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Mass Lottery Exposed — Baby Steps Towards a Good Digital Experience? Or Not?!?

Mass Lottery Exposed

Mass Lottery Review

We have some good news for our Massachusetts lottery enthusiasts! While online ticket buying wasn’t available in the state for the longest time, the situation is now completely different.

Now, don’t get your hopes up too high. The process is fairly slow, and there are still many games you cannot access from the comfort of your home. As some change is starting to happen, however, we are hopeful.

Today, we’ll tell you in more detail what you can and cannot do online at

Is Jacketpocket legit in Massachusetts?

Mass Lotto Online: Available Games

Massachusetts has a good selection of both local and nationally-available lotteries. There are the Mass Lottery Mega Millions and Mass Lottery Powerball and Mass Lottery Keno, Mass Cash, Lucky for Life, The Numbers Game, All or Nothing, Megabucks Doubler, and others.

Of this huge plethora, you will discover only two games for online ticket buying right now – these are Keno and All or Nothing.

On the website, check for the “ticket mode” button. If such is available underneath a game description, you are entitled to online ticket buying.

For both of the games available for online gameplay right now, you’re in control of the amount you’re going to bet on your ticket.

What we did notice is that the website would sometimes glitch during ticket buying. A blank page would pop up on the screen – an experience that’s obviously not optimal. So, it seems that Massachusetts still has a lot of work to do, but at least the foundations are in place.

Massachusetts Lottery and Claiming Your Prize

The State of Massachusetts Lottery has well-established procedures as far as prize claims go.

The winners of Mass Lottery games can claim prizes by mail and in person. There are no online opportunities for cashing out prizes, which obviously sucks.

The procedure is pretty straightforward for sums smaller than 600 dollars. Such amounts can be cashed out at any retail venue in Massachusetts. For a larger sum, however, there’s going to be an identity verification process and some time to handle the request administratively. Hence, Mass Lotto winners can expect delays, and they will also need to provide some documentation before the sum gets issued.

Who Can Play at Lotto MA Online?

It’s unclear as to what you can and cannot do via the Mass Lottery website. The design is confusing; the available tabs don’t really make a ton of sense.

There’s no button for signing up or creating an account. This obviously means that the functionalities are severely restricted at the time. We’d recommend not even bothering with it. If you are from Massachusetts, your safest bet would be to visit an actual retail venue.

If you’re not from Massachusetts, you can opt for online ticket buying from one of the numerous well-established online lottery agencies. Most of these offer larger US games like Powerball and Mega Millions. Some regional games are also provided. While you probably will have no access to Massachusetts state games, you will at least benefit from a reliable and user-friendly online experience.

Who’s Behind Mass Lottery?

All of the Mass Lottery games are run and operated by the Massachusetts Lottery. This state entity was set up in 1971 when the Massachusetts General Court decided to legalize games of luck.

Since then, Massachusetts Lottery has added and removed numerous games from its portfolio. And while the state entity is already decades old, it hasn’t been on a fast track to modernization. As you can see, the website put together by Massachusetts Lottery is severely restricted in what it can do for lotto enthusiasts.

The good news is that the Massachusetts Lottery is fairly easy to reach. You can get in touch by phone or via social media. Most of the retail venues throughout the state can also address your concerns and guide you through whatever issue you’re dealing with.

Other Bits and Pieces

So far, Lotto MA has been pretty disappointing in the online department.

Still, a few good functionalities can be accessed online to simplify and enhance the lottery experience.

If you have your Mass Lottery numbers and you’re wondering what has gone down, you can easily check the latest Mass Lottery results. The information is published online as soon as a new drawing takes place. Also, a results archive is available, whether you’re interested in the Daily Lottery MA or a larger game like Mass Lottery Megabucks.

Lotto MA also has a mobile app that can be acquired for both Android and iOS devices.

As per the official description, the app can be used to do drawing replays for certain games, get automatic winning calculations, and see retailers near you. Yep, this definitely doesn’t qualify as a “wow” app. It’s a start but a pretty disappointing one. As a fan of Massachusetts lotteries, you don’t really get a whole lot of extras and digital perks to spice up your experience.

Why You Should Register with Mass Lottery


The website is run and operated by an official state entity

There’s also an official app for Android and iOS devices

People who have used the app report that it offers a pretty good experience (regardless of the limited functionalities)

Website sections indicate that some promotions and VIP opportunities could become available in the future

Several accessible customer support options are available

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Mass Lottery


Online ticket buying is severely restricted

The website is very glitch, displaying blank pages when you go to many sections

Not the most user-friendly design

The app itself can be used solely to check results and get information about retailers

Would you mind rating

Is Mass Lottery Legit?

Right now, the Massachusetts lottery is trying to move forward, but the progress is happening at a snail’s pace. If you’ve read our reviews about other state lottery websites, you know that online ticket buying adoption isn’t that widespread in the US. It’s still unclear when the situation will change, giving people opportunities that are in line with current times.

The Massachusetts Lottery website does not provide a whole lot of goodness.

Do yourself a favor and wait for some more modernization to occur. At the time being, the Massachusetts website is really not worth spending your time on. You’ll still need to visit a retail venue nearby, and if you live in another state or another country, there are no opportunities for you to buy Massachusetts Lottery tickets.

  1. Things have changed, I was winning good prizes up until 8 months ago, since then I have spent over 8 thousand and have found the fast way to 40 dollars, not a million. Many games are losing propositions, it is obvious that the GOV IS TAKING PEOPLE TO PAY FOR OTHER THINGS. This is a way to TAX which is illegal because only congress can tax the people. Sue the bastardized system, someone is responsible for the illegal takings.

  2. How can the lottery take money from scratch tickets how can you they allow the last game fair the numbers game controlled and manipulated by air every ball and if keno was so fair do it just like every other casino watch the balls being pulled like bingo come on it’s a joke

  3. They offer $ 30.00 tickets loosing tickets can be entered into second chance drawings. Lottery has not had last second chance drawing for “Supreme Millions” tickets. Customer service is a joke – these clowns think the public works for them.

  4. I’ve now bought 200 in twenty dollar tickets and only hit for 25 dollars wtf they should stop giving to the cities of mass and put more winner for the people actually spending the money. then if you you hit they tax the shit out of you

    • Only government can do this kind of scam.

  5. The Massachusetts lottery is crying poverty. Well, maybe they shouldn’t be having one million dollars or 10 million dollar winning scratch tickets that they have no money to pay. Scratch tickets are supposedly computer generated well how is it that you would never have too high winning tickets back-to-back because it’s all a scam which means they can regulate when the big win is being released so, therefore, they can make their money before they are sold. Maybe they would have the money and maybe they could put out more decent winners for the people buying all the scratch tickets. And not give all that money to like 351 cities in the state. The states already rip us off with taxes. They should only get money on daily drawings. Just get rid of scratch tickets in Massachusetts…

    • They are lying. They are not in poverty. They make a shit load of scam money from scratch tickets that don’t produce winners but lots of losers


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