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MillionWin24 Exposed — Why Would Anyone Play There?

MillionWin24 Review

Ah, come on folks. Not another one-shot online lottery provider – seriously. offers one lottery – EuroMillions. That’s it, and it doesn’t do it that well. Besides the fees they charge for sending a player their winnings, there is the use of the term “virtual” all over their terms and conditions plus potential delays in getting your winnings – if you do. Let me explain.

MillionWin24 and their Game

There is only one game at Millionwin24, and that’s EuroMillions. I’m not saying it isn’t a great lottery that does climb into those mega euros (versus dollars) and is tax-free – well except for Spain. They don’t mention anything about that on their site. Spain takes the tax on lotteries. Whoops.

Winning at Million Win24

Reading through the terms and conditions, getting your winnings at might take a while. Payments are only made after 31 days and incur a flat 5% processing fee. They also will not pay out anything less than €25. Payment over €1,000 requires a copy of your ID card, bank account details and a processing fee of 2%. MillionWin24 also says it can take over four weeks but blame it on the state lottery itself. Then they say something about payment up to a maximum of €50,000 is taken over by Sol y Luna. Okay, so what happens if you win that big mega lottery? One further – if screws up with getting the ticket, they say they will pay the player half the missed amount up to a max of €5,000.

Who is MillionWin24?

The MillionWin24’s site doesn’t say who owns it, but they say the “mediating company” is Sol y Luna Projects SL out of Spain. I’m not sure if this is simply a translation issue and they’ve screwed up the English or there was intent on hiding the real ownership – what is a mediating company? I wanted to give them a call, but that wasn’t an option. and Customer Service

There are only three ways to ask questions, and that is either using an email address, the online form or a snail mail address. What’s weird is that it looks like they haven’t completed their info as there are the two words “tel” and “fax” but no information.

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The Bottom Line

We did have a good chuckle over the spelling mistakes which does lend credence that the miscommunications on their site are more translation issues versus the intent to defraud. At the same time, why anyone would play on a site that screws up the necessary information and offers only one lottery is beyond me. Then there are the fees and delays in getting your winnings. The other issue is the use of the term “virtual account” Virtual does mean computer-generated at the same time it also means simulated!


Not a Chance


Fees on Winnings

Delays on Winnings

Only One Lottery

This site gets a thumbs down. It seems to have been around for three years, which makes us wonder how come they can’t get the lingo correct. The team will stick to their regular online lottery service providers that they trust.

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