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Mylottoagent Exposed — This Is Not My Lotto Agent!

Mylottoagent Review

It’s hard not to chuckle looking at the site (aka MLA) and the lack of information provided. This is an online lottery service provider that lets players access two lotteries. That’s right folks – two lotteries. I wonder how many players they actually have as at the top of their site they have 0 “Likes” and 0 “Tweets”. It’s obviously a new site, but at the very least, I would suggest making sure the Facebook page is alive and the staff like it – or maybe they don’t. Let’s go take a look!

Games at Mylottoagent

If you are only interested in playing the UK Lottery and EuroMillions, I still wouldn’t play here. My Lotto Agent offers some sort of sign up bonuses and special offers but the only way to find out about them is to actually sign up. They also point out that sign up bonuses and special offers are limited to one per household. It started the team wondering what exactly do they mean by special offers. We asked the question by email and so far don’t have any answers! and Customer Service

That’s one of the other frustrating things about this site. There is only one way to contact MLA – by email. There are no phone numbers, no addresses, and no live chat. There is also no information on who they are except a disclaimer that they are no way a part of Camelot PLC. (the guys that run the UK National Lottery and EuroMillions in the UK). Their “About Us” is simply a sales pitch on their benefits which simply says you can play these two lotteries from anywhere in the world and win.

MLA and Winning

But don’t expect to take all your winnings to the bank. My Lotto Agent takes 10% on all winnings plus they will pay only 30 working days after they receive the money. You don’t get to collect that big jackpot yourself – they do. They also mention something that I can’t get my head around (and the team isn’t sure either) – “less any interest which may have accrued thereon”. What interest? One suggestion was MLA puts it in a term deposit for thirty days and they are making it understood it’s their money and won’t be paid to the winner.

Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions at MLA don’t add confidence for the players. MLA says they can change these from time to time and that it’s up to the player to review these changes. Does that mean going into the site regularly and checking to see if there are changes? Their latest news certainly doesn’t include any announcements or information that is useful – more sales pitches!

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The Bottom Line at

They say their site is designed to be simple and easy to use, but they’ve taken it too far. There is too much information missing for players to play confidently. I mean, would you provide your credit card and personal details to someone that is only contactable by email!




10% Commission

Who are They?

Where are They?

Only Two Lotteries

This online lottery provider gets a definite thumbs down. Besides the issues with their site, access to only two lotteries is definitely not somewhere our team will play.

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