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Lottostarz Exposed — Mystery Magnifies Danger

Lottostarz Review

Sometimes, I really have to shake my head at some of these online lottery providers. Lottostarz provides a platform to play two lottery games – US Powerball and Mega Millions. Agreed, they are two of the biggest lotteries, but seriously, only two lotteries. Digging into how they operate, their terms and conditions, it gets worse.

How Lotto Starz Works

Players can either use their favorite numbers or quick pick with a minimum of five lottery tickets per order. Orders can be placed for single or multiple draws. There are no syndicates offered, specials or bonuses. They also say that all administration, account management, and courier fees are covered in their fee – but – all “payments/courier fees will show up as Starz, Inc. on your credit card statement. So, which is it?

When Do I Get My Winnings?

Any winnings under $600 are immediately credited to your account. Any winnings over $600, players have to submit a request and are paid within 14 days upon Lottostarz receiving it. If a player wins over $600, sends a payout request form with a prepaid postage envelope and they submit it to the respective lottery on your behalf. Prepaid postage envelope – give me a break! Oh, but they do say there are no fees.

Winning at

That is until a player gets a win over the US $100,000! If a player wins a jackpot over this amount, then Lottostarz charges a 5% service fee. But – yes the big BUT – this 5% service fee is calculated on the total lottery amount before taxes! It could get worse. There is no information whether this amount is calculated on the actual lump sum available or the published jackpot amount. For those that are wondering what I’m talking about, most of the big lotteries are actually paid on an annuity basis which adds up to the published mega jackpot.

Who Is Lottostarz?

In digging into whom exactly owns Lottostarz or Starz, Inc., there are no snail mail address, no telephone numbers, and no direct email address. There is a form that players can complete which they will respond to within 24 to 48 hours. They have not. We asked several questions with no response. Their website was created by a company out of Colorado and their site is hosted out of Londonderry, Great Britain. and Customer Service

We did finally find one email address buried in their frequently asked questions, under “how do I request a payout”. That’s it. There is no other way to contact these folks or feel confident about where they are or who they are.

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The Bottom Line

Sorry folks, but this is one site I would definitely give a pass. We’re not saying they are a scam but there is just too much information not available and I wouldn’t touch a site that won’t respond to questions.


Can’t Think Of One


No Direct Contact Details

No Idea Who They are

They Take 5% off the Top

Our team gives a thumbs down! The fact they only offer two lotteries, albeit they are two of the biggest, makes me wonder why they are in business. Then again, the increase in odds in their favor of winning a 5% interest in a mega jackpot I guess is enough reason.

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