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Facebook: Exposed — Online Lotto Spot for US Players Review Review Inc., based in New Jersey, stands out as the pioneering digital service for state lottery draw games and scratch tickets, ensuring a safe, easy, and touch-free participation method accessible from any device without the need for app downloads or deposits. As a facilitator for players to join U.S. state lotteries, also aids in channeling additional funds to various state-managed initiatives such as education and veterans’ health.

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As of its launch, started as a service solely in the state of New Jersey.

This TheLotter review tells you all there is to know about TheLotter

At the moment, has significantly expanded its reach beyond New Jersey, now serving multiple states including Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Oregon, and Texas.

Each state offers a unique set of games. For example, New Jersey players can enjoy Mega Millions, Pick 4, Pick 3, Cash4Life, Jersey Cash 5, Powerball, and Pick 6, while Arkansas offers Mega Millions, Cash 4, Cash 3, Natural State Jackpot, Lucky For Life, Lotto, and Powerball. This broadened offering marks a notable growth from its initial focus, providing a wider audience with access to major and local lottery games.

The good news is that the cost of an individual ticket is the same amount you’ll have to spend on an in-store purchase. That’s pretty good news, especially in comparison to the markups typical for other online lottery agencies.

The app simplifies ticket buying both online and via a mobile device. To access the service, you have to create an online account and link a payment method. At the time being, credit and debit card payments are being accepted.

The QuickCheck partnership is also something we need to touch upon. This option is available to simplify the brick-and-mortar acquisition of tickets. Right now, QuickCheck is’s sole legitimate partner in New Jersey. The collaboration is aimed to create a somewhat hybrid solution that gives players more versatility when buying tickets. and Claiming Your Prizes has a streamlined process for prize claims, notifying winners about their success. Prizes up to a certain threshold, generally between $500 and $600 depending on state rules, are directly credited to the player’s account. Larger winnings require a different approach: winners must claim these through the state lottery, with facilitating by potentially delivering the winning ticket to the customer for claims above this threshold. Winners are urged to pick up significant winnings in person, although provides guidance for all steps of the process, including identity verification and necessary documentation. ensures accuracy in posting winning numbers and prize amounts but defers to official state records in case of discrepancies. For significant wins over $5,000, winners may be invited to a public celebration, possibly including photos and interviews, where laws allow.

Who Can Play on

To play on, individuals must meet specific criteria, including being of legal age as per the jurisdiction, completing a registration process, and not being disqualified due to employment with or other specified conditions. Eligibility extends beyond New Jersey, accommodating various states, with the platform emphasizing legal and responsible participation.

Who’s Behind

The company does a pretty good job as far as transparency is concerned. There’s quite a lot of information about the entity behind the service and its credentials. Inc. has its headquarters in New Jersey, which is why the state’s the first one to commence offering such services. It’s a digital lottery ticket buying platform registered and licensed as a lottery carrier within the US.

These credentials mean that the business is entirely legitimate. isn’t a scam. Instead, it provides a valid opportunity to benefit from an online platform in the US. This country isn’t particularly well-known for developing digital services about betting and games of luck.

There’s a physical address on the company website and an extensive FAQ section that features additional details about Inc. and its services. The company also provides much-needed Terms and Conditions that are more or less standard. Still, it would be best if you went through the document before signing up for anything or spending money on a service.

Why You Should Register With


A legitimate online lottery ticket buying solution

The cost of tickets through the platform is the same as the cost of tickets in the state

Convenient and straightforward ticket buying

Convenient and straightforward prize withdrawal procedure

The company is completely transparent about what it does and its procedures

Bonuses and special opportunities will potentially be launched in the future

Why You Shouldn’t Register With

Cons: is an online ticket buying service that can only be accessed in 9 states

It only offers a handful of US lotteries right now

For more considerable sums, players will have to come forward and go through a prize claim in person

Is Legit? is recognized as a legitimate platform for participating in various state lotteries, offering a secure and straightforward way for users to buy lottery tickets online. With its adherence to legal standards and the provision of clear procedures for ticket purchases and prize claims, it provides a reliable service for lottery enthusiasts.

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  1. Horrible don’t play on they make it seem easy but you don’t receive your money until like 2wks if you really need money fast and bad play in the store I will never play again EVER!! when I receive my $ I’m disconnecting this site for sure I won on Feb 1st it’s the 8th and still no money in my bank account you can’t speak to any 1 and they keep emailing you info just to let you know they got your ya email..that’s it
    ..I’m done I’m a regular player don’t get fooled you won’t get yz money right away

  2. They have horrible customer service. They are so quick to take your money from your account, but are slow about paying you when you win so shut this down.

  3. I believe that the lotto scams end of story I done my number and yes fraud is happening

  4. Well I won 2 tickets a total of $700 I already got my payout within 3 days so I recommend this site

    • How I won $400 on Feb 1st it’s the 8th and I still don’t have my funds in my account..3days is Lie because I found out it says 5to 10 business days

      So I would like to kn how???

  5. I won $40… I decided to play again and tickets totalled $22.20…that amount was not only taken out of my winnings, it was also taken from my bank account…I have been given the run around every since from their customer service


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