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  1. I just joined Lottospring and found the site to be easy to use, informative, my payment went through easily and I don’t see any problems – I did spend a lot of time reading the Terms and Conditions. Happy so far Nov 2018

  2. This is not a review of how it works or how hard it is or isn’t to get the money out. This is because I have just been informed that my account is suspended due to problems with me being British and living in the UK? I do believe that it is a better way to do the lottery even though all their payment gateways have really bad reviews?
    So if i ever get my account back I will then be in a better position to comment on how it actually works or doesn’t?

  3. I joined and forgot about Lotto spring. I logged in last week and $65 Euros….That’s got to be good…….

    It’s funny how some people will always shout Scam…… This clearly is not.

    Give it a go. P.


    They make it near impossible to get your money back. If you are lucky enough to win – e.g. 5 Euro and if you wanted to get your winnings you will get charged a minimum of 2 Euro and have to go through very poorly reviewed on-line money transfer systems which many people claim are SCAMS or get charged 14 Euro for an off-line transfer and have to offer all of your banks financial details.

    In saying that they will not let you withdraw all of the money in your account “without permission from them”

    Lotto Spring

    Trick 1:
    Winnings get paid into an on-line LottoSpring account – not into your bank account. And then you get charged to get your winnings out and have to risk going through poorly reviewed money transfer sites.

    Trick 2:
    LottoSpring will not let you withdraw all of your winnings without permission. They want to retain 33 Euro for the next round of bets (why would this be necessary when they already Direct Debit your account?)

    Trick 3:
    LottoSpring says that if you close your account you lose any money still left in your account

    Trick 4:
    The options of on-line winnings return “Skrill”, “Netteller” and “Perfect Money” all have dreadful reviews suggesting that they make it hard to get your money back and they they are scam websites

    Trick 5:
    Offline Bank Account deposit to get your money back – they ask for all of your bank details and charge 14 Euro. Given that they partner with disreputable on-line money transfer sites – I am loathe to trust them with those details

    • Get your facts right Skrill and Netteller are certainly not scam sites. Very easy to check them out properly.

    • Just wondering why anyone would try to withdraw 5 euros? There are clearly charges (2 euros in this case) associated with every bank and every system that handles money…. Even ATMs charge in some places…. Does not make it a scam….Yawn.

  5. Love this! Many thanks guys for your reviews as always!

  6. I think it is a game changer in this industry. All of your PROs are bang on. As for the two CONS, I think they are really PROS because:
    1) Even though the Jackpots do not grow you have a much larger chance of winning a smaller jackpot rather than a very small chance of winning a growing jackpot.
    2) This is a Hybrid Syndicate meaning that unlike a regular syndicate where the winnings are shared evenly among all members including the holder of the winning ticket, in LottoSpring, the holder of the winning ticket takes a lion’s share of the winnings (20%) and 80% is shared among the other 49 syndicate members.

    Personally, I have been playing since November and won 4 times so far. Mind you not the Jackpot yet 🙂

    If anyone would like a chance at getting a FREE ticket please PM me.

    • Hi, is it possible to get a free ticket? Thank you.


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LottoSpring Exposed — Why Not Try Your Luck with the Syndicates with an Added Value?

LottoSpring Review

Now for something a little different. LottoSpring offers syndicates with added value that use the official EuroMillions lottery numbers to play their own three games. Players’ monthly subscription does not only offer a split on winnings but also kickbacks on referrals. Are you feeling confused? Don’t be – their terms and conditions lay it out very clearly with lots of ways to win.

Games at

LottoSpring has three of its own homegrown lottery games. LottoSpring’s Mega 5 is played every Tuesday for a jackpot of €5 million. Mega 10 is played the first three Fridays of each month for a jackpot of €10 million. Mega 50 is played on the 4th Friday of each month for a mega jackpot of €50 million. The winning numbers come from the official Euro Millions draw. LottoSpring uses a European insurance company to ensure players’ winnings – especially for the jackpot.

How Does It Work?

This is a site that offers a combo of winning through being part of a syndicate and on the ticket number that you pick to put into the syndicate. Players pay a monthly subscription to play. Each syndicate is made up of 50 players (or less if it closes before the draw). There are 13 prize piers, with the 4th to the 13th paid the face value as stated in the terms and conditions. For the three top prize tiers, winnings are divided so that whoever picked the actual ticket wins 20% and the rest is paid to the syndicate winners. Well, it’s not quite that simple with some of it going directly to the player’s account and some to their “upline account”.

Bonuses, Referrals and Other Ways to Win

A player’s upline account refers to winnings set aside to pay the person who referred them. That’s one of the bonuses that add to this game. If you refer someone and they win, you get a percentage of the winnings. Usually, this would mean that they are in a different syndicate hence more ways to win! If a player refers three friends – and they play – the membership subscription is also refunded each month as long as they play. Then there are the blitz points that players can earn to get more tickets!

LottoSpring Referrals

Getting Your Winnings

Winnings are deposited into your player’s account once LottoSpring receives it. Players who win in the top two tiers need to complete a form for the insurers. Players can withdraw winnings over €30 though they suggest “100 units of the relevant currency” is a better threshold. If they need to convert any currency (like winning Euros to USD), fees/charges might apply.

LottoSpring Winnings

Who Can Play at Lotto Spring?

Players have to be “over the legal age for gambling in their country”, working for or have an interest in a Bookmaker/Operator company, have one registered account with and register themselves for real. People who are in and/or a resident of Afghanistan, Burundi, Central African Republic, Conakry (Guinea), Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Eritrea, France, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan North and South, Syria, United States of America and Yemen cannot play here.

Who Is

Now these guys are truly international. LottoSpring is traded by the Nexus Group International Limited out of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, operated by Kootac NV out of Curaçao, with Kootac Trading Ltd out of Malta handing their payment and customer services. There is a snail mail address for each of their companies, plus email for contact details. You can also keep up to date with through Facebook & Twitter.

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The Bottom Line

The idea of being able to win not only on the syndicate you go into but also through other members’ syndicates is cool. Add to this, if you refer just three players, your monthly membership is free. Nice to see something different!


13 Prize Tiers

Good Jackpots

Added Winning with Referrals

Refer Three Friends and Play for FREE


Jackpots are Fixed Amounts/Don’t Grow

Syndicates Means Sharing

This site gets a thumbs up. We’re looking forward to hearing from players on how much they win!

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