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LottoLucker Exposed — What to Watch For?

LottoLucker Review

Most online lottery players are reassured when Live Chat is available. At, it is simply a pain in the rear. Every time you change a page through their site, it pops up – over and over and over again! is an online lottery provider that offers international lottery tickets for both individual and group play. Getting into the nuts and bolts of how it works meant putting up with that annoying “Lottery Expert Jessica”.

Games at

Players can choose either their own personal numbers or quick pics for playing eleven international lotteries. Be very careful here as five game boards come up automatically with quick pick numbers. You can clear them and put in your own, but – yes the big but – when you click on “continue” it changes the bonus ball to be the same for all tickets. Secondly, you must play 5 ticket lines and it automatically completes the rest. Various discounts apply for multi-draw and subscriptions depending on which lottery you play.

Lotto Lucker’s Syndicates/Group Play

Each of the international lotteries offered by is available in syndicates (or what they call “Group Play”) with a share ratio of 150 to 50 lines. They use the same numbers changing up the bonus balls. Again, beware as the order page defaults to 8 shares. You can pick 1 share, but you have to type in the number. The minus sign does not decrease the number suggesting that “8” are the minimum shares necessary to complete your purchase.

Getting Your Money takes a 12% commission on all winnings. They also do say in their terms and conditions that they only take 10% on wins US$ 1 million or higher, though their Live Chat didn’t seem to know this. There is a minimum amount of €5 for withdrawing from your account. They do say they will collect your winnings for you – in most cases.

Bonus Programs at

Most ticket purchases involve a bonus of a free group ticket for Mega Millions. There is a “Welcome Bonus” of a discount on the first 100 tickets you purchase – though it doesn’t say how much. There are also the ole Frequent Purchase Points. Bonuses in the form of group play can only be used for tickets.

Participation with Other Users

Okay, this one got the entire team in an argument on what it meant. In section 7.5 of the T&C, says that where players are part of a program for a free ticket provided by the Company, then winnings under €5,000 will be “transferred to the Company… the sole owner of those winnings”. I get say that splitting up say €1,500 between 150 people end up being €10 each but what the heck – a win is a win.

Customer Support at

Okay, back on their live chat in the form of a “Lottery Expert”. Nice to have someone to talk to but I don’t need a constant ding and pop up window that makes reading the actual information difficult. It comes up with a message that says “Contact me in order to learn how to buy tickets cheaper and boost your winning chances!” There is also a snail mail in Cyprus and email address, plus a UK and Russian phone number. There is no information regarding when they are available, but we were able to catch their Lottery Expert through their live chat.

LottoLucker’s Bottom Line

Folks, this is one of that kind of websites I personally do not like where they have things that are going on by default – especially a pop-up window that just won’t go away.


They Will Collect Your Winnings – Probably

Live Chat


12% Commission on Winnings

Minimum 5 Ticket Line Purchase

Group Play Ratio of Share/Tickets

These folks get a thumbs down and it’s not just the commission, but the whole concept of a minimum purchase that isn’t spelled out in the terms and conditions.

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