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Myplaywin Exposed — You Won’t Find Big Lotteries Here

Myplaywin Review

I was into today and they definitely present something ‘different’. This is a site out of India that offers online access to some pretty weird and wonderful lottery games. Most people will usually go for the sites that offer the big international games (Irish Lotto, SuperLotto Plus, Mega-Sena, etc.) through some provider that gives them confidence. Then there are people that are searching for something different.

Discovering My Play Win Online

This isn’t a site to find worldwide lotteries offered. It’s a site that provides access to lotteries in India. That’s not a surprise or different – why not India. It’s the names of the games that start invoking smiles. Trust me when I say that I’ve heard plenty of weird lottery game names but titles such as the Fast Digit Lottery and Jaldi 5 are in a league of their own it.

Who is Myplaywin?

Before I go any further I should note that is the lottery & gaming brand of Pan India Network Ltd. which is part of the 2.4 Billion Dollar Essel Group. Pan India Network Ltd. is in the business of providing infrastructure, data communication, marketing support, and service to facilitate a secure online lottery network. Okay – they sound reputable. Games

The Thunderball lottery is among the most recent additions. I need to decide whether the Thursday Super Lotto or Saturday Super Lotto wins the crown for the less inspired lottery name. I miss the original creativity in the naming of their lotteries like Superb Science Sugar.

Buying Lottery Tickets at

There is nothing in their terms and conditions that people from other countries can’t play but given the bureaucracy that I associate with India, I can’t imagine it would be a simple process in receiving winnings. Okay, maybe I’m not being fair but with all the lottery options out there, I am already backing away from this site.

In digging deeper (okay maybe I should have read this first), it is very clear in the “What Happens When You Win” that one of the documents required to collect your winnings is proof of residence! So you do have to be a resident of India to play here! Actually, it goes further and says gaming only allowed from the states of Maharashtra and Goa. Complaints

If you are looking for complaints you will discover that most of them are issued by Indian players (duh – you have to be a resident to play). It’s important to look past the atrocious use of English and read into the actual complaints themselves. There is quite a list. complaints are a good source of typical complaints against online lotteries and the players’ complaints focus mostly on’s lack of transparency. complaints, on the other hand, is a website where people are questioning whether there are actually winners then again, there is the ‘Winners Club’ on their website. It does sound like there are a lot of unhappy people!

The Bottom Line at Myplaywin

Those who are still hell-bent on playing this strange collection of lottery games, go ahead and create an account with and put your luck to the test. That is if you are a resident of India.


The Names of the Lotteries

Lots to Choose From

Seem Reputably Owned


MUST be a Resident of India

Keeping a straight face when you say “I won the jackpot of Jaldi 5”

If you are a resident of India, then this might be the place to play. But most online lottery players are looking for the mega jackpots offered internationally.

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