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QE2 Home Lottery

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QE2 Home Lottery Exposed –A Lakefront House Is Just a Ticket Away

QE2 Home Lottery Exposed

QE2 Home Lottery Review

Are you a Canadian or currently living in Canada (more precisely – Nova Scotia)? Are you looking for a new home? If so, we may have some exciting news for you. Getting the perfect home doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Well, this isn’t exactly right – it will cost you 100 dollars. That’s how much you’ll have to spend on participating in the QE2 (QEII) Home Lottery.

Home lotteries are becoming more prominent as a way to popularize the activities of charitable organizations. This excellent example from Canada is far from an exception.

Launched as a way to generate funds for medical research, the QE2 lottery has gotten pretty big over the years. Great prizes and favorable odds both contribute to more and more people giving this opportunity a try.

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QE2 Home Lottery: Introduction

The QEII Home Lottery is the brainchild of the QEII Foundation.

The lottery occurs two times each year – once in the spring and once in the fall. Because the prizes are so massive, tickets will often sell out soon after the announcement of the upcoming drawing is made. The QE2 Home Lottery also features a fixed and limited number of tickets. Thus, if you want to try it out, you will have to hurry.

According to official QEII Foundation information, since the launch of the lottery, the organization has collected over 60 million dollars that have been dedicated to medical research and the advancement of innovative healthcare provision.

Hence, it’s a win-win situation.

People living in Nova Scotia get a fun lottery to test out and potentially win a huge and exciting price. At the same time, the QEII Foundation generates funds through ticket sales. While some of the money is used for the provision of prizes in each of the drawings, lots of funds also go towards advancing the QEII Foundation initiatives.

How to Play QE2 Home Lottery

The QE2 Home Lottery is pretty easy to participate in. You don’t have to choose numbers or consider strategies that may eventually boost your odds. This is more of a raffle-style game in which tickets are pre-printed, and you simply have to purchase them.

A single QE2 lottery ticket costs 100 dollars, and the opening sales date is announced via the lottery’s official website. To buy tickets, players have to be aged 19 or older.

QE2 Foundation has provided a couple of additional opportunities for ticket purchases. A three-pack bundle costs 250 Canadian dollars. If you want to buy five tickets, you’ll need to spend 375 dollars on them. There’s also a super pack available at 525 dollars but this is a limited offer, and you need to be quick to seize it.

QE2 Home Lottery also features add-on tickets that range in price from 10 to 50 dollars. The add-on tickets allow participation in the 100 Days of Winning Cash Calendar event.

The total number of tickets is 83,000. There are 2,415 prizes, resulting in odds that are as favorable as one in 35.

When is the QE2 Home Lottery Draw? Well, the schedule is announced on an annual basis via the lottery’s official website. In 2019, for example, the bonus draw date is set to April 24. The final draw date occurs on June 11, 2019. The winner of the QE2 Home Lottery grand prize will be announced on the next day – June 12.

Home Lottery Prizes and Odds

There are grand prizes, early bird prizes, vehicles, vacations, and add-on prizes handed out for each QE2 Home Lottery drawing.

The biggest QE2 lottery winners will take home the grand prizes.

The first one is a grand prize show home on McCabe Lake. Just imagine this – five bedrooms, a lakeside boathouse, a master suite with a view of the lake, a spa-like master ensuite, entertainment zones, custom cabinetry, and a wide range of furniture. On top of that, the winner will receive 100,000 Canadian dollars in cash.

A grand prize cottage is the second award in this category. The oceanfront cottage has 2.5 bedrooms, a floor-to-ceiling fireplace, a stunning second-floor porch overlooking Chester Basin, and stunning ocean views from other parts of the property. On top of that, the winner gets 30,000 dollars in cash.

Other QE2 lottery winners will take home a 2019 BMW plus a 10-day Bahamas vacation (early bird prize), 125,000 dollars in cash, a sommelier experience, an Apple Mac prize pack, a gourmet dinner for four, beach cruiser bikes, Trek hybrid bikes, televisions, earphones, tents, coolers, and various other leisure prizes. Vacations and vehicles are also available. The 100 Days of Winning Cash Calendar add-on provides a prize of2,500 dollars per day, every day. One new winner will be announced every day from July 1 to October 8, 2019.

Some Information for QE2 Home Lottery Winners

QE2 lottery winners will be informed in the days after the drawing that they’ve snatched one of the prizes.

The written letter will also contain information about where the prize can be claimed.

Players have 90 days from the date of the announcement to make a prize claim. Keep in mind that QE2 lottery winners cannot remain anonymous. When buying tickets, they agree to have their name and picture published in the media following the announcement of the results.

If you’re a winner and you have questions, contact the lottery’s hotline by calling 1-800-471-6786.

Can You Play QEII Home Lottery Online?

One of the ways to acquire lottery tickets is via an online portal. Alternatively, you can purchase your tickets by phone (1-800-233-4877), by mail, or in person.

To order QE2 lottery tickets online, you’ll need to choose the pack and whether you’d like add-ons. The platform, however, cannot be used by individuals who are not currently located in Nova Scotia. When registering, you have to provide a Nova Scotia address.

Payments occur online, and you can use a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express payment option.

The Bottom Line at QE2 Home Lottery

Charitable lotteries have a lot to offer. The aim here is to raise funds for a good cause. Hence, the entity behind the lottery has to put together attractive prize packages to get people to participate.

The QE2 Home Lottery isn’t an exception to this trend. The odds are marvelous, and there’s such a huge range of awards to choose from that we got lost while doing the research.

If you’re considering this Canadian charitable lottery, here are some of the biggest advantages it brings to the table:

Why You Should Play QE2 Home Lottery


An official, legitimate entity organizes it

There’s a bit number of cash and reward prizes (as well as experiences like vacations)

The number of tickets is limited, making the odds of winning a prize pretty favorable

There are add-on ticket options that contribute to additional prize opportunities

Favorable ticket-purchasing bundles are available

Tickets can be bought online, by phone, by mail, or in person

Winners are notified and provided with additional instructions that simplify the claiming process

The QE2 lottery shortcomings are:

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Why You Shouldn’t Play QE2 Home Lottery


Tickets cost 100 dollars

There are solely two drawings per year

Tickets end very fast because of the lottery’s popularity

You have to be in Nova Scotia, Canada, to participate

Is QE2 Lottery a Legit?

The QE2 Home Lottery is far from a scam. It’s been around for some time already, and the media have published detailed reports about some of the biggest winners.

Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) Foundation dates back to 1997 when the QEII Health Science Centre was set up. Ever since, the foundation was tasked with funding new technologies, medical research, and innovation in the healthcare field.

Currently, QEII has the largest health science center in the Nova Scotia region. Research and training facilities enable medical professionals to acquire the required education and also to explore opportunities for the provision of better medical services.

The 2019 edition of the QE2 Home Lottery features over 2,400 prizes. QE2 Foundation has established a set of strict rules that ensure fairness and determine who can participate in the lottery. Anyone affiliated with the foundation or the science center, for example, is excluded from the winning pool.

You can rest assured that the QE2 lottery is entirely legitimate and a great way to win some fun prizes (if you’re not troubled by the ticket price).

If you can stomach the ticket cost of 100 dollars, you should give the QE2 Home Lottery a try. Your contribution will further medical research, and you can eventually end up winning a luxurious home or condo.

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