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Perdana 4D Exposed — Yet Another 4D Game or Something Better?

Perdana 4D Exposed

Perdana 4D Review

What do you know about Cambodia? Let’s ask you a somewhat more difficult question – what do you know about Cambodian lotteries? If the answer is nothing, we’re here to enlighten you. Because this is precisely what we’re going to be talking about – Cambodian lotteries. More specifically, we will discuss a 4D game known as Perdana 4D.

If you’re familiar with 4D games, you probably know the rules already. Still, we will examine the specifics, the rules, and everything necessary you should know about playing the lottery in Cambodia.

Is The Lotter legit in Cambodia? Learn more in our review.

Perdana 4D: Introduction

Perdana 4D is one of the games in the portfolio of Perdana Lottery, the other one being a classic 3D game.

While it’s difficult to find more information about it online, the lottery is a legitimate opportunity to win some cash. Drawings take place daily, giving players a chance to test their luck and eventually win a prize.

Several characteristics make Perdana 4D a lot of fun.

For a start, players are in full control of the amount they’re going to bet. Just like all other 4D lotteries throughout the world, Perdana 4D has a minimum bet amount that players can choose to go over.

Also, there are big and small bet possibilities. One or the other will have to be placed whenever the bet is made. Few more significant prizes characterize a small bet. A big bet comes with a larger number of prizes, but the individual size of each is more modest (better odds, lower payout).

How to Play Perdana 4D

Playing Perdana 4D is a relatively simple task.

To participate, you have to select a four-digit number in the range of 0000 to 9999. Your 4D number could feature different digits like 3906, or it can have repeat digits in some or all of the positions like 2285 or 9991.

You also have to determine if you will be placing a big or a small bet.

This decision has to be featured on the play slip you’re going to get when you buy your Perdana 4D ticket.

The Perdana 4D result drawing occurs online. You can watch Perdana 4D live via the Perdana Lottery official website. Its homepage features a live stream that allows you to see how the latest numbers are being drawn. A Perdana 4D result archive is also available by date for those who would like to check the past numbers and make predictions based on this information.

Perdana 4D Prizes and Odds

Perdana 4D has a first, second, and third prize tier, regardless of the bet being placed. In the case of a big bet, there will also be a consolation and special prize numbers being drawn. An individual Perdana four-digit number is chosen for each of these tiers. To determine if you have won anything, you will have to see whether your 4D number matches any of those who have been chosen in the daily drawing.

The Perdana 4D website does not feature any information about the individual size of the awards.

If you are in Cambodia, however, you can get such information at the retail venues where Perdana 4D tickets can be purchased. The retail outlets of Perdana Lottery can provide you with all of the info you require. You can also do a check for the individual ticket that you have and whether it entitled you to any prize.

Perdana Lottery can also be contacted at their official location – the Goodluck Casino and Hotel at Cambodia-Vietnam Border, National Road 01, Bavet City.

Some Information for Perdana 4D Winners

Whether you’re watching the Perdana 4D live drawing or you’ve accessed the results later on via the lottery’s official website, you’re entitled to cashing out your prize as soon as the respective drawing takes place.

Perdana Lottery itself does not reveal any other information about the prize claim rules. Once again, it would be best to visit one of the retail venues to find out how you will receive your cash and whether there are specific terms and conditions.

As in other parts of the world, you will need to bring a signed ticket and a valid form of ID to get the money you’ve won. Smaller sums will typically be paid out immediately after your identity is verified.

Can You Play Perdana 4D Online?

Watching the winning numbers being drawn live is one thing. Playing Perdana 4D online is something completely different.

At the time being, Perdana Lottery does not have an official online ticket buying platform. You have to be on the territory of Cambodia, and you have to acquire your ticket from a retail outlet to win something.

Global online lottery agencies do not support games from Cambodia, either. Thus, if you’re in another country and you’d like to give Perdana 4D a try, you will be limited in your options.

Still, from what we’ve managed to discover via our thorough research, Perdana 4D is a legitimate opportunity. Let’s sum up all of the positive characteristics that we know:

Why You Should Play Perdana 4D


The lottery is organized by a reputable local operator that holds the necessary license

There is flexibility in terms of the amount you can bet

You can also choose between a big and a small bet

Daily drawings take place

Excellent winning odds characterize 4d lotteries

The things that we don’t know and the shortcomings that have to be mentioned are the following:

Why You Shouldn’t Play Perdana 4D


The prizes and the payouts aren’t that impressive, especially when your bet amount is smaller

There is no clarity about the specific dimensions of betting and claiming a prize

Perdana 4D can only be played offline; there isn’t an online ticket-buying platform

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Is Perdana 4D Legit?

Various questions about Perdana 4D remain unanswered because the official lottery operator isn’t that generous when it comes to the provision of information.

Perdana Lottery is an entirely legitimate opportunity. The operator has to hold a national license to organize and schedule such games. The license is granted for 25 years, after which it can be renewed.

Both games in the portfolio of Perdana Lottery, Perdana 4D and Perdana 3D are quite popular. These two formats appeal to players in numerous Asian countries. Some countries have several versions of these provided by different operators. If you want to give Perdana 4D a try, you should go ahead.

If you’re not too concerned about the lack of clarity, Perdana 4D is the game for you to try. Anyone who has played Perdana 4D can share their experience with us in the comments below.

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