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Numbers to Pick: 6/35
Days of Draw: Mon., Wed., Fri.
Average Price: $2
Odds of Winning: 1 in 1,623,160

Delaware Multi-Win Lotto Exposed — More than 1 Way to Win a Large Prize?

Delaware Multi-Win Lotto Exposed

Multi-Win Lotto Review

Are you tired of having to choose from more than 40 numbers in an attempt to get your little hands on a lottery jackpot? If you live in Delaware, you’re one lucky individual. The local Multi-Win Lotto is probably one of the world’s lotteries that feature the best odds of winning. The reason is that Multi-Win Lotto has only 35 numbers that you have to pick among in order to win the jackpot.

It sounds exciting and it really is. Without further ado, let’s dive into the most important characteristics of the Delaware Multi-Win Lotto.

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What Is Delaware Multi-Win Lotto?

This is a state rather than a national or an international lottery. As such, it’s difficult to find more detailed information about Multi-Win Lotto’s history and establishment.

The game is the creation of the Delaware State Lottery. Ever since its start, Multi-Win Lotto has been an absolute hit. Apart from enabling players to win by matching all 6 numbers for the respective drawing, the lottery also comes with combined play possibilities. More information on those will be available in the paragraphs below.

How to Play Multi-Win Lotto?

Playing Multi-Win Lotto is easy. Every ticket costs 2 dollars and it gives you an opportunity to submit 3 lines. To win the jackpot, you’ll need to match 6 numbers from a pool of 35. The drawings take place 3 times per week – on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

As already mentioned, you have 2 ways to win. The first one is the standard possibility – match the 6 numbers for the respective drawing. The second one is the so-called combination win. In this case, you’ll need to have matches across all 3 lines. If you have at least 6 matches from all the 3 lines, you will once again get a chance to win some cash.

The coolest aspect of Multi-Win Lotto is that you can win both ways by submitting a single ticket.

Just like with other state lotteries, you can either select your own numbers or opt for the Quick Pick option. If you choose the second, the numbers will be selected randomly by the Delaware Lottery software.

Prizes, Awards, and Odds

Delaware Multi-Win Lotto comes with a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 50,000 dollars. It’s far from the most impressive sum in the world, but the jackpot does roll over. In addition, the odds of winning the largest award are 1 in 1,623,160 –  incredibly favorable in comparison to what other lotteries have to offer.

The biggest jackpot ever won in Multi-Win Lotto was 288,005 dollars, according to the lottery’s official website. It fell in April 2016. Several people have won jackpots exceeding 180,000 dollars across the years.

The second prize is for people that match 5 numbers. Its value is 500 dollars and the odds of winning are 1 in 9,328. The prize for matching 4 numbers is 20 dollars and the prize for matching 3 numbers is 2 dollars. The odds are 1 in 266 and 1 in 22.2 respectively.

61 in 1,623,160
51 in 9,328.5
41 in 266.5
31 in 22.2

Now, let’s take a look at the combination win numbers. Matching 10 or more numbers across the 3 lines will produce an additional prize of 1,000 dollars. For a match of 9 numbers, you’ll earn additional 100 dollars. Getting 8 correct numbers will give you a prize of 20 dollars, 7 numbers – of 5 dollars, and 6 numbers – of 3 dollars. Delaware’s Multi-Win Lotto is one of the few that also give you a chance to win if you don’t match anything. If you don’t have a single match in combination win gameplay, you’ll get a prize of 2 dollars.

To date, there have been 61 Multi-Win Lotto jackpot winners and over 377,500 people that have won a prize of 20 or more dollars. The total prizes handed out in the game have exceeded 7,31 million and their total value is 37,416,057 dollars.

Some Information for Winners

Prizes that are about 599 dollars or less can be claimed at any licensed retailer. All that you have to do is sign the back of the winning ticket and present it at the respective place. The prize will be paid to you immediately.

Prizes in the range from 600 to 5,000 dollars can be claimed at one of the 3 Delaware Lottery redemption centers – in Willington, Dover, and Georgetown.

Prizes that exceed 5,000 dollars are to be claimed from the Delaware Lottery headquarters. A photo ID and your social security number will be required. These rules don’t apply to residents of another country that live in Delaware and have won the prize. More information is available at the lottery’s official website.

All of the winning lottery tickets are subjected to a Delaware income tax. Prizes that exceed 5,000 dollars will also be subjected to a federal withholding at the time of the claim. The federal tax is 25 percent for US citizens and 30 percent for winners from another country. People from another state that wins in Delaware will need to check the regulations in their own state – there could be an additional income tax in such instances.

Winners have one year from the date of the drawing to make a prize claim.

Can You Buy Tickets Online?

Delaware Multi-Win Lotto is a state lottery that’s available solely on an offline basis. The official lottery website doesn’t feature an online or a smartphone ticket purchase option. You’ll have to be in the territory of the state and you’ll have to visit a licensed retailer to get your Multi-Win Lotto ticket.

Why You Should Play Delaware


A single ticket costs 2 dollars and you get 3 lines of play

Drawings take place three times per week

There is a minimum guaranteed jackpot

The jackpot rolls over if there’s no winner

The overall odds of winning a prize and of winning the jackpot are spectacular

There’s a standard way and a combination option for winning the prize

Combi play gives you a chance to win a prize even if you don’t have any matches

Players have an entire year to claim a prize

International players that are currently in the territory of Delaware can play

The lottery is organized by an official entity and some of the money generated through ticket sales goes to support good causes

The disadvantages are just a few:

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Why You Shouldn’t Play Delaware


Tickets are only available for purchase offline and in Delaware

Though there are many ways to win, the sums aren’t that impressive

The jackpot grows in small increments

Federal and state taxes apply to prizes

Delaware Lottery has a couple of other games that can be considered more exciting than the Multi-Win Lotto

Is Multi-Win Lotto Legit?

Far from it! Delaware’s Multi-Win Lotto is a completely legitimate opportunity to win some money. It’s operated by a government-run organization. Delaware Lottery is also responsible for a range of other games like Mega Millions, Powerball, Play 3, Play 4, Lucky for Life, and Hot Lotto.

The headquarters of Delaware Lottery is in Dover, Delaware. The organization was created back in 1974 and ever since, it has been expanding its portfolio.

One interesting thing to point out is that Delaware is among the only four states in the US where sports wagering is legal. In 2009, sports gambling was limited solely to NFL parlays, but still, people in the state have a couple of cool options that aren’t available in many other places across the country.

All of these activities and winning opportunities are strictly regulated by state laws. Thus, you have no reason to worry if you choose one of the Delaware Lottery games like Multi-Win Lotto. All of them are legitimate and provide a wonderful chance for people that wish to become at least a bit richer.

The premise of the Multi-Win Lotto is unique. The ticket price is low and you get to play 3 lines. These three lines give you a chance to win prizes in 2 ways. Because of this unique modus operandi, Multi-Win Lotto is definitely worth a try. With overall odds of winning any prize that are 1 in 5, this lottery is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

  1. I like the odds are winning are higher. Yes, the amounts are lower, but at least I may win something vs the larger odds games where I have won absolutely nothing after decades of play. I had the impression before I submitted my first ticket that I pick all 3 lines of play which enables you to wheel the numbers. But you pick the first line of six and quick picks give you the other two. So 12 of the 18 numbers are out of your control. But my first game I just missed winning by one number on one line and in the combo play. Will be playing again.

  2. I think all these lottery schemes in USA are scams because:
    1. The lottery department know all the tickets bought ahead of the draw time. Because the whole thing is computer networked.
    The moment he draw is made, they know which store in USA sold that ticket at what date & time.
    So what if they know all the tickets ahead of time?
    They can manipilate the jackpot number.
    That is, they can deliberately postpone anyone winning a jackpot so that the jackpot money keeps raising and more and more people buy like crazy. The idiotic people think higher jackpot means they should buy.

    2. I asked the lottery department to share just one information. The information on how many tickets they sold for every draw.
    Why do I want that number? Because, for example, the MultiWinLotto (MML) has 6 nos out of 35 numbers. It is 1 in 1,623,160. Just 1.6 million possibilities.
    That is if the computerized machine picking the numbers are genuinely random, if 1,623,160 tickets are sold, it is likely that there is a winniner there.
    If say 3 million people had bought MML tickets for a draw, then I would say definitely there must be a winner there in that draw.
    Thats what mathematics say. If no one hit a jackpot even after 3 million people bought tickets in a draw, and if that happens consecutively for several draws I would certainly suspect either the machines are not random and hence are flawed OR they are rigging up the jackpot draw.
    Hence to find that out, I sent a request letter to teh lottery department that just THAT ONE NMBER, THAT IS, THE NMBER OF TICKETS SOLD EVERY DRAW – to be shared in their website.
    And they refused to share the information, saying they dont have that document !!! Can you believe it?

    They are the ones who immediately publish which store sold the winning jackpot ticket.
    And they are saying they dont know how many tickets they sold!!
    What is going on?
    Guys, please turm away from these lotteries. They are all rigged.
    Yes, it is the US state governments going hand in hand with each other. Dont bother if it is Repulican or Democratic govt. They are all same when it is the question of money.

  3. Under the Cons:

    Tickets are only available for purchase online and in Delaware.
    It should have been:


    Tickets are only available for purchase “OFF”line and in Delaware

  4. I like the additional way to win re the 10 numbers over 3 lines down to not getting a single number that is in the official draw and winning. It’s an interesting little twist. At the same time, this isn’t going to be a mega jackpot lottery win plus taxes do apply.


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