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Description: Lucktastic app is an add-supported, free-to-play virtual scratch card web app that is readily available for iPhone and Android phones.

Lucktastic Exposed — Can You Make Some Cash with It?

Lucktastic Exposed

Lucktastic Review

Looking at Lucktastic (assuming the conceptual use of words such as Luck is Fantastic) it all seems fairly simple and straightforward. This is an application for Android and iPhones for playing scratch games online. Even better, it’s free. So what’s the catch?

Where Do I Start at Lucktastic?

Of course, the first thing players have to do is download the App on their phone, set up an account, and then start to play. Ah – the catch! You have to be a US citizen to play. More on why shortly. Let’s go back to the games. Players win tokens that can be used to get more scratches. The token value (i.e. winnings) is between $1 to $100. What a player wins is divided into what can be used to redeem and what can be used to cash in. It appears, that cashing in means trading that part of your wallet for coupons. One article referenced Amazon Gift Cards though it does look like there are other advertisers that provide coupon rewards.

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More at Lucktastic

Consecutive day play is encouraged with the US $5,000 a US $10,000 scratch cards. To “unlock” the US $5,000 scratch card, players must play five days consecutively. Ditto for the US $10,000 scratch card but for ten days. Oops, there is also a US $25,000 sweepstakes that have terms and conditions of play.

How to Claim Winnings on Luckstatic

Players can actually cash out their account as long as it is over $10 either by receiving a check (7 – 10 business days) or using a system called Dwolla. To activate this, click on the Four Leaf Clover. It will open a menu of options. If you don’t have a Dwolla Account, it will walk you through the process of opening one. Dwolla is a US platform for money transfers. It looks pretty professional though it does look like you have to be a US citizen to register.

LottoExposed alert

Please note! The Lucktastic scam notifications have nothing to do with the official app!

If you get a message/call/money request from “Lucktastic”, please post it on the Lucktastic Scam page.

How Does Lucktastic Do It?

Ah, the catch! Firstly, let’s go back to the ole you have to be a US citizen to play. This is because the site is funded by advertising. It doesn’t appear that this translates into receiving spam but instead prior to playing the scratch card, players are offered advertising to view. You do have a choice on whether you have to read before you play and it does appear that whether you do or not, does not affect winning. But, keep in mind – the more tokens you cash to play, the more advertising you are offered.

What Else?

Surfing around and reading some of the comments players have made, it does sound like the App itself might be a little sluggish, and/or your ability to play depends on how new your phone is. As I am not a US citizen, I couldn’t register to play, I did not find this out firsthand.

Lastly at Lucktastic

Given that you are not actually giving these guys any credit card details (it is free) and the game itself is very straightforward, there can’t be that many questions. But if you do, the operator of the site is Jump Ramp Games out of New York with a snail mail and email address, plus a Twitter account. There are no phone numbers. There are no terms and conditions with any information being provided only in their FAQ.

Why You Should Register with Luckstatic


It’s free

Has an app

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Luckstatic


You won’t win a mega jackpot

Must be a US citizen

Would you mind rating Lucktastic?

Is Luckstatic Legit?

If you’re into playing scratch cards (I admit it, I am) and you are a US Citizen in the US (and I am not), then this could be some good fun and winnings though it’s not going to be that mega jackpot. Then again, it is free. Lucktastic gets 5.5 out of 10.

  1. Used to be able to exchange tokens for gift cards. Not anymore. I have nothing good to say. You are scammers.

  2. This is a scam. Stay AWAY Anybody who got a card is lying. I would suggest contacting their advertisers and letting them know what’s going on. Contacting the BBB would be a good idea too.

  3. Don’t waste your time. You’ll never be able to redeem anything, NEVER EVER as all their giftcards are ALWAYS conveniently out of stock. They make money out of all of us that keep playing and thinking we’ll someday redeem something.

  4. Like others have said, this is a scam. I’ve been playing for months and finally have 200,000 tokens earned. I tried to get a gift card but can’t unless I download a ton of apps. They never mentioned this in the beginning and I wouldn’t have wasted all my time if I knew this. It’s a rip-off!

  5. Do not waste your time with this app. It is a scam and cant be trusted. I have been playing for one year and I still can’t redeem a gift card. Every time I try to redeem they are out of stock. I deleted the app and will never ever play again. They collect emails and money from ads and they don’t want to pay a dime. I also think the people who claim that they won money must be an employee with Lucktastic. I don’t trust this app and I put them on my shit list. Garbage Scam SOBs

    • Yes I have been playing for a couple of years and I haven’t been able to cash out for a gift card in months now..No matter what gift card you pick….they say sorry out of stock…They say they restock when gift cards become available from their partners… Apparently all their partners never restock…I say its bs so please don’t waste your time on this game..Beware!!!!


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