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Company: Unknown
Founded: 2012
Country: United States
Prizes: Free Money
TOS: 18+, PayPal ID
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MoneyCroc Exposed — Time and Money, Will You Have Both?

MoneyCroc Exposed

MoneyCroc Review

If you have a heap of time on your hands, then you might want to check out and go for some of their prizes. It’s a place online to play for cash and prizes; all free and does seem to have a lot of options to win.

What Is MoneyCroc?

This website is used to advertise games, cash surveys, and work-from-home options. Each time you click on their main game of “Win $50”, the advertising on the page changes. The idea is something is going to catch your eye and you’re going to buy in. You can click 50 times to try and win a day, so yes – you are seeing 50 advertisements. There is also an option to put their little crocodile guy (very cute) on your website for your visitors to win “free” money.

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Who Can Participate?

Anyone can play from anywhere or so they say. Mostly this is because this site is selling things that can be used or played from anywhere in the world. Oh, sorry, you do have to be 18 years or older, but that’s the only limitation.

What Are the Prizes Offered by MoneyCroc?

The prizes offered by seem to be cash. That’s their main game of the “Win $50”. Then there is the other little icon that may open up. We clicked on a “Congratulations You are a happy visitor! Click here to get a prize”. We tried this several times and the prizes ranged from a gift certificate for a claim of prizes ranging from a grand prize of US $3,500, Samsung 65”3D LED Smart TV, Dell Inspiron Laptop Computer, Apple iPad Mini to a $50 SkyAuction Savings Certificate. There are other offers that pop up that take you to survey sites that offer the chance to win amounts like $35,000.

Who Owns MoneyCroc?

There is no information on their website on who actually owns MoneyCroc. We spent a heap of time drilling down on the site to see if we could find this out. No answers! There is no information on their site on how to contact them. Click on the “Contact” menu and it comes up with a request to enter your prize code. Even visiting their page info there is no information on who these guys are or where they are.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?

There are no real terms and conditions at MoneyCroc. Just a FAQ. The important thing is any payment of cash is made through PayPal. If you don’t have an account, they have a link for you to get one. says they pay out cash winning within 24 hours. There is nothing about how they deliver the non-cash prizes.

How to Collect a Prize?

Collecting your prize depends on where it comes from. It appears in some cases, it will come from the advertisers. Some of the cash prizes appear to come directly from MoneyCroc. Each different game or contest can take you to another provider.

MoneyCroc Feedback and Complaints

There are a bunch of people that complain online that they took the surveys and clicked on things (yes the 50 times a day) and still after weeks have not won anything. There are a heap of testimonials on their own site though we do take these with a grain of salt.

Why You Should Register with Money Croc


It’s Free

Daily Prizes to Win

Can Be Played from Anywhere by Anyone

Would you mind rating

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Money Croc


Who Is MoneyCroc?

No Contact Details for MoneyCroc

Time Spent on Surveys versus Actually Getting Prizes

Is Money Croc Legit?

It’s hard to say whether this is a scam or legit. Surfing around the biggest gripe by people who have taken surveys is the amount of time they wasted and still have not won.

If you’ve got nothing better to do than sit online, click on things and take surveys, this could be a bit of fun. But there is no guarantee that you are actually going to win something, whether it is cash or a prize. Worse is the fact there is no way to contact these folks.

We give these guys a thumbs down simply based on the fact that we don’t know who they are and there is no way to contact them to find out!

  1. It probably is a scam seeing how the “offers” are stolen from other websites and they ask for my social security card. Yeah, no. Also, the people here who DO say they’ve won money were probably paid by Moneycroc to write those reviews. In that case, MONEYCROC IS AWESOME! I WON $10! Okay, MoneyCroc, can I have my $10 now?

  2. I won a couple of times but when it goes to give me my code it goes off that page and starts spinning the money again 4 times I won and not got my code now today I got a code and then it ask me to type my email address in what I went to do but the page went off and starting spining the money again not happy as it keeps happening and there no contact info to get my prize and it does ur head in as it could take long time to win u win by luck and then to not get ur gift takes the piss waste of time

  3. Not a scam I won $50 and I had within an hour. Just not sure if I’ll ever win again.

  4. Money croc is definitely not a scam. I won $10 last year and it was sent immediately into my PayPal account ( back when the prize money was sent to PayPal, now they issue out Amazon eGift cards).


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