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Lucky Hari Hari Exposed — Who’s the Lucky One in Cambodia?

Lucky Hari Hari Exposed

Lucky Hari Hari Review

Four-digit (4D) lotteries are popular in many parts of the world. Cambodia isn’t an exception. The local version of the game is called Lucky Hari Hari, which makes it sound pretty fun and perky. For many people playing the live 4D lottery game, this is the case.

If you’ve never heard of Lucky Hari Hari in the past, today is your lucky day. We will take a look at this opportunity and everything that it has to offer. While information is gravely lacking when it comes to Lucky Hari Hari, we’re professionals, and we’ve done a lot of digging. This is what we managed to come up with eventually.

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Lucky Hari Hari: Introduction

Lucky Hari Hari is a game that likes to keep its secrets. While it has a pretty lively Facebook page with lots of comments from people that have reviewed the lottery, its official website is virtually empty. Anyone who is looking for information about the legitimacy of Lucky Hari Hari will probably feel disappointed about the official online presence of this Cambodian game.

With multiple daily drawings and flexible betting amounts, however, Lucky Hari Hari seems to be generating a lot of buzz. The game’s Facebook page has even attracted people who are psychics or who use other means to predict the winning numbers. While this is obvious spam, the proliferation of such publications demonstrates the high level of interest in the game.

Is Lucky Hari Hari a Scam and Can You Play It Online?

Based on all the research that we’ve done, it’s easy to conclude that Lucky Hari Hari is not a scam.

The drawings are live, and they’re broadcast via the lottery’s official website. Thus, you can rest assured there’s nothing shady going on, and the Cambodian lottery is characterized by a high level of transparency.

There’s one thing that raises a red flag, however. Lucky Hari Hari does not provide legitimate contact details via its website. You can either get in touch with the lottery operator via Facebook or via a Gmail email address.

Neither Facebook nor the official website mentions the entity responsible for organizing Lucky Hari Hari. Still, there are no reports of people getting ripped off or being scammed out of their hard-earned cash.

As far as playing Lucky Hari Hari online goes, we will take a more in-depth look at this opportunity in one of the next sections of the article.

How to Play Lucky Hari Hari

Luckily, this is a standard 4D lottery. As such, it has rules reminiscent of the regulations for all of the other four-digit games out there.

To buy a Lucky Hari Hari ticket, you will need to choose a four-digit number in the range from 0000 to 9999. Some of your digits could be repeated. Your ticket could look like this: 1593, and it could also look like this: 2206.

To win, you have to guess all four of the digits and the order in which they’re going to be drawn. If your numbers are out of order, you will not win anything. Thus, a ticket that looks like this: 1493 will not win if the drawn number is 1439.

Players are free to choose the amount they’re going to bet on their Lucky Hari Hari ticket. The size of the bet determines the risk for the player, but it also plays a role in calculating the amount that the winner is going to take home.

Just like in the case of other 4D games, there are also big and small bets. The big bet features a more significant number of prizes but lower payouts. The small bet is characterized by only a first, second, and third prize tier. Because the prizes are limited, they’re bigger.

Lucky Hari Hari comes with a minimum bet of $1 per four-digit number. The type of bet is irrelevant.

Lucky Hari Hari Prizes and Odds

Just like the case of other 4D games, there is a third, second, and third prize in Lucky Hari Hari. There are also 10 special and 10 consolation prizes for a total of 23.

A four-digit number will be drawn for each of the prize categories. Thus, to win the top prize, you have to match the number drawn for the first prize category. Next, you can check whether you’ve matched the number for the second prize category and so on.

If you bet $1, you will win a top prize of $2,500 for a big bet and of $3,500 for a small bet. The second prize is going to be respectively $1,000 for those who choose a big bet and $2,000 for small bet players. Third prizes are $500 and $1,000 for big and small bet players respectively.

In the case of a big bet, there’s also a starter prize of $200 and a consolation prize of $60.

Apart from the main prizes, Lucky Hari Hari also features bonus jackpots and payouts. To activate those, the minimum payment is USD1. Depending on the numbers being drawn and the player’s selection, the bonus payment will be either 100, 50, or 30 percent of the jackpot pool.

Can You Play Lucky Hari Hari Online?

Lucky Hari Hari is a fun game that’s characterized by relatively good odds of winning a prize. The question here is whether you could play this Cambodian lottery online.

At the time being, Lucky Hari Hari doesn’t have an official online platform that enables the acquisition of lottery tickets.

Games from Cambodia aren’t available through international lottery operators either. If you are in another country and you’d like to test your luck, the only option you’ll have ahead of you is traveling to Cambodia.

Some Information for Lucky Hari Hari Winners

There is no official information on the Lucky Hari Hari website about claiming your prize. You may want to get in touch with the operator via email or Facebook to discover what your options are.

In Cambodia, income taxes are paid by the lottery operator rather than by the player. Thus, prizes are paid out in the form of tax-free amounts.

This being said, let’s summarize some of the most essential Lucky Hari Hari advantages:

Why You Should Play Lucky Hari Hari


It’s a standard 4D lottery game

There are big and small betting options that determine prize amounts and the number of payouts

Players are free to choose the bet amount they’re comfortable with

There are some additional bonus payouts and perks

Drawings take place daily

Lottery prizes in Cambodia are freed from income taxation

How Lucky Hari Hari misses the mark includes the following:

Why You Shouldn’t Play Lucky Hari Hari


There is no information whatsoever about the lottery operator and whether it has the license needed to run such a game

The only contact options include email and Facebook communication

The Lucky Hari Hari website doesn’t feature any useful information about the game

Online ticket buying options aren’t available


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Is Lucky Hari Hari Legit?

While some questions about Lucky Hari Hari remain unanswered, you probably have all of the essential information if you are in Cambodia. The opportunity appears to be a legitimate one, and the game follows a pretty popular format that most players are already comfortable with.

If you are in Cambodia and you know more about Lucky Hari Hari, you can enlighten the entire community by leaving some information in the comments below.

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