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  1. Paid thousands of Swedish Crowns and they told me I had only 24 hour to regret the prenumeration!! I was stuck in Spain under Covid 19. Called them and told that I could not pay in time course I had to but a new ticket home- they sent the Bill for inkasso! On the Whitley time I got 90 svk win!! Don’t get this!! But own tickets and you can win a lot on that money!! This is a Crime- I Will go to the police! They have to be stopped!!

  2. I purchased a lottery pakkage of 300 lines in month with 60€. So 300 lines 60€ per month for 4 months.
    I started to look at my lines and if i had any winning lines and what are the numbers. This site paid me 0.04€ on 3+1 eurojackpot win!! I checked on official Finnish Veikkaus websites, that Eurojackpot 3+1 winning line pays 15,53€ and this site paid me 4 cents! I had couple 2+1’s there as well but they only paid me for this 1 line. My winnings are at the moment 0.11€!! My pakkage includes Spanish Bono lotto, Euromillions, Eurojackpot, US Powerball, Megamillions, Finnish lotto ans few others.
    My winnings so far:
    3.3.2020 – Euromillions: 0.01€
    3.3.2020 – Euromillions: 0.01€
    28.2.2020 – Eurojackpot: 0.04€
    28.2.2020 – Euromillions: 0.02€
    28.2.2020 – Euromillions: 0.01€
    28.2.2020 – Euromillions: 0.01€
    25.2.2020 – Euromillions: 0.01€

    They pay 1 cent on 2 hits/line and 2 cents from 3hits/line from Euromillions and 3+1hit/line 4 cents from Eurojackpot!!!
    Stay the hell away from this site!!!!!!
    Im so frikking MAD!!!

  3. Yes, lotto 365 is a piece of shit. No number available, wey hard to come in contact with. As I understand I have paid 40 dollars per month just for the pleasure to pay for gambling. Fraud. Don’t play and pay anything to lotto 365. Sweet money they say and payment is allocated to another company. Suspicious
    Goran cedgard sweden

  4. Not serious and use inkasso from other company. Feel cheated and never more a deal on a telephone. 170 pounds for nothing. Stay away from this company you can’t even rate negative. Everything is trigged

  5. Signed up to see prices because they try to get you to buy 6 + tickets. Only wanted 1! Their prices are more than other places. So asked from my account to be deleted VIA Live Chat and it’s like being on a debate team they are not deleting my account instead keep asking lots of questions and showing me great offers! Are you kidding me? Stay away from them.

  6. I purchased a powerball ticket through this site, their terms of service state a scan of the ticket will be available within 24 hours. At draw time, 36 hours after purchase, the ticket scan was still not available. In fact, 2 days after the draw a ticket scan was still unavailable.

    An email was not responded to and the live chat agent just wanted to brush me off when I asked for account to be removed. After asking several they finally deleted my account, hopefully. I’ll be keeping an eye on my credit card…

  7. Stay away from this company as they don’t scan ticket copies before the draws. In fact they still haven’t updated my account…

  8. You guys should update your review, it has been 2 years and they do have Syndicates. The screen shots, don’t look like the same site.

    • They called me in Sweden, so badly wanted me to win and sign up for another LAST winter season and she can see I have already won, and the chances on euro jackpot are 12 in 4. she said…. pushy, they are so focken rude and just arrogant pricks, the guy has other companies, inkl the company that demands you on money so he makes double, the added fee, etc etc all goes to the same guy. TRUST ME, I have looked into it thirty, yes the site has been renewed try now and then just for this reason, you think they are honest and it new now, yeah they know what they are doing, the leading questions, they even use t same line from different celler, its almost funny but they want in the bill, PAYDAY: NOW immediately, no real company that drives in money, inkasso in Swedish, sorry don’t know what its called in English but hey, just hang up, they will say everything you want to hear to sell this fake shit to you, maybe there are one winner but never any amount you take out cause they have casino and online slots etc et as well!!!
      T! hhahahahahahahahahaha

      My god she tried to work me on the phone for 40 mins… damn she must be pissed.

      Up to you but I can almost promise you that’s it is a fucking hoax, do some more googling on it and you’ll maybe even get glimpses of old pages in near coteries… HAHAHA


  9. The site is apparently based in China.

  10. They do not pay winnings.

  11. sorry this website is terrible, I want to withdraw money I won to my credit card, but all it says is ‘comments’, doesn’t have my credit card number anywhere on there. Live chat is useless too. Going to stick to my local lotto site I think.


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Lotto365 Exposed — Everyone Has to Start Somewhere is an online lottery provider owned and operated by Dreams Pay Ltd. Bulgaria and powered by the LottoTech lottery platform. Lotto365 service offers the tickets to 17 international lotteries. You can contact Lotto365 via live chat, email address, or online form. Lotto365 website is available in 5 languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.

Lotto365 Review

July 2014, our team dug into an online line lottery provider called (currently and was not impressed with what we found. The site had been launched but wasn’t operational. It didn’t matter what we clicked on, nothing worked. It’s time to go back and take another look. Maybe they’ve got it right now.

Lotto365 and Their Games

This online lottery provider offers Mega Millions, US Powerball, California SuperLotto Plus, EuroJackpot, EuroMillions, UK National Lottery, UK Thunderball, France Lotto, El Gordo, Irish Lotto, Brazil Mega Sena, Hot Lotto, Hoosier Lotto, Florida Lotto, Lotto 6/49, Oz Lotto and Oz Powerball. There doesn’t appear to be a minimum number of lines to be purchased and they offer consecutive draws up to 52. There aren’t any syndicates here.


For winnings under USD 600, players will be credited with their winnings direct to their accounts. For winnings over USD 600 (or the equivalent in another currency), will send your ticket and claim papers to you. The delivery costs and winnings are the player’s responsibility. They say they will help but I’m not sure what else they would do once you have the tickets and payment. also says they do not take commissions on your winnings though any other costs to in the process belong to the player and will be deducted. We finally figured out why the threshold – it’s to do with taxes on US lotteries. But why are they applying it to all? I can’t imagine flying to Brazil to pick up a ticket where I’ve won the equivalent of say USD 1,000.

Lotto 365 and Promotions

Firstly, there is a 100% welcome bonus when a player buys their initial tickets. This is a bonus to be able to play and cannot be withdrawn. There are also a variety of promotions and bonuses including multi-draw discounts, a VIP program, and Frequent Player Points. The only problem here is that the only way to find out what they are actually offering is to play.

Other Features at

Lotto365 offers a statistic, numerology, and horoscope page to help players choose their lucky numbers. The horoscope page is hilarious as each time it is opened, it regenerates ticket line numbers for each sign. It just looks like a fancy new way to do quick picks.

Who Are They? is owned by a company called BET Service NV out of Curaçao with a snail mail address there. Their telephone number is out of the UK. There is also an email address, online line form and live chat available Tuesday through Saturday 6:00 to 20:00 GMT. I do still have a bit of a problem with the concept of probably playing out of the UK with a company that is registered in Curaçao. The other thing that I found a little strange is the fact they are insured by EMERIT out of Germany. Normally, online lottery providers only insure when they are a betting site and don’t actually purchase the lottery tickets. Digging through their terms and conditions, they do say they purchase tickets so what’s with the insurer.

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line is definitely up and running and there doesn’t seem to be any reason to doubt that these guys are legit. There are a few things that would make me hesitate to play here.


No Commissions

Good Range of Lotteries

Good Customer Service


Collecting Winnings over $600

What Are Their Promotions

No Syndicates gets a reserved thumbs up if for no other reason that they have migrated their site to actually work. For now, though, our team agreed they want to play somewhere with a few more options especially for syndicates.

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