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Company: Fun Grab, LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company
Founded: 2011
Country: United States
Prizes: Cash, gift cards, etc.
TOS: 18+ residents of US territories, Guam, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands
Phone: (415) 671-8076

PrizeGrab Exposed – Will You Take Home the Apple Macbook Air?

PrizeGrab Exposed

PrizeGrab Review

Are you going to grab your prize at The options on prizes here are mind-boggling with daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly prizes. But are you actually going to get your prize? Let’s look.

What Is PrizeGrab?

PrizeGrab is an online site where players can choose between a whole heap of different prizes to play for. You could simply spend hours clicking on “enter” there is such an array. Add to this, there are some linked advertising sites for articles that are sponsored.

Who Can Participate?

Let’s be clear. The sweepstakes are open to the legal residents of the United States (including the District of Columbia), Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and other U.S. territories, who are 18 years or older.

What Are the Prizes Offered by PrizeGrab?

It gets a little dizzy looking at the range of prizes at PrizeGrab starting with the $10 Amazon gift card up to the $5,000 giveaway. Do you want to win a $50 Burger King Gift Card or maybe the Weber 3 Burner Propane Grill? The range of prizes changes daily and there doesn’t seem to be any limit to how many can enter. The bigger the prize the longer the period until the draw takes place i.e. the $10 Amazon gift card is a daily draw versus the Samsung 4K 55” Ultra HD Curved Smart TV runs for 4 months before the draw takes place.

Who Owns Prize Grab?

PrizeGrab is owned by Fun Grab, a company registered in Delaware. PrizeGrab has an office/sponsor address located in San Francisco.

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What Are the Terms & Conditions?

Each of the different prizes has its own rules, though there is one important term and condition that is across all prizes. You have five days to respond to the notification you have won or you forfeit your prize. In most cases, you can enter for a prize more than one time a day.

How to Collect a Prize?

Upon notification by email about winning, players have to submit an affidavit of eligibility and a liability & publicity release within a prescribed period of time. If you can’t be reached or you don’t respond, you are out of luck and the prize goes back to be re-drawn.

PrizeGrab Feedback and Complaints

The best way to get in touch with as recommended by them is through the online form or email. They say they have such a high demand for calls they can’t respond to them anymore.

PrizeGrab contact

Though they say PrizeGrab has a full-time customer service and prize fulfillment team answering inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bottom Line at

They say very clearly they will share your information with other companies, though, you can opt out of this by writing them. It clearly underlines the fact that this is a company that is mining for email addresses, building databases – or collecting information on where you go online.

Why You Should Register With PrizeGrab


Lots and Lots of Prizes

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Prizes

Why You Should Register With PrizeGrab


Only 5 days to Grab your Prize

Spam & Other Offers?

Would you mind rating

Is Scam or Legit?

There were some comments online that suggested that the names of the winners are false and that they’ve played for ages and never won anything. Others mentioned that you are entered into the draw even if you do not log in. Then again, this is free and players can actually enter more than three times on most prizes, so I can’t imagine the actual odds. Add to this there is also a comment in their small print that “we do not respond to do-not-track cookies or other do-not-track technology”. Part of what they are doing is gathering info on where you surf.

This site gets a thumbs up on prizes (just remember you only have 5 days to claim) and potentially a thumbs down on spam and other email offers.

  1. Aha!

    I just noticed that PrizeGrab just picked another larger-prize winner in Nevada who is, of course, once again, from the popular city called Las Vegas.

    Why, why, why… there has to be a reason for this… I just don’t know what it is.

    • I’m replying to myself.

      And yet ANOTHER big winner from Southern Nevada in the Las Vegas area. Already had one earlier this month of August.

      My goodness! Check the winners’ list and you’ll see.

    • Oops! Sorry, I forgot we are now in September. However, August was just last month.

      There are other counties and cities in Nevada to choose a winner from. You just hardly ever see PrizeGrab choose winners from those areas.


  2. Nice company, who you can actually contact and can even win prizes from. It cost nothing but a small amount of your time and could have big benefits.

    For everyone saying this is fake, they literally have winners every day, and they even release their names and faces. Check here

    • Yes, I believe PrizGrab is legit, but one thing that really irritates me is all the emails they send out that are about “nothing.”

      PrizeGrab REALLY “pulls a fast one” by sending emails that make people think they’ve won a prize, when, in reality, they are poppycock. Ugh! I’m not entering all those sweepstakes from their sponsors.

      PrizeGrab is, of course, doing this just to make people “click” and open their emails.

  3. I was on two days and got bored. It’s a lot of work for what I doubt will result in anything. WARNING! You will receive a ridiculous amount of emails every day. When I clicked on several of the links, I received a warning that the site(s) was dangerous and to not go to that site. It’s a SCAM.

    • The emails are usually Prizegrab’s sponsors who are running their own sweepstakes.

      I had stopped receiving Prizegrab’s emails, so I contacted them recently and they are now sending them to me again. I had somehow been deleted from their list.

      I usually open Prizegrab’s emails to check and see what it is. If it’s a sweepstakes being run by one of Prizegrab’s sponsors, I just delete it. I’m so used to deleting most of my emails anyway.

  4. I check this site every now and then to read comments.

    I have entered PrizeGrab sweepstakes for a little over 5 years. No wins, but I do not max out on all the prizes. I enter for what I really want and I just don’t have the energy to sit/stand and enter sweepstakes like I used to.

    Sweepstakes have changed a lot since they first went online. I do not believe wins are entirely random anymore. In fact, I know that some are not.

    I believe companies/organizations check people out BEFORE they award prizes. They probably also check our social media to make sure we are people who deserve to win their prizes. They are not giving them away to just anybody. It seems that on PrizeGrab, when you check the winners’ comments, they are very well written, articulate. No dummies.

    In my state, large monetary prizes were awarded to people who got the covid vaccination. As soon as I saw the winners, I said, “Not random.” The winners had nice stories to tell about their lives and goals. Upstanding individuals.

    Companies are controlling everything in-house. They run their sweeps and they select the winners. Most companies no longer use an “independent judging company,” like they did long ago when people entered sweepstakes through the mail.

    Last year, I finally won $500 cash on a sweepstakes that was supposedly “random.” I tried for years to win even $100 cash and never did. The sweepstakes I won required entrants to submit an essay, but supposedly, the essay was NOT a factor in the judging. This was a national sweepstakes with many people entering. As soon as I won, I KNEW WITHOUT A DOUBT that I won because of my essay. I wrote it quickly and easily because it was coming from my heart and was about some of my life experiences recently.

    I also believe winners are narrowed down to “states” first. All the entries do not just go into one big pot and they draw a winner from it. If they narrow it down to states first, that may be why some people end up becoming multiple winners at PrizeGrab. If they live in a small state with a smaller population and smaller number of people who enter sweepstakes, I think it could increase a person’s odds of winning.

    In the past, I moved to 2 low-population states. One was in the South. I wasn’t there even a year and I won at least five prizes that year. Unheard of!

    The other state was in the West. I won my biggest prize immediately. I think I was there maybe 2 months. It was also a national sweepstakes, taking in many entries. I lived there for 3 years and my sweepstakes wins were the best I’ve ever had. I didn’t win big cash, but I won a number of prizes worth like up to $300. It was amazing!

    So, I believe there are states in this country that don’t have a lot of people entering sweepstakes. If you live in a state like that and you enter PrizeGrab religiously, your name might be drawn more often because in that particular state, you have less competition.

    I also noticed on PrizeGrab’s winner list that there are just certain states that seem to hardly ever produce winners. If they don’t have enough people playing in that state, maybe they choose not to select from that state altogether.

    In short, who knows and what can you do? We are not in control, but we enter as a hobby and who knows when we’ll get lucky or blessed.

    • I think that even if you have a mental disability you can win a prize and yes it does seem like certain states like California, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania have more winners than states like Nebraska, Ohio, Kentucky. I’m not sure maybe it’s because after the third party sponsors get your phone number and emails and they make so much money if the third party sponsors make more money in those states then there are more winners in those states. They have to make money to get the prizes somehow.

    • At the beginning of your statement you said you had no wins but if you read on you say you had at least 4 wins.. Which is it? No wins or some wins? I feel you are lying. I would be grateful to have at least one win how honestly.

    • I have been entering prize grab for over 5 years and I have never won anything. I max out on all the prizes. I will continue for 2 more weeks and then I’m quitting. I have a couple of friends that enter and they never won either.

  5. I have played daily for 8 years and won nothing. why do I waste my time? bye, bye prize grab!


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