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LottoHitter Exposed — Online Access to Florida Lotteries

LottoHitter Exposed

LottoHitter Review

Delving behind who owns, it’s easy to get a little confused as they are also an online shopping platform. There was no indication (or complaints) that suggest that they use the online lottery service to facilitate spam and other promotions, at the same time, it did make the team pause. At face value, the site does simply seem to provide online access to Florida lotteries. Let’s go take a look.

Is Jackpocket safe to play in Florida?

How Does Work?

Playing at, you’ve got two choices. There is a one-time charge of USD 10.00 to join or simply opt for one of the pools. The one-time fee is then waived. More on the pools shortly. Let’s look at the games. This is an online lottery provider that offers access to Florida lotteries. This includes US Powerball (played Wednesday & Saturday) and Mega Millions (Tuesday & Saturday), Florida Lotto with Extra (played Wednesday & Saturday), Lucky Money (played Wednesday & Saturday), Fantasy 5 (played once every day), and Play 4 and Cash 3 (played twice daily). But keep in mind, regarding Play 4 and Cash 3, only plays the evening game. There is a flat fee on top of the face value of the tickets $1.00.

Lotto Hitter and their Pools

There are three types of pools or syndicates you can join – US Powerball, Mega Millions, and Florida Lotto. Each pool is limited to eight members (or units). They use a wheeling system to pick the number with twelve numbers per group plus an analysis of the previous bonus balls. The group has 20 tickets for the cost of $50 a month. They do factor in the additional weeks. Keep in mind though; the pool is for a specific day of the week i.e. US Powerball is for the Wednesday night game – not both Wednesday and Saturday.

Added Bonus

Get eight of your friends to play any of the pools and you get to play for free. It doesn’t matter which pool they join as long as they are playing.

Winning at

For all prizes under $600, LottoHitter will claim the prize and deposit it into your account. Prizes over $600 involve submitting an official lottery claim form and the check is sent directly from the Florida Lottery Commission. If you win that mega jackpot (or any winning over $600), they will claim the prize on your behalf for a 10% processing fee. For pools, they add a second threshold. Winnings under $600, your share going direct to your account. Between $600 and $250,000, LottoHitter will collect the amount and then issue a company check to you. If your pool wins that jackpot, they will arrange for the group to come to Florida Lottery Headquarters in Tallahassee, though they don’t say whether they cover the costs.

LottoHitter’s Customer Service

Don’t look for a live chat here. offers an online form, email address, snail mail address, and phone number. They respond to the online form within 24 hours though it looks like that excludes weekends. Not sure about the holidays. It is operated by Sunny Market Trading Inc. out of Orlando, Florida.

Why You Should Register with Lotto Hitter


Florida Lotteries

10% Commission Fee on Collecting Winnings at YOUR CHOICE

Limited Shares in Pools/Syndicates are Available

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lotto Hitter


Only Florida Lotteries

Joining Fee

Limited Tickets in Pools/Syndicates

Would you mind rating

Is Lotto Hitter Legit?

This looks like a legit site that operates out of Florida for Florida lotteries – that’s it. On the one-time fee, LottoHitter says that this is so they can develop better tools for lottery players though with the fact they waive it for pool (syndicate) players, maybe it’s simply to steer you towards them. The pools are interesting though I don’t get why they pick only one of the draws when they are actually played bi-weekly. Guess that’s their choice.

For playing Florida lotteries, this site gets a thumbs up. The other thing though, for being able to play other international lotteries like EuroMillions and El Gordo, players will have to go elsewhere.

  1. Florida lotteries are pretty cool but I like playing somewhere that offers all kinds of international lotteries. I did decide to go in and take a deeper look and found it weird that it offers the site in two languages, English & Chinese. Weird. Just a bit to messy for my place to play.


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