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  1. When I first looked at this, I thought wow. Nice that I can play a lottery and some of what I’m paying goes to a charity. But go to their site and forget it. There is no explanation on how much goes to the charities. There is nothing on how the draw happens. There is a results page but not how many have actually won!


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Lottogiving Exposed — Should You Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is?

Lottogiving Review

Maybe the combination of betting on a lottery with a part of the fees going to a charity is an excellent way to operate. Me – I have my reservations, especially when it is betting versus actually buying tickets. Add to this, sites that just do not bother to spell out the rules. Their credibility is based on the charities that are being supported. There is a heap of them that have jumped on the bandwagon through lottery sites like – and you get to choose the lottery that you want to benefit. Does this sound confusing? Let me break it down.

The Game at

Simply looking at is very confusing. There is no information on how they draw their numbers. It advertises a lottery that is drawn twice a week with six main numbers and one bonus ball. Players choose the charity they want their percentage of the fee paid to go to. That percentage changes depending on the number of tickets purchased: 27% for 2 lotto lines, 33% for 5 lotto lines and 42% for 10 lotto lines. But there is no information on what authority provides the winning numbers – at least not here.

Jumping to

It’s not until you dig into the internet and find the site that the information is provided that the winning numbers are based on the German lottery “6aus49”. Players bet on what numbers will be drawn. is the parent of a variety of different online lottery betting providers that are charity based.

Lotto Giving and Winning

Players win the same amount as if they were playing directly with 6aus49 with a few twists. The big difference is as an example – if there are three winners with 6aus49 but only one ticket line winner in, the player only gets 1/3 of the jackpot. It also means that if there is one winner with 6aus49 and three winners with, then the winners each get 1/3 of the jackpot. Keep in mind that this is information from the site and not posted anywhere on!

The Charities

Popping into a variety of charity sites, the linkage and back story are confirming that they are involved. I guess it’s not a hard one for them, in that they simply receive fees. This is an up-gun model of the charity raffle with a lot less work.

Customer Service

There is a phone number available Monday to Saturday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., but it can only be dialed in the UK. There is also an email address, but that’s it. There is no snail mail or online chat – except by going to The team did email a couple of questions, and we are still waiting to hear back.

Who is doesn’t tell you, but their UK gambling license number is the same as aka Tipp24 founded in 1999. Tipp24 is a European online lottery broker and listed on the German stock exchange.

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line site needs to clean its act up and provide better information on what they do and how it happens. Now on the whole charity thing, I guess some people do enjoy betting on a lottery (remember I don’t personally like betting versus buying tickets) and at the same time knowing part of their bet goes towards supporting a charity versus the deep pockets of a private company.


Looks Legit

Charities Benefit



Winning Payouts on Jackpots

Only One Lottery

These folks get a thumbs down on their site design and lack of information, but the team voted, and it was a 50/50 on the concept of a charity directly getting support versus a corporate.

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