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  1. Stay away from them. They are a scam and a bunch of cheats. Will steal money from your card without given permission to do so.

  2. On 30 March 2016 an amount of 565.27 US Dollars was deducted from my credit card that I did not authorize nor has a consultant speak to me about the transaction. I laid a complaint with the Bank and they have now told me that I must contact you to sort this out. The form that was submitted by you was not signed by me as it is not my signature on it – it is fraud. I was advised by my lawyer to contact you to try and sort it out.

    • Still no reply from you. I rest my case. You are a bunch of crooks and must be locked in jail!

  3. In April I received a call from Artem Chernov, one of your managers: he promised the incredible income and earnings and I transferred about 400 euros. Within two weeks I had won 500 euros. But still the money has not arrived on my card. Once i received a letter from Richard Green:

    “Dear Client,
    We have received your withdraw request and our financial department is taking care of it.
    You will be able to see your money in your credit card up to 5 business days.

    Kind Regards, Philip Green
    VP Sales & Operations, LottoLeader
    +442037697136 // // // Skype: philip.lottoleader

    But the money did not come. What is going on?

  4. I find it strange, not a single email or comment from your support staff about my being scammed by one of your managers. Agill Daniels

    • Same thing happened to me. Lottoleader committed unauthorized withdrawals in the amount of EUR 3000,- in several tranches within a 48 hours. I had a very hard time to get the money back for 3 months. Never give them Your credit card details! Or they will rob you!

  5. Looking good website, very nice decoration and design, I like American lotteries and LottoLeader does give an opportunity for that, also with fair prices.

    Will play again definitely!

  6. Lottoleader has stolen 500 EUR from my card. That is a fact. I have made crime reports. Wonder just how long this can continue. Definetly is a scam be aware!

    • Please provide me with full details about your case to:
      And I will check your complaint.
      Philip Green – VP Sales & Operations

  7. Hi everybody!
    This website is comfortable and has benefits, I was looking for PowerBall tickets and came across with their website about 5 months ago.
    Since then I have played for about 400 GBP a month, and made around 5,000 USD from the PowerBall and Mega Millions US lotteries, and this is thanks to their account managers!
    Very advisable to use their managers, they are highly skilled and have a high-end knowledge about the lottery world.

  8. Very comfortable online lottery platform! Super easy and really safe to use and play in all ways, perfect website, finally found an internet lottery agent that doesn’t scam me and gives a highly skilled customer agents to help you, purchased a lot of group shares now waiting to win some money! 🙂 Bless you lotto leader!

  9. I play only LottoLeader, this company does scan the ticket sending me it, I don’t need to worry about the tickets, purchased some singles there and now the only thing to do is wait for the winnings! 😉
    A lot of good support and quick messages, great account manager and lottery adviser, truly Dear LottoLeader, you deserve infinite claps! 10\10 BRAVO!

  10. Fastest transactions I ever saw, group games really do the job, can’t wait to try out their millionaire club raffles.

  11. So much lies I made 390 euros from winnings people stop whining due to low winnings and start using the account managers they offer

  12. Fast customer service support, personal account manager, nice prices, though winning is pretty okay, the 10% commission of the company also pretty fair, 9 out of 10!

  13. Why is it that Lotto Leader is “forcing” people to play. I am not interrested to play Lotto anymore but they deducted the amount of R1 789 from my account without my consent. Please other readers be careful to supply banking details to them. If you want to reverse the debit order it is only hassles that you will experience.
    Ivan Sauls

  14. Lotto leader is pretty cool I like the fact that it is pretty cheap comparing to the other lottery companies and they also don’t push you into buying but giving you to freedom of choice, but winnings sucks though

  15. A very honest and company.
    I realy don’t understand why people are writing all these lies here, maybe it’s because they didn’t win the lottery? I played with them in the last month in group lotteries and i’m vety satisfied with my winnings. Purchased a package for 6 months in different lotteries that cost me 1000 euro and now after only 2 weeks i break even. I won almost 1200 euro and i stiil have 5 months of playing. I recommend this company.

  16. As I understood, the company has a different owner now, that is called “Millionaire VIP club”, that works pretty well, I play with them for the last week, and I deposited 500 EUR, and I made 325 EUR, and I asked them for a withdrawing, and they agreed without any questions.

  17. I have also had a similar experience, my card was only good for $500, but on the same day they tried to withdraw $800 and then $600 and finely $380, I notified my bank and they have cancelled my card and referred it to there fraud people. Definitely a SCAM.

  18. Lotto leader tried to take $764.00 (AU) from my husband’s account 30/3/16. Bank rang at 4.10 a.m. to confirm transaction. No authorization. Payment declined, fraud squad investigating. Unfortunately credit card is suspended and hubby has to open a new account – but at least they didn’t get any money.

    • After further investigation in our offices and internal departmdnts, I am sorry to say Mrs. karen S. You have been scammed but not by lottoleader by your husband who is a big gambler.
      We investigated about him and it seems he is blacklisted almost in every online gambling/lottery company since he looses a lot of money and than he claims that he didn’t approved the charges.
      Well Mrs. Karen before you blame the company make a thorough investigation in your own house and find out what else your husband is hiding from you.
      As for Lottoleader, we have his voice approval on record and a signed document in which he agreed for all the t&c.

  19. This is exactly what happened to me as well, I had few small buys is 2015 and after one year of inactivity, in March 2016 they made unauthorized transactions from my account in total of 4400 EUR. Be really careful with this site and avoid it. If you have ever used your card there, I would advise you to block it ASAP. I hope that someone will be saved from this scam by this message.

  20. Lottleader is definitely a scam.
    They had been taking off reasonable amounts from my credit card each month with regular phone calls from different people with a very similar voice. This year they began making multiple withdrawals of over $1200 per month.
    Emails to or to other managers are undelivered.

  21. LottoLeader IS A BIG SCAM. I joined last August and as a pensioner can’t afford to spend very much. Was committed to about $50 per month, then on the 6th month in one day being 11th Feb 2016 they withdrew over $3000 in 3 hits, which were unauthorized and have not been contactable since by phone or email. STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS. I HAD SPOKEN TO A DAVID DANIELS.

    • I’m convinced that LOTTOLEADER is a FRAUD – SCAM because I have NEVER joined with them, but have had 3 amounts taken from my VISA card $599, $149 & $149 (unauthorized) in one day, over $1000 with fees. How they got my card number I DON’T know & I would like the money refunded as being on a pension I cannot afford to play these sort of games.

    • Lottoleader is a scam – fraud – cheater! After playing once in 2-2015 for below EUR 10,- they charged my Mastercard in 3-2016 with appr. EUR 2900,- on a single day in March 2016, from which EUR 1090,- got through. The rest was denied by the security department or automatic protection software from Mastercard.

      Here are the unauthorized transactions as follows:
      Date: 14/03/16
      Amount: 500,00 EUR
      Datum: 14/03/16
      Betrag: 590,00 EUR

      Datum: 14/03/16
      Amount: 1.000,00 EUR – denied
      Datum: 14/03/16
      Betrag: 599,00 EUR – denied
      Datum: 14/03/16
      Betrag: 200,00 EUR – denied

      Lottoleader themselves or somebody who has bought their company to exploit their customer-database is committing large-scale fraud. It used to be a big company, now they are “hijacked”. Phone calls and e-mails are no longer answered by them since 15-3-2016, the only voice-computer is keeping You in endless cue. I have filed a police case against them and a jail warrant.

  22. Hello members and admins,

    Thank you truly for reviewing our website, it is important for us that you go through the process of making 100% good reviews of Lottery websites on your blog and we are glad to also be part of this today. You did a great job and were able to raise all of the issues with our site. We are working on it now and will tell you once we fix everything on the site.

    ~ Jimmy


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Lottoleader Exposed — Shares versus Tickets!

LottoLeader is owned and operated by Gretel Services Ltd. The clearing services are provided by Wiwine services ltd., located at 27 Old Gloucester St. London-England. You can contact them by the UK phone number +44-20-37697136, by email or by online form. provides online access to 11 international lotteries and 1 Spanish raffle. The LottoLeader website is available in 2 languages: English and Russian.

LottoLeader Review looks pretty straightforward and offers eleven international lottery games: US Powerball, Mega Millions & New York Lotto, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot & UK Lotto, Canadian 6/49, Spanish La Primitiva, El Gordo & BonoLoto and Italian SuperEnalotto. The lottery players can play single tickets or a group play.

Games at Lottoleader

Playing single games seems fairly straightforward, though there is a minimum purchase of three ticket lines. Lottoleader offers a bunch of discounts for consecutive draw plays with the largest discount on their flat subscription. Digging into the small print in the terms and conditions, this means a minimum of six months. They do say a player can opt-out as long as they give “at least 5 business days prior to the next monthly cycle”. The problem is there is no information on whether players can get out before the whole six months.

Lottoleader’s Group Play

As I have already mentioned, LottoLeader offers not only a single play, but a group plays either. That’s good! The minor issue is their group play is a syndicate of 50 lines with 150 shares. That’s one ratio I’m not comfortable about. Players can opt for more shares but still, I get into syndicates to max tickets (sorry, but it’s my personal opinion).

Bonuses and Discounts at

LottoLeader offers a “Happy Hour” promotion, but it’s not clear how it works. Players also get a free ‘participation’ each time they refer a friend. Lottoleader’s VIP bonus system earns players 1 point per dollar/euro spent to earn discounts. These range between 2% (starting at 251 points) up to 9% (over 5,000 points) in their “Platinum” category plus players get 4 free Mega Millions tickets. Ah, but they don’t say if this is a one-off or each time tickets are purchased. So, this information should be clarified.

Winning and Getting Your Money

Lottoleader claims they charge only a handling fee for each ticket purchase, but their TOS clearly says that

“for lottery winnings above the total sum of 10,000€ (Ten Thousands Euros), the client will be charged by the company (LottoLeader) 10% as participation fees. This amount will be directly deducted from your winnings. No additional hidden costs of fees will be charged.”

There is a minimum of €20 for withdrawals and they do deduct any charges incurred to make the transfer.

Lotto Leader and Customer Service is operated by Wiwine Services Ltd. out of the UK with an email ( ) & snail mail address, and phone number (+44-20-37697136). Oh, and they have an online form that they say they will try and respond within six hours. Well, it wasn’t six hours, but they did respond fairly quickly.

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The Bottomline at

We found nothing that indicates that LottoLeader is not a legit website. This lottery service is very young – it operates for only 9 months and it definitely deserves a chance.


Single and Group Play

Good Customer Service



Shares versus Tickets! gets a reserved thumb up. I hope it would offer more lotteries in the near future. If anyone has played here, can you please tell us about their bonuses on pool participation?

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