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Company: Marketing Punch Ltd
Founded: 2002
Country: United Kingdom
Prizes: Money, electronic & gadgets, etc.
TOS: 18+ United Kingdom residents
Phone: 0870 4460031

Offerx Exposed — Only For the United Kingdom… Maybe…

Offerx Exposed

Offerx Review

Everyone loves winning prizes, especially when you can play for free. But then again, we’re always saying there is nothing for free. So let’s go look at the actual cost of playing here.

What Is

This free prize site offers a heap of different click-on opportunities to win. For many of the draws, you can enter up to fifty times. The daily draw only once (though getting into the terms and conditions, it does mention 30 times). The prizes are good, but – yes, the but – what are the actual odds of winning versus the amount of time that you are going to spend looking at advertising and/or answering surveys? That is why they do it.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone 18 years and older and a resident of the United Kingdom, Channel Island, and the Island of Man can vie for prizes at as long as you’re not an employee or family member of The Marketing Punch Ltd. Interestingly, we asked the support desk the question of who can play and they came back with the UK, France, Spain, and Australia. These additional companies could be the reason that the odds get worse and worse for winning.

What Are the Prizes Offered by Offerx?

The selection of prizes that you can enter ranges from an Apple electronic package to a family trip to Legoland. The bigger the prize, the longer it seems the draw stays open ranging from daily prizes up to six months.

Who Owns

Keep in mind that you’re going to have to answer a survey, or look at some advertising material. Owned by Marketing Punch Ltd., they receive fees from advertisers for this kind of marketing. You agree that they can send your email address information and promotions both from them and third parties, plus they can supply your contact details for other companies to contact you.

Is 24Lottos a legitimate service in the UK?

What Are the Terms & Conditions?

Upfront and centered on in the T&C, clearly states that their prizes may be promoted over a bunch of different websites at the same time. That means that there is no way of knowing how many people are vying for the prizes.

How to Collect a Prize?

Winners are randomly drawn using a computer within 72 hours of the close date of the contest. If you’ve won, you will receive an email. You have 30 days to “follow the instructions” to claim your prize. You’ll receive it within 30 days. By accepting the prize, you give permission to use your name and imagine for 2 years for promotions. Feedback and Complaints

There were some discussions online on whether or not the winners posted on the site were legitimate. This could be the fact that people who win could be from 4 (at this point) different countries. There is no limit on how many people can play for each prize except the limitation on how many times you can personally play. If you want to contact, there is an online form and snail mail address. There are no phone numbers, email addresses, or live chat.

Why You Should Register with Offerx


Great Prizes

Lots of Prizes


Would you mind rating

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Offerx


Only for UK Residents or maybe Australia, France & Spain

Spending time looking at advertising and answering surveys

Probably bad odds as lots of people could be playing

Is Offerx Legit?

Folks, I’m sure that they do award prizes to someone as they themselves say they are getting paid to do this. On that side, this site looks legit. The problem is you could be going for a prize against hundreds and hundreds of people.

Bloomberg describes the company “Marketing Punch Ltd., as an online marketing company that provides online lead generation and email marketing services for businesses.” If you’ve got the time to answer questions, look at advertising, and/or answer surveys then you’ll have a chance at some prizes.

We’re giving this site a thumbs down just for the amount of time that people have to spend to get to try and win something. The actual cost of paying for these prizes is your time!

  1. Its simply a scam site to get your phone, emails, DOB and addresses, then they forward your details to 1000’s of hard sell companies, once you fill there offers form, you will be bombarded by phones and emails companies trying to sell you from insurance, casino offers, funeral plans, loans, accidents injuries, to holidays, teeth crowns, you name it. You will become 100 year old by filling one last offer in order to grab your 1st free gift. It’ll never happen. So don’t run after this and don’t waste your time, I have and I want to commit suicide now. Please don’t waste your time. Thanks

  2. Avoid at all cost they take your details and even if you say not interested you still get the bloody call its ridiculous how a company can get away with this in this day and age do yourself a favour and don’t use them

  3. Within 24hours of signing up to this site, I received 23 spam phone calls, sometimes the same number called me multiple times. One was a crossword company another was ‘Abacus’ and a mobile
    Phone company (allegedly). Their ‘contact page’ is unavailable and their only contact on their website is via post. I tried to change my settings to no phone contact but it didn’t change. Scam 100%

  4. One word…..Scam, don’t even click on the ad, offerX only want money, so they’ll just give your details to other companies

  5. Don’t fall for it, I made the mistake of disclosing my mobile number as it conned me into thinking I’d won something and I’ve received 8 calls today from electricity to mobile phone contracts, even after I ticked the boxes saying I didn’t want to be contacted. So don’t fall for it.

    Another thing as well it directs you to another site called the national consumer council where that also cons you into thinking you are going to win vouchers for Amazon etc if you complete by joining certain things like I stupidly ended up joining Apple Music because it said I only needed one star. Wow, I thought it’s worth that but un beknowns to me you had to go to another page and join another 5 things, then another page and join another 10 things, so basically you get nothing an I’d love to meet mrs h who got her £250 Amazon voucher. These people want stringing up, get ya details flog em on so ya bombarded with phone calls, or rob ya bank account an if ya unlucky both! Scumbags.


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