri Show Me Cash


A legitimate lottery that is organized by a state entity

Tickets cost only 1 dollar

There is a drawing every single day of the week

Show Me Cash has a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 50,000 dollars

The jackpot rolls over if there is no winner

The odds of winning the jackpot are excellent

A bonus game for extra cash called EZ Match is also available

Some of the funds generated through ticket sales go to support educational initiatives

Show Me Cash has only a few disadvantages:

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Why You Shouldn’t Register with Missouri Show Me Cash


Currently, there is no opportunity to play Show Me Cash online

The minimum guaranteed jackpot isn’t the biggest one out there

The lower prize tiers come with small prizes

Both state and federal taxes apply to lottery prizes in Missouri

Is Show Me Cash Legit?

Show Me Cash is completely legitimate and luckily, there are no scams out there that utilize the name of the lottery for the purpose of getting personal or financial information.

Missouri Lottery is an official state entity that began selling tickets back in 1986. The organization has an executive director and a five-member commission, both responsible for ensuring fairness and the payout of prizes to lucky winners.

Currently, Missouri Lottery is also responsible for generating funds to support educational initiatives in the state. You will definitely feel good when you know that a portion of the dollar you used to buy your Show Me Cash ticket has gone to finance better education for kids in Missouri.

Apart from Show Me Cash, Missouri Lottery has a number of additional games in its portfolio – Club Keno, Pick 3, Pick 4, and Missouri Lotto. The organization is also responsible for the payouts of Lucky for Life, Powerball, and Mega Millions in the state.

If you live in Missouri or you’re currently visiting the state, give Show Me Cash a try. The odds of claiming a prize are spectacular and EZ Match is also a lot of fun. While you can’t expect to become a millionaire with this game, it certainly provides wonderful possibilities for becoming at least a little bit richer.

  1. Ez match is a scam. How can it be possible to only match with the 5 $1 with 20 larger amounts. On my tickets. Out of the 25 possible amounts!


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