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MariaLotto Exposed — Helping The Trees

Marialotto is an online lottery agent, accepting lottery players from all over the world, except the USA or United States territories, Cuba, Syria, Iran, Sudan, and North Korea. launched at the beginning of 2015. Marialotto headquarters are located at Marialotto S.L., C/ Sagasta, 8 1A-B, 28004 Madrid (España). This service could be reached via phone number +34 91 084 17 44, or email address Marialotto website is available in two languages – English and Spanish. offers EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, Bonolotto and La Primitiva lottery games with tickets purchased in Spain.

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If you are a non-Spanish speaking player remember to add /en to the online address of If you don’t, click on the little flag at the top right-hand corner to switch from Spanish to English. is an online lottery provider for 4 European lotteries all played out of Spain. It is funded by “a handful of gaming and internet angel investors” which they say prioritizes customer service. Let’s go take a look.

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Maria Lotto offers players EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, Bonolotto and La Primitiva lottery games with tickets purchased in Spain. Players can choose one or more lottery lines to play and/or subscriptions of either 1 month or 12 months. There are no discounts or bonuses for multiple plays. Don’t look for syndicates here.’s “System Game”

System Game is where players can choose more than the standard numbers on each of the lotteries to create multiple combinations. Simply choose more than the base numbers for the regular lottery lines or the bonus balls. Obvious the combinations cost more as it adds up to more tickets. and Winning

It appears that do not take any part of your winnings except they will deduct any costs for the transfer of your winnings. They do acknowledge that taxes are applicable for tickets purchased in Spain at 20%. What is a little strange is they say “non-jackpot winnings are already pre-taxed”. Sorry folks, any amount over €2,500 is taxed. As an example, cited that if Adrian & Gillian Bayford had won their estimated €190 million in Spain, they would have lost almost €38 million in tax. Okay – it would still have been a great win but that’s the difference between buying your ticket in the UK (where it is tax-free) versus Spain (where it is taxed).

Who Can Play at say they “accept all Spanish customers” who are 18 or older and do not live in any country except “USA or their territories, Cuba, Syria, Iran, Sudan, and North Korea. They underline this by the fact they have “Spanish speaking customers” in over twenty countries. The confusing part of this is the “accept Spanish customers”. We emailed them to clarify whether this means they only accept people who are residents of Spain but have not received a response. Customer Service

They did answer all our other questions by email and did it on a timely basis which makes it strange they didn’t answer this one. They also have a snail mail address in Spain and telephone number with customer service people available 09:00 and 17:30 local time. There is no live chat. and Trees

One thing that is different here is that Marialotto funds tree planting in South America, Africa, and Asia through an NGO “Trees for the Future”. They make a donation every month based on the number of orders from their customers.

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These guys look legit and since they only have been around since late 2014, I get that they are only offering four lotteries at this stage. I do think most players (even Spanish speaking) will think about playing elsewhere given the tax situation in Spain. Then again, if you are Spanish, I suspect it is nice to be able to be clear on the rules and regulations in your own language.


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Money for Tree Planting


No Syndicates or Bonuses

Only Four Lotteries

Spanish Tax gets a thumbs up but our team figures that most people are looking to play a more diverse group of lotteries, want syndicates and getting bonuses. The trees thing is nice meaning that all of the cost of the online lottery service is not all going into somebody’s pocket.

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  1. The site seems pretty clear on what they will and will not do. Good that they mention taxes at the same time when you’re talking a tax free lotto then why would I play here where simply because of where they are – Spain – they take taxes on everything over a threshold of Euro 2,500.


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