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MyLottoLine Exposed — Just Read the Comments!

MyLottoLine Review

Making a decision on which lottery to play at is not difficult. There is no choice. offers players the opportunity to buy into lottery syndicates which is based on 5 lotteries. The only choice a player has is which level of the syndicate to choose. Does it sound pretty straightforward? Let’s go take a deeper look.

Syndicates at

Syndicates are the opportunity to play a variety of lottery tickets and share the costs. Then again, players in the syndicates also share in the winnings. restricts each syndicate to 100 players and the Syndicate Manager (that’s Their syndicates are offered at three levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The only difference between each type of syndicate is the number of tickets and the cost.

My Lotto Line and Lotteries

Each syndicate shares lottery tickets for the UK National Lottery, Pick 5, Thunderball, EuroMillions and Raffle Millionaire. Silver syndicate is £14, the gold syndicate is £28 and platinum syndicate is £39 per month. They do offer a one week trial (no I did not do it) for £3.49 which automatically kicks into the platinum syndicate if you don’t cancel it. Membership in each syndicate automatically renews every 30 days. The chances to win prizes other than the jackpot are more than noted below as UK National Lottery, EuroMillions and Thunderball entries also include an additional ticket.

Silver EntriesGold EntriesPlatinum Entries
National Lottery101520
Plus 5357
Raffle Millionaire357

Money, Time and Lotteries

This is when I started getting confused. Their syndicate memberships are monthly but you and I both know that there are 52 weeks in a year, hence 13 four week periods. The actual ticket numbers purchased for each syndicate are presented monthly but even those numbers don’t add up. On top of that, your syndicate membership renewal occurs every 30 days. So what about the other 5 days of the year?

Winning at

In amongst their FAQs, they say that they will deduct local and federal tax ‘where applicable’ from the winnings, but we all know that the lotteries they are offering in their syndicates are tax-free (unless you play in Portugal or Spain for EuroMillions). They also say you cannot withdraw money from your account until it is a minimum of £100. will transfer it automatically at the end of each month via bank account, credit card or clearing agent. If you’ve won more than £100,000, you will receive a check. In all cases, bank fees of some sort apply.

I Don’t Want To Play Anymore says that if the monthly membership has started, you can’t stop and must provide 28 days notice. Add to this, they say “when canceling your subscription, any prize funds that you have accumulated, will be divided equally to your syndicate members and you will lose any claims for prize funds”. By their words, if I decided to cancel my membership and won anything after that (remember you can’t opt out for that month once it is paid), I wouldn’t get my winnings even though my account was still active.

Customer Service at

Don’t expect a quick answer at Even their Freephone number says to leave your user name and email address and they will reply within 24 hours. There are an email and snail mail address (Gibraltar) and we can confirm email responses definitely take 24 hours. Complaints

I’m still not sure whether there are no complaints because there are no complaints or because of the name, they are buried under so many other sites. Our team spent way too much time looking. We did find comments on the lack of traffic reported on the site which doesn’t look good for ensuring they meet their 100 in each syndicate. They do say they reserve the right to merge syndicates if there are not enough people.

The Bottom Line at

The numbers just don’t work for me here. I’m not a mathematician, but even I can see that. I love the concept of syndicates and play in a couple already, but those offer some of the big international lotteries and not simply ones out of the UK.


Multiple Chances to Win

Syndicate for 5 Lotteries


Questionable Syndicate Packaging

Sharing with 100 People

Opting Out

There are a lot of good syndicates out there that offer better and clearer terms. Though EuroMillions does grow pretty fast and the UK National Lottery is nothing to frown at, I’d rather put my money into a syndicate that simple is EuroMillions and not spread it over these other lotteries. Keep in mind Millionaire Raffle is free along with purchasing EuroMillions tickets!

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