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LottoGo Exposed — Beware the Subscription Button

LottoGo Exposed

LottoGo Review

Want to bet on lotteries? Check out LottoGo is a former and has a bunch of lotteries, games, and scratches. Keep in mind this is about betting and not purchasing lottery tickets. The payout is the same as if you had a ticket in any of the official draws including sharing if there is more than one winner. But if you’re a resident of the United States, don’t look to play here. Anyone else, all bets are on!

Games at

Players can bet on a bunch of lotteries including US Powerball & Mega Millions, EuroMillions & EuroJackpot, UK Lotto, Australia Oz Lotto, Mon-Wed-Sat Aussie Lotto, Aussie Powerball, Finnish Lotto, German 6aus49, Irish Lotto, SuperEnalotto, Polish Lotto and Swedish Lotto. It’s up to you whether you play your favorite ticket lines or choose quick pics. Players can go for a single play, multi-play, or choose a subscription. LottoGo defaults to automatically play 2 lines though you can delete the second one and simply play one line.

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Scratch Games at LottoGo offers a bunch of scratch games including EuroMillions, Gold Hunter, 33 Chances, Horseshoe, and Raid the Piggy Bank – to mention a few. Players can jump in on one game, 10 games, or 20 games. There is a heap to choose from.

And Other Stuff at

In addition to betting on lotteries and scratchies, LottoGo has a wide range of other casino games including Keno, Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker. There is a demo option on each of the games, but you first have to register to be able to play.

How to Claim Your Winnings

Winnings under £50,000 are paid directly to your LottoGo account. Anything over £50,000 can take up to 40 days while sorts payments out with their insurer. There is no information on who the insurance company is. Click on “withdraw” and your winnings should be cleared between 3 to 5 working days. There is a minimum withdrawal of £10. However, you put the funds originally in is the way you get them back.

How to Claim a Mega Jackpot?

Though in general, LottoGo says that all winnings are paid in a lump sum less any taxes that would be applicable (like in the case of the US lotteries), winnings over £10 million are not paid out all at once. The first £10 million is paid “as soon as possible” after the draw with the rest of the money paid over 19 yearly payments paid within 7 days of the date of the first payment.

Who Can Play at

The only big restriction on playing at is Location- no one who is a resident of the United States can play – or you are somewhere where it is illegal to play. Okay – you do have to be 18 years or older and legally able to enter a contract. is available in six languages – English, Chinese (Zhongguo), German, Finish, Polish and Swedish.

Who Owns

This site is operated by a company out of the Isle of Man, with a snail mail and email address. There is also an online form. Their published business hours are only Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. GMT. There are no phone numbers to contact them. LottoGo is registered with the Jersey Gambling Commission and UK Gambling Commission. & Complaints

Most of the comments by players are about the use of the subscription button. It seems a bunch of people didn’t realize it was ticked and ended up with additional charges.


Why You Should Register With LottoGo


Lots of Lotteries to Bet On

Anyone Can Play – Except US Residents

No Commission/Fees on Winnings

Why You Shouldn’t Register With LottoGo


Mega Jackpot takes a while to be received

Subscription Button

Deductions include Taxes

Would you mind rating

Is LottoGo Legit?

One would have thought with betting; the company would be able to set aside the tax issues that affect lotteries, especially because they don’t have to pay the taxes. It’s also not appealing to think that one may have won the mega jackpot but won’t get all the money right away.

This site looks fairly straightforward though beware of the “subscription” button and what you agree to pay.

  1. My very limited experience with Lottogo- To get the promotional set for life tickets at the advertised price it signed me up to subscription, which I immediately cancelled. But I did win a little, setting me ahead by about AUD$30. I am still waiting for the money to go back into my card. It all seems legit at this point, and I am happy that I won so quickly. I just wish it was faster to withdrawal winnings. I think Lottogo could be improved by not being so assuming and greedy from the outset. Make it an option to subscribe after we have identified with the site. And of course by making the winnings withdrawals go back faster into your chosen account.

    • Bought around $24 worth today & noticed I’ve been added to subscription with $252.00 to be debited from my account TOMORROW!

      Sent 4 e-mails cancelling the ‘subscription’ – no response yet, and both phone numbers listed on the site are DISCONNECTED.

      If the money is debited tomorrow I’ll contact the bank to put the payment in dispute.

      Just received e-mail to say ‘Subscription cancelled’. Hoping that’s right.

      Q for LottoGo:
      Why have a response box on-site that’s ‘not monitored’?
      Why have 2 contact phone numbers listed that are ‘Disconnected’?
      Why are punters so easily able to inadvertently ‘subscribe’?
      And why isn’t it simpler to unsubscribe?

  2. They subscribed me for tickets I did not subscribe to or ask for. I unsubscribed the only choice I had was to say I had subscribed by mistake! This is a fraudulent site!

  3. Won £150 and instead of crediting my bank they debited my account of £150 but tried to blame the bank. It’s a card transaction that I did not authorise. Now having to go through bank to get my money back but not received 2 withdrawals of £150 & £140. Disgusting site and service.

  4. Absolutely a bunch of hueys

    Avoid, they are liars and chancers

    You won’t see your winnings or withdrawals

    Just fake excuses.

  5. Asked for my personal data: bank statement photo id utility bill and proof of earnings after years of being a member and stated it was a government requirement. This is not true. I refused and played on as normal until I won a decent amount and tried to withdraw. They then made the same request for this personal information and withheld my funds until I did. They wouldn’t give it to me even if I closed the account. Tonight they offered a 100% cash match if I made a deposit. I did and the money the matched went into a bonus pot as did every penny I won thereafter and could not withdraw. Closed the account and left them with the money. They are a con outfit. This system made me give a star or I couldn’t send this review. Not deserved


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