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Numbers to Pick: 1/10
Days of Draw: Wed., Thurs., Fri.
Average Price: AU$2.20
Odds of Winning: 1 in 9,483,167

Lucky Lotteries Exposed — A Two-in-One Chance to Win Online

Lucky Lotteries Exposed

Lucky Lotteries Review

Do you like raffles? If so, you’ll be pleased by Australia’s Lucky Lotteries. The format is a bit different from that of the standard lotto and while it’s not really an “out there” game, the specifics of the gameplay certainly give it a bit of character.

Adding the fact that Lucky Lotteries has a pretty hefty jackpot should be sufficient to get you curious. Now that we have your attention, let’s take a deeper look into one of Australia’s most exciting lotteries.

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Lucky Lotteries: Introduction

Lucky Lotteries is actually the common name for two separate games – Super Jackpot and Mega Jackpot. Super Jackpot comes with a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 500,000 dollars and an entry price of 2.2 dollars. Mega Jackpot has a minimum of one million dollars, but the entry fee is higher – five dollars.

Both of these games are characterized by a predetermined number of tickets. When the tickets are sold, the drawing takes place and the winners are chosen.

According to the official Lucky Lotteries presentation, this raffle-style opportunity guarantees over 10,000 prizes per drawing. This isn’t a pari-mutuel game. Each winner gets the sum that they’ve been promised and there’s no sharing with other players. Thus, if you don’t like others taking fries from your plate (Joey doesn’t share food – a reference you’ll get if you’re in your 30s or 40s), you will definitely love this aspect of Lucky Lotteries.

Can You Play Lucky Lotteries Online?

This “old school” raffle game, as it is often described, is one of the entries in the portfolio of Tattersalls. Previously under South Wales Lotteries, Super Jackpot and Mega Jackpot are currently available in all Tattersalls jurisdictions.

As far as playing Lucky Lotteries online is concerned, we’ll take a deeper look at that opportunity later on in the guide. First, let’s see what it takes to play and eventually win.

How to Play Lucky Lotteries?

Playing Lucky Lotteries is pretty simple and straightforward. To get started, choose the game of your choice – this will determine the price of the ticket. When you do, decide whether you’d like to have your numbers picked in random order or a sequential order (they will be allocated in order).

You can make a choice between one and 10 numbers per ticket. Obviously, the more numbers you choose, the more expensive the ticket is going to be.

In each drawing, a first, second, and third prize will be drawn. The lottery will also have a wide array of smaller prizes. The jackpot ticket will be drawn separately from the selection of other prize divisions. A jackpot number can be one of those drawn already. This means that if you’ve won a Lucky Lotteries prize already in the drawing, you also have the chance to potentially snatch the biggest prize of them all.

Because winning the jackpot isn’t that easy, there are numerous drawings without a top winner. If the biggest prize isn’t claimed, it will roll over to the next drawing. This way, Lucky Lotteries has managed to produce some spectacular jackpots over the years.

Prizes and Odds

The odds of winning the jackpot in Mega Jackpot is 1 in 9,483,167. The overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 16.4 for Mega Jackpots and 1 in 23.03 for Super Jackpots. Thus, spending a bit more on the more expensive Lucky Lotteries entry actually makes sense.

If the jackpot is not won in the respective drawing, it will increase by an increment of 240,000 dollars for every coming Mega Jackpot drawing. The biggest prize in the history of the game was drawn on October 2009 and the amount had reached 16.32 million Australian dollars by then.

Recently, a grandma in Parkes became one of the biggest winners in the history of Lucky Lotteries. While she didn’t exceed the biggest jackpot in the history of the game, she claimed the pretty impressive 8.82 million Australian dollars.

Her winning ticket had resulted in solely 10 dollars during the first drawing of the game.

Other than the jackpot, each Mega Jackpot drawing features a first prize of 200,000 dollars, a second prize of 20,000 dollars, a third prize of 5.000 dollars, 10 prizes of 500 dollars, 25 prizes of 100 dollars, 75 prizes of 75 dollars, 600 prizes of 40 dollars, 700 prizes of 20 dollars and 2,800 prizes of 12 dollars.

For Super Jackpot, there is a 100,000 dollar first prize, a 10,000 dollar second prize, a 5,000 dollar third prize, and over 9,400 additional winning tickets.

Can You Play Lucky Lotteries Online?

That’s the big question, isn’t it? Getting to play lotteries online is incredibly convenient, plus such opportunities enable people from all parts of the world to try international games.

Can you play Lucky Lotteries online? You can, if you are in Australia. The official website does have a residency requirement for all people who would like to get their ticket this way.

If you want to buy Lucky Lotteries tickets online from abroad, you will have to wait. Currently, no online lottery agency has the game in its portfolio. There are other Australian options, though, so if you’d like to play a lottery from the land down under, you have the chance.

Some Information for Lucky Lotteries Winners

The biggest and probably the most important thing players should know is that Australia doesn’t impose a tax on sums won through the lottery. Anything you get to snatch through playing Lucky Lotteries is yours to keep.

Prizes can be claimed both at authorized retail venues and online. Whenever a player buys Lucky Lotteries tickets online, the sum that they’ve won will be credited to their digital account.

Payments are also possible by cheque and to a bank account for added convenience.

Sums of up to 1,500 dollars can be claimed in any convenient way. A larger amount can be obtained after filling out a prize claim form on the official website. There will typically be a two-week waiting period for a larger sum to be paid out.

Why You Should Play Lucky Lotteries


Lucky Lotteries consists of two games

There are multiple drawings per week

The odds of winning a prize are pretty favorable

Players have a lot of flexibility in terms of ticket price and numbers to choose from (1 to 10)

There are numerous prizes other than the jackpot

Tickets can be bought online (if you’re an Australian resident)

There are minimum guaranteed jackpots for both Super Jackpot and Mega Jackpot

If there’s no winner for the respective drawing, the sum will roll over towards the next one

Australia doesn’t have an income tax on lottery prizes

You should also consider a few shortcomings before getting your ticket:

Why You Shouldn’t Play Lucky Lotteries


Raffle-style games don’t allow you to choose your own numbers

Tickets can be seen as somewhat expensive in comparison to the cost of playing the other major lotteries

International players can’t buy Lucky Lotteries tickets online

Would you mind rating Lucky Lotteries?

Is Lucky Lotteries Legit?

Lucky Lotteries is not a scam. This is a legitimate gaming opportunity that’s run and organized by an official Australian entity. Some people love raffle games, others find those missing in excitement. If you belong to the first group, you will enjoy Lucky Lotteries.

We hope you’ve found the Lucky Lotteries review useful and we also hope this option is the one that will help you win some cool cash. Don’t be afraid to give it a try – Lucky Lotteries game is 100 percent legitimate.

  1. Forget about jackpot, I purchased at least 50-60 tickets on different dates but never won even $10. At best I won free tickets three times. But then, I could not find my numbers among winning numbers when I won a ticket.

    I played other games and have won small prizes, but for LL never. It seems the entire game is a scam, the numbers they sell are not the numbers drawn. Or probably they will draw once they have made enough sales.

  2. I’m with Ben,
    If the prizes are drawn when all the “tickets” are sold how is it that the jackpot doesn’t go off for every draw?
    Didn’t understand Josh’s explanation at all.

    Waste of money/scam

  3. If the prizes are drawn when all the “tickets” are sold how is it that the jackpot doesn’t go off for every draw?
    Because it’s a scam.

    • In regard to Bens review, it’s due to the structure of the lottery, there is a top prize of 100k and 200k for the super and mega jackpot respectively, they pay every draw with the set 260k (from memory) and 200k tickets sold for each lottery there is actually a second draw in each draw to determine if the jackpot pays out, it draws on the same numbers, but for the jackpot to pay out the number has to have one a prize on the previous draw, if this doesn’t happen the jackpot grows by a set amount (240k I think for mega jackpot). There is a set minimum jackpot on each draw which they revert to if the jackpot has just paid, 500k for super and 1m for mega.

      The odds for winning the top prize is considerably better than a number of other lottos, with the odds of hitting the jackpot being around the same as your standard lotto, so overall I find it a pretty decent game, albeit seemingly overpriced but I feel you pay for the increased odds.

      I’ve been playing it for the past 8 months every now and then, haven’t seen any significant wins though, but overall I like the structure of the game, I’ve always found it hard to pick numbers, and am somewhat against quick picks so this game randomly choosing tickets out of the set amount in the raffle format is perfect for me.

      Hope this has helped clarify anything with anyone confused with the game 🙂

      Price ***
      Prizes ***
      Jackpots ****
      Odds ****

      Overall I’d give it a solid 4 stars.


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