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Numbers to Pick: 5/50 + 2 Bonus
Days of Draw: Fri.
Average Price: €2 per line + ticket fee (€0,50)
Odds of Winning: 1 in 59
  1. it’s strange the winnings go always into the same countries. so if u are smart enough, u will stop to pay and hope for winning, because it’s obviously in a way a scam. Plus odd to win is distributed all over the countries not only in those countries who play the most. so it’s a scam.

  2. It seems legit at first look but when you look deeper you can see that 50% of main prize winners are from Finland and Germany. Fishy.

    • and I ask myself any country shows the lottery draw live on tv but why F..F.. can not play the euro jackpot draws live? why later on youtube for the F..huge sum of player investment can`t the F..Finns not manage a live draw? for god’s sake???

  3. This is a fabulous official lottery. It’s one that grows into those mega jackpots. I just popped into a site to check and it’s 90 million tonight. If you are playing through an online provider, make sure you check where they are getting your tickets locally. It’s tax free in most countries, but not all of them.


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EuroJackpot Exposed — Young but Ambitious!


EuroJackpot Review

One of the newest lotteries on the block is EuroJackpot. It is a transnational lottery played once a week. It’s fairly young – started in March 2012. The odds are what made this one for me a little more interesting than many of the others. As a transnational lottery, it is also attracting some good action, which means a fast building jackpot.

The Odds at EuroJackpot Lottery

EuroJackpot Lottery is quoted at roughly 1 in 59 million versus 1 in 117 for EuroMillions or 1 in 139 million in the German Lotto to win the big jackpot. Winning a lottery still comes down to a certain amount of luck, but I like increasing my odds.


Prize CategoriesNumbersOdds of WinningOdds of Winning in %
I5 Numbers, 2 Euronumbers1:59.325.2800,00000168
II5 Numbers, 1 Euronumber1:4.943.7730,0000202
III5 Numbers, 0 Euronumber1:3.955.0190,0000252
IV4 Numbers, 2 Euronumbers1:263.6680,000379
V4 Numbers, 1 Euronumber1:21.9720,00455
VI4 Numbers, 0 Euronumbers1:17.5780,00568
VII3 Numbers, 2 Euronumbers1:5.9920,0166
VIII3 Numbers, 1 Euronumber1:4990,200
IX2 Numbers, 2 Euronumbers1:4180,239
X3 Numbers, 0 Euronumbers1:3990,250
XI1 Number, 2 Euronumbers1:801,250
XII2 Numbers, 1 Euronumber1:352,857


Play EuroJackpot Lottery

This is a pretty straightforward game of guessing five numbers (from 1 to 50) plus two bonus numbers (from 1 to 8) called lucky stars. Prizes are awarded down 12 levels, so payout for guessing one number plus the two lucky stars takes the odds down to 1 in 35 to win something. EuroJackpot Lottery draw takes place every Friday at 9 pm in Helsinki.

Who Can Play

EuroJackpot Lottery players have to be 18 years or older and residents of one of the countries that officially participate. This currently includes Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, and Spain. Thankfully, there are online lottery providers that allow players internationally to get into the game.

EuroJackpot Lottery Jackpot

EuroJackpot Lottery starts at a minimum of €10 million and grows to a €90 million cap. I personally liked their old rules of a roll down. That meant that when it hit a certain level, and no one got all jackpot numbers, the jackpot would roll down to the next tier.

EuroJackpot Lottery Complaints

Folks, I didn’t even bother to go there. This is an official lottery. It’s young, but they are paying out already regularly. They do have the usual email and snail mail noise with people using this lottery’s reputation to go after personal details for identity theft and con people on fees for processing ‘their win.’ It’s important to remember that players can’t win if they haven’t played!

Who Is EuroJackpot Lottery

EuroJackpot Lottery is owned by the countries that participate. Revenue goes to ‘good causes’ in those countries, but it’s a young enough lottery that info hasn’t actually been published yet. Given the whole rules and regulations (and boy do they like to enforce them) of the European Union, I can only assume that they are all in place. The good news is, they haven’t had any problem paying out to their winners.

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The Bottom Line at EuroJackpot Lottery

EuroJackpot Lottery has a good range for winning with the lowest prize at 1 in 35 odds. It appears to have better odds than some of the other lotteries, which seems substantiated by the jackpot payouts. In January of 2013, one person in Finland won the big bonanza of €26,540 651.


Official Lottery

Good Jackpot

Better Odds


Once a Week

We give EuroJackpot Lottery a thumbs up. What a way to spend Friday night, sitting there to see if you’ve won. TGIF folks!

How Much Does It Cost to Play EuroJackpot Online?