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LottoMessenger Exposed — Nothing Stays Secret Forever!

LottoMessenger Review

Sometimes I wonder just how gullible some of these lottery service providers think we are. ( now) is yet another site that has sprung up without a lot of credibilities. When our team is checking out a lottery service provider, one of the first things we look at is who they are, where they are and how easily can they be contacted. If that information isn’t readily available, then we start getting suspicious.

Who is

There is no information on Lotto Messenger’s website on who they are. We started digging around to see what we could find out but didn’t get anywhere. I mean this is a company that is asking for personal and credit card details. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to share any of this until I know who I am doing it with. Finally, we found out. is owned by Ledonford Ltd, a direct marketing company. It owns many online lottery service provider sites offering a variety of different services and packages.

Lotto Messenger and their Services promotes itself as a lottery service provider that will purchase tickets anywhere in the world for players, scan a copy and send it to you. It primarily promotes subscriptions where players buy-in from two weeks up to a year. Subscriptions are particularly popular when a player plays regular numbers. It makes sure you do not miss out on a draw. Lotto Messenger also says you can opt-out of your subscription at any time with a refund excluding the US $10.

Getting Your Winnings

They also say that there are no fees or service charges for receiving your winnings. Anything under the US $600 goes directly into your account. Any win over $600 requires a player to complete a claim form, and they may need to pick up that jackpot themselves. I don’t think I’d mind flying somewhere for those mega millions. They are pretty good on clearly stating taxes are applicable to US lotteries and that anyone can play US lotteries. But that got me wondering.

Games at

They offer international lotteries worldwide, though most of the information in their FAQ and ‘how it works’ is the United States orientated. Part of me started wondering whether they were based there. We did find some registration information regarding an address in Florida, though most of these reference sites were in Spanish.

Lotto Messenger’s Customer Service

Though there is a ‘live chat’ button at the top of their website, it redirects to an online form. In fairness, they say they answer back in six hours and responded within twenty minutes with the answer to my question. There are no phone numbers, no snail mail address and no direct email addresses until a player receives a response from the original question. Answers come from Ledonford’s sales department.

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line

Ledonford Ltd is a pretty big company, and we’ve looked into a variety of their sites. Most of them are great at providing reliable information and clear contact details. I don’t understand why they would set up a site like Lotto Messenger with no visibility on who they are. Maybe this is one of their new sites they’ve just kicked off. Then again, if they can get the others up and running so professionally, why mess around like this.



Reliable Company


Why not say how you are

Why not provide contact details

Why so much US focus in your FAQ

The fact that they are part of the Ledonford Ltd family gives these guys credibility, but – yes the big but, I think for now I’ll stick to some of their more professional sites (yes I do play with them). We can’t give this site a thumbs up and will have to monitor their site it to see if they bring it up to the level of some of their others.

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