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Play Lebanon Exposed — Online Lebanon Loto Provider

Play Lebanon Exposed

Play Lebanon Review

Don’t get too excited when you see the jackpot available at for winning the lottery. The latest jackpot is LBP (Lebanese Pounds) 1,650,000,000 which translates to around USD 1,094,530. Still a good amount to win but not the mega jackpot offered by lotteries like US Powerball or EuroMillions. is an online lottery ticket provider for Lebanon Loto (at this point) though they are planning to add more.

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Games at is an online lottery provider for an official game out of Lebanon. Loto involves choosing six numbers between 1 and 42. There are six numbers drawn plus a bonus ball. Guess the correct six numbers and win the jackpot. The prizes tier includes 5 regular numbers plus the bonus, down to three balls. Players can use their favorite numbers or use ‘quick pic.’ The cost to play is LBP 2,000 (roughly USD 1.30) per ticket line. There is no discount for multiple tickets. Players also have the option of playing up to 12 ticket numbers per ticket line – obviously at a higher cost. Subscriptions are available for up to 104 draws. Draws take place Monday and Thursday at 7:30 pm local Beirut time.

Jokers and Bouquets

An interesting option for playing at is adding a joker or two. Just click on the menu Joker and add. Yes, this costs more money. Bouquets is a pick for 25, 50, 100, 500, or as many as you want randomly picked ticket lines (grids).

Extra Chances to Win with Zeed

For an extra charge add Zeed to your lottery ticket. This is similar to Canada’s Encore where a player gets a random five-digit number that is also drawn at the same time as the lottery. Right down to getting the last 2 digits of the winning ticket correct is a win.

Getting Your Winnings

Players are notified by email within minutes after each draw. Winnings are placed in your account and withdrawn by cheque, mail, or bank transfer. Keep in mind that any winnings over LBP 10,000 have a 20% tax deducted by law. Winnings are withdrawn by simply ordering through the “My PlayLebanon” menu. does not take any commission or fees. Bank charges/fees do not apply for transfers to Banque Audi, Bank of Beirut, or Credit Libanais. Any transfer to other banks will incur a fee.

Who Can Play at Play Lebanon

Everyone is welcome to play here. All you have to do is make sure the country you are in does not ban playing international lotteries. Oh, and you have to be 18 years or older.

Getting in Touch with

Play Lebanon is located in Beirut with a snail mail address, phone number, and fax number. There is also an email address. There is no live chat and no information on any office hours or response time. They say they are the “exclusive online agent” for Lebanese Lotto and Yanassib but surfing around; there are a lot of other places to play. This includes the official provider for the lottery “La Libanaise des Jeux.” Their app is available at the Google Play Store.

Why You Should Register with Play Lebanon


No Commission on Winnings

Joker Option to Increase Odds of Winning

Anyone Can Play

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Play Lebanon


20% Tax Deducted on Winnings over LBP 10,000

Only One Lottery Game

No Live Chat

Would you mind rating

Is Play Lebanon Legit?

The Joker option is exciting and must increase the odds of winning something. The bouquet option is also offered by La Libanaise des Jeux so no real bonus there. The other issue is the size of the jackpot. We’re not looking at mega dollars, then again, the buy-in to play is a lot less expensive than other games.

This site gets a reserved thumbs up. It’s a cute little site with its one lotto game. Hopefully, we’ll see them adding more sooner than later.

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