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The Lucktastic Scam: Nothing to Do with the App, Hold Your Horses!

Lucktastic Scam Alert

You’ve asked and we’re ready to answer – yes, there is a Lucktastic scam out there! No, the scam has nothing to do with the official Lucktastic app.

Just when we think that fraudsters have exhausted all opportunities, they come up with something new. While mega lottery scams like the ones targeting Powerball or EuroMillions have been exposed time and time again, new fraud attempts are now targeting alternative lotteries that are a bit more obscure.

The Lucktastic app is one such more exotic option that dozens of people are still unfamiliar with. This is probably why scammers have chosen it in an attempt to win some cash in a completely criminal way.

What Is Lucktastic?

Before moving on to describing the scam itself, let’s take a look at what Lucktastic is.

You can actually find a lot about the app in the Lucktastic review, we’ve written about it.

Lucktastic is a mobile app that gives lottery enthusiasts a quick and easy chance to test their luck. It’s free to try – all that you have to do is download it on your phone. The fact that Lucktastic is completely free is something to keep in mind, especially if fraudsters contact you and ask for the payment of a certain fee.

The app features scratchcard games. Whenever the player wins a prize, some of the winnings will be used for the acquisition of new tickets and some can be cashed out (typically as gift coupons and vouchers for prominent retail websites).

This definitely sounds like a sweet deal – you don’t spend any money, you get to test your luck and you can potentially benefit from small prizes. People who love the lottery and would like to test it out without any risk should definitely opt for Lucktastic. Unfortunately, there is currently a Lucktastic scam circulating around that you should be careful about.

The Lucktastic Scam – Same Old, Same Old

Lucktastic scam complaints on Lotto Exposed

As far as the Lucktastic scam is concerned, it doesn’t bring anything new to the table. The scammers still rely on an old-school scheme that could potentially appeal to somebody’s desire for easy winnings.

The scam has two dimensions – a part of it occurs on Istagram and there have also been individuals who received phone calls from a so-called Lucktastic representative.

The Instagram scam features messages being sent out from fake accounts. The individuals pose as official Lucktastic representatives. In the message, they claim that the respective person being contacted has won a Lucktastic prize. The prize amount varies and so does the “fee” that players have to play in order to obtain the prize.

Some Instagram users have reported being asked to pay around 200 dollars for prize processing. In other instances, the fee exceeded 300 dollars.

In yet another situation, the recipient was asked to pay two percent of the prize amount for the purpose of claiming it. Such a message on Istagram can come from someone calling themselves Mr. Gomez. There are other fake accounts that present themselves as official Lucktastic pages.

Alternatively, the scammers may resort to calling random phone numbers.

When they contact someone potentially interested, they will once again present themselves as Lucktastic representatives. Again, the prize being presented is 100,000 dollars. The recipient of the call is asked to pay a processing fee of over 300 dollars for the 100,000 dollars to be sent.

One of the individuals that received such a call was smart enough to ask for additional details. While the Lucktastic “representative” claimed that the company’s office was in New York, they provided data (name and an account number) in Jamaica for the purpose of the fee payment. Obviously, this is more than a shady attempt to defraud some naïve individuals of their hard-earned cash.

The Scam Has Nothing to Do with the Official Lucktastic App

The final thing to understand is that such calls or social media contact attempts are completely illegal. They have nothing to do with the official Lucktastic app.

The developers of Lucktastic will never contact potential players or offer actual monetary prizes. This is not how Lucktastic works. As a matter of fact, this is not how any legitimate lottery works. We’ve said it a thousand times and we will say it again – official lotteries will never contact players and prizes aren’t going to be offered if you haven’t even participated in a certain opportunity.

Some people find Lucktastic fun, others believe it’s not their cup of tea. No matter what you think about the app, it is 100 percent legitimate and it will never ask you for money in exchange for a prize. Lucktastic itself is a free app and if you know anything about it, you should never fall for the scam.