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Numbers to Pick: 6/49
Days of Draw: Mon., Wed., Sat.
Average Price: $0.25
Odds of Winning: 1 in 21,701,388

Maroc Loto Exposed — Cheap Tickets but Are They Worth a Try?

Maroc Loto Exposed

Maroc Loto Review

We’ve already spoken about numerous 6/49 games from different parts of the world. It seems that the format ranks among the most popular ones. Morocco is yet another country that has a 6 out of 49 lottery – Morocco Lotto or Maroc Loto as it’s known locally. Learning a bit more about it can be quite beneficial for picking the right 6/49 game. Challenge accepted – here’s everything that we’ve managed to find out about Maroc Loto.

Maroc Loto: Introduction

Maroc Loto is one of the games in the portfolio of La Loterie Nationale. The national organization was established back in 1971 and the first Lotto drawing took place in 1978. Ever since this 6/49 game has become the most popular lottery in the country.

There are several reasons for the popularity of the game. For a start, there are three drawings per week – on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Ticket prices are also quite low – 2.5 Dirham or approximately 0.26 US dollars. Maroc Loto also comes with a minimum guaranteed jackpot for every single drawing.

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How to Play Maroc Loto

Participating in Maroc Loto doesn’t get any simpler than that – all you have to do is pick your 6 numbers from a pool of 49. You can either choose your own numbers or opt for the Flash feature. In the latter case, a computer will pick 6 random numbers on your behalf.

Players have to match at least 3 numbers in order to win a prize. There’s also a bonus number that is determined for certain prize tiers and their size.

Prize Tiers and Odds

Maroc Loto has a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 2 million Dirhams (approximately 205,022 USD). If there’s no winner for the respective drawing, the sum will roll over toward the next one. When there’s more than one winner, the jackpot will be split evenly between them.

The biggest jackpot for the past two years is 10,269,367 Dirhams (1,052,723.90 USD). Unfortunately, there isn’t any earlier information. Chances are that numerous other big jackpots have fallen through the years.

Ever since its inception, Maroc Loto has produced 175 jackpot winners. Every year, there are approximately five new millionaires. In 2015 alone, there were six people won the Maroc Loto jackpot.

The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 21,701,388.

Other than the jackpot, there are 4 additional prize tiers. Matching 5 numbers and the bonus one will result in winning the second prize tier. The average second prize is 90,000 Dirhams. Five correct numbers will produce a prize of 6,480 Dirhams, 4 correct numbers – 97 Dirhams, and 3 correct numbers – 13 Dirhams.

These are average values. The prize itself will depend on the number of people who bought a ticket for the respective drawing and the number of winners per prize tier.

Some Useful Information for Maroc Loto Winners

Players have up to 180 days from the date of the drawing to make a prize claim, regardless of the sum that they’ve won.

Depending on the amount won, players can either cash out the sum at any retail venue or they’ll have to be requested it from the La Loterie Nationale headquarters. It’s usually a good idea to arrange an appointment by phone, especially if you’ve won a larger sum. More information about requesting the prize is available on the website of La Loterie Nationale.

All of the prizes are free from taxation. If you’re a foreigner in Morocco and you win a Loto prize, you’ll have to find out what the tax regulations are in your country of residence.

Can You Buy Maroc Loto Tickets Online?

Maroc Loto tickets can be obtained only by individuals who are currently in the country. Online lottery agents currently don’t support the Moroccan game and they don’t offer ticket-buying options.

While there isn’t something particularly special about Maroc Loto, the game does have a big number of merits. Let’s summarize some of the most important advantages here:

Why You Should Play Maroc Loto


There are three drawings per week

The ticket price is negligible, especially in comparison to the size of the prizes

There’s a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 2 million Dirham

The jackpot will roll over if there’s no winner for the respective drawing

Four additional prize tiers exist on top of the jackpot

Prizes are paid out in the form of cash and they are free from taxation

Both Moroccan residents and foreign citizens can play Maroc Loto

This is one of the oldest and most reputable games in the country

Some of the funds generated through ticket purchases are dedicated to financing good causes

All of this sounds great, but since we’re completely unbiased, we also have to take a look at the shortcomings of Maroc Loto:

Why You Shouldn’t Play Maroc Loto


There isn’t something exceptional about the Lotto, it has a standard 6/49 format

The lower prize tiers aren’t too impressive

The game isn’t available online for international players

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Is Maroc Loto Legit?

A game that’s been around for numerous decades, Maroc Loto is far from a scam. After all, a national entity is responsible for holding the games, selling the tickets, and ensuring the fair distribution of the prizes.

Loterie Nationale is a private company that operates under state control ever since 1971. The main purpose for the establishment of the organization was to promote responsible gaming through the availability of a national framework. The national lottery is also responsible for distributing some of the funds generated through ticket sales to charitable causes in the fields of sports, education, art, and cultural development.

Apart from Maroc Loto, Loterie Nationale has a number of additional games in its portfolio – Joker, Keno, Trio, Quatro, as well as Pick’n Play games.

All of this information will hopefully help you rest assured that Morocco Lotto is completely legitimate. It provides excellent opportunities for winning prizes and so far, the game gets our seal of approval.

That’s it, folks! Maroc Loto can be a bit of fun if you’re in the country and you’re looking for an opportunity to test your luck. If you need a particularly exciting game, this one isn’t going to be too thrilling. You can’t do too much with a 6/49 format, but such a lottery can definitely produce prizes. So, what are you waiting for, it doesn’t take a lot to test your luck.

  1. My favorite thing about playing in Maroc Lotto is that they are considerate about the ticket price with respect to the jackpot. With the high odds of winning, I won’t say there’s nothing special about this lotto. Yes, the jackpots are not US Powerball high, but it is definitely special.


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