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On June 3, 2021, the launch of was announced. The project aims to simplify online ticket buying and give clients flexibility through a partnership with QuickCheck.

And while the scope of the service is fairly limited at the time being, the chances are that some expansion will occur in the future. Here’s everything you need to know about right now.

Games at

As of its launch, is starting as a service solely in the state of New Jersey. Of course, that’s disappointing news for everyone else, but hopefully, the geographical range will expand in the future (at least that’s what the company promises).

This TheLotter review tells you all there is to know about TheLotter

For people in other parts of the US, is currently working as an opportunity to check results for some of the most prominent games – Powerball, Mega Millions, and some of the locally available state lotteries.

In New Jersey, players can acquire Powerball, Mega Millions, Cash 5, and Pick 6.

The good news is that the cost of an individual ticket is the same amount you’ll have to spend on an in-store purchase. That’s pretty good news, especially in comparison to the markups typical for other online lottery agencies.

The app simplifies ticket buying both online and via a mobile device. To access the service, you have to create an online account and link a payment method. At the time being, credit and debit card payments are being accepted.

The QuickCheck partnership is also something we need to touch upon. This option is available to simplify the brick-and-mortar acquisition of tickets. Right now, QuickCheck is’s sole legitimate partner in New Jersey. The collaboration is aimed to create a somewhat hybrid solution that gives players more versatility when buying tickets. and Claiming Your Prizes has fairly straightforward prize claim procedures. For a start, the platform will notify all winners that they’ve acquired some cash from a game.

Anyone who wins a prize through the use of the platform will have to follow through with a few steps before withdrawing. These depend on the amount that the winner is entitled to.

All prizes of up to 600 dollars will be automatically credited to a player’s account. After the sum becomes visible in the profile, the player will be free to withdraw using the payment method utilized to add money to the account.

The money can also be kept in the online balance and used to acquire additional lottery tickets.

For prizes that exceed 600 dollars, a ticket will have to be physically redeemed, and a prize claim procedure will be launched in New Jersey. promises to contact these winners and provide them with additional information about where and how a ticket can be received.

There’s one final prize claim procedure for those who win more than 5,000 dollars from the lottery. In that case, the player will have to make a direct prize claim from the state lottery. The team promises to reach out in 24 hours and inform the winner about the next steps that have to be undertaken to cash out the respective sum.

An identity verification process will have to be completed for a winning amount to be received in all instances.

Who Can Play on

Anyone signing up for a account will need to be aged 18 or older.

The service is currently available only in New Jersey. As already mentioned, players will need to go through an identity verification process. There’s a reason why – most of the larger prizes have to be obtained in person. That would be impossible or very difficult for anyone living out of state or country.

There are no restrictions when it comes to the nationality of players. So anyone who is a legal resident of New Jersey can give the service a try.

Who’s Behind

The company does a pretty good job as far as transparency is concerned. There’s quite a lot of information about the entity behind the service and its credentials. Inc. has its headquarters in New Jersey, which is why the state’s the first one to commence offering such services. It’s a digital lottery ticket buying platform registered and licensed as a lottery carrier within the US.

These credentials mean that the business is entirely legitimate. isn’t a scam. Instead, it provides a valid opportunity to benefit from an online platform in the US. This country isn’t particularly well-known for developing digital services about betting and games of luck.

There’s a physical address on the company website and an extensive FAQ section that features additional details about Inc. and its services. The company also provides much-needed Terms and Conditions that are more or less standard. Still, it would be best if you went through the document before signing up for anything or spending money on a service.

Other Bits and Pieces

Since the app is still relatively new, it offers a limited range of services. Going through the FAQ section, however, reveals the potential for future growth. For example, loyalty programs and bonuses are mentioned a few times in the document. And while these are not available right now, they’d be a definite great addition to the platform.

Because the website is so new, we also didn’t come across reviews. However, we will keep tracking performance and customer response to understand better how the portal will evolve.

The fact that the service is only available in New Jersey is why is currently such a limited possibility. Hopefully, the situation will change soon to offer more people in the US a chance to benefit from digitization.

Why You Should Register With


A legitimate online lottery ticket buying solution

The cost of tickets through the platform is the same as the cost of tickets in the state

Convenient and straightforward ticket buying

Convenient and straightforward prize withdrawal procedure

The company is completely transparent about what it does and its procedures

Bonuses and special opportunities will potentially be launched in the future

Why You Shouldn’t Register With

Cons: is an online ticket buying service that can only be accessed in New Jersey

It only offers a handful of US lotteries right now

For more considerable sums, players will have to come forward and go through a prize claim in person

There aren’t that many payment methods being supported right now

Would you mind rating

Is Legit?

There isn’t an awful lot we can use to judge now. First, the project is still in its early stages. Second, not only is the service limited solely to New Jersey, but it also offers just a handful of American games and nothing else.

Still, to be objective, we have to judge based on what it provides as we have seen above.

If you’re in New Jersey and you’d like to buy local/national tickets online, you are in luck. Everybody else will have to wait and see whether will expand the scope of services in a way that’s being promised to potential clients.

  1. Loto is fake; no one wins, they collect billions, then they will find their own somebody only to show somebody won the $1 million to show it is not fake. What a big game.

  2. I have not had any problems collecting my winnings. Follow the directions and put in your bank info and you get your winnings. The only difficulty I am having is it keeps saying today on sign in it does not recognize the state I am playing from so you have to disable the VPN and even then it says please enable the location check. So, I have an email in to service to tell me how to do this.

    • Having the same problem for weeks now.. been emailing and not getting a response so I guess I start going to the store again and save the extra 1$ BOOOO.. bad customer service..

  3. Only works if you live in New Jersey. Any other state you have to pretty much fight them for your winnings. I have been trying to get $100 winning for almost a month now. Crickets!!!

    Every time I see a FB ad for them I will warn everyone not to waste your money with them. Go to the gas station if you want your money.

  4. Do not purchase tickets on this site! I won a $1,000 scratch off ticket $20 Million Supreme 07/2023 and have been emailing them for a week. The only response is to email them from my registered email and they’ll be happy to assist however I continue to send emails from my registered email address and receive the same message over and over. On the site there is only a bot which directs you nowhere and provides little to no information. I have emailed a copy of the winning ticket, my driver’s license and copied the TX State lottery commission who is looking into this for me as of last week because if they’ll do this to me after spending thousands of dollars on their site with a winner. What will they do with your money?
    Horrible experience.
    Andra Jackson
    Austin TX

  5. This is a scam. I won $500 on a Texas scratchoff and asked for a $400 withdrawal. That was almost a month ago. All I get is excuses and that a supervisor will contact me. Asked for a New Jersey and Texas complaint address, CRICKETS.


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