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LottoTown Exposed — No One Is Home!

LottoTown Review

Is it just me or is everyone jumping on the band wagon using the Lottotech platform? We keep finding more and more sites that look a lot alike. LottoTown is yet another Lottotech site that offers players the opportunity to play online lotteries around the world. They do purchase actual tickets and offer a variety of discounts for subscriptions and VIP levels. So what makes this one different?

Games at

There are 17 games with this online lottery provider. They range from the usual mega jackpots of US Powerball and EuroJackpot through to the Hoozier Lottery. Players can buy one or multiple tickets for each draw. Discounts are offered for subscriptions of 8 draws/10% off, 16 draws/15%, 26 draws/22% and 52 draws/25%. There are no syndicates here.

LottoTown Promotions

LuckyEurope combo offers 3 draws of 3 lines for EuroJackpot and 5 draws of 3 lines for EuroMillions discounted 25% as a one-time offer. LuckyUSA is a combo of 8 draws of 5 lines for Mega Millions and 3 draw of 3 lines for US Powerball also discounted at 25% as a one-time offer. also says to “check back for regular updates”.

Become a VIP

Buying lottery tickets at LottoTown, players earn “Frequent Purchase Points” (FPPs) that can be used for buying more tickets or players can “cash them in and use them at your convenience”. We’re still not sure if this means you actually get the cash back or use them to buy vouchers and other stuff. We’re waiting on an answer on that one. FPPs are converted into the VIP Levels ranging from 0-50 FPP (1% discount) for Regular up to 1000 plus (10% discount) for Diamond. It sounds like this discount is on top of the subscription discounts.

Winning at Lotto Town

Yet another Lottotech platform, we did expect the usual thresholds on getting your winnings ie under US$600 wins (or the equal amount in other currencies) is paid directly into your account. Prizes over US$10,000 must be collected by the player. Okay, so what happens between $600 and $10,000. We asked the question and still don’t have an answer. and Customer Service

LottoTown is owned and operated by a company out of the UK called D STREET LTD. For customer service, they offer a snail mail address, phone number, email address and online form. Their office hours are 9:00 to 17:00 GMT though there is no info on how quickly they will respond to emails (and we’re still waiting). The phone number simply plays elevator music and no one seems to answer.

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The Bottom Line at LottoTown

It looks like the only thing that makes this site different is the fact it is owned and operated out of the UK hence is subject to the UK Gambling Commission. Oh – and there is that little question on what happens to winnings between US$600 and US$9,999.


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What If I Win $1,000?

No Syndicates

Customer Service?

LottoTown gets a thumbs down. The customer service issue is a bit of a worry – I mean not answering emails with questions did make the team wonder plus no one on the other end of the telephone!

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