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It’s a Plane, It’s a Bird! No, it’s Lotto Guy Lottery System Exposed!

Lotto Guy Lottery System

Lotto Guy Lottery System Review

Okay, first let me point out that this site gave me eye cancer. Literally. I’m so pissed right now I just want to listen to Justin Bieber. Why in the world would anyone use a bright red font on a colorful blue background mixed with a white colored font? Anyway, after much eye soar, I have come to tell you what this is all about. When you click on their site, apart from eye cancer you’ll see the following:

“Do You Play The Lotteries? Do You want To Win More Often? Do You Want To Increase Your Chances To Win The Jackpot?”

No. What kind of question is that anyway? Apart from that, you might think that “wow, what are the odds of winning”? A breathtaking 30%. Here’s what they say:

“After careful analysis they found 3 categories of number combinations that if you follow, will give you a very real 30% better chance of winning, especially the lower tier prizes (3 or 4 number winnings)”

But Does It Work?

Well, according to them,

“This is by far the absolute best lottery system we have ever used. Many other users of this system have already been sending us excellent feedback, stating a success rate of about 30% increased wins … That’s Huge!!!”

Yeah, that’s nothing compared to what other lottery software is providing avid lottery players, don’t you think? But by far the best I’ve read so far! I’m glad they didn’t say guaranteed won because I’m so bored of that phrase now. LOL. But you know something? I smell something burning. Perhaps the fumes that come especially when nobody’s listening to what you’re claiming? So here’s how they grabbed the attention:

“Listen And Learn! 95% of other so called lottery systems being sold out there are Not Tested or Proven to give you wins, they are just cheap useless software or made-up systems by some person then hyped up to sound great, with a high price tag. Do not pass on this system just because it isn’t all hyped up and high priced. Remember, this is a real 30% increased chance of winning without buying dozens tickets.”

Yeah, great, so as long as I play with you, I have a 30 % better chance of winning the lottery? Okay, tell me this then, will you? What if 10,000 people buy your system, who gets to me the jackpot winner? Apart from the humongous amount of money this site will make by fooling people, I doubt lottery players will even get close to winning the jackpot just by trusting the system. I doubt it.

So How Much Does Lotto Guy System Cost?

Doesn’t cost as much as the other lottery software thank god! According to them, “For only $19.95 (A very reasonable price) you can own and utilize this system for yourself and win more than you ever have before.” Oh and to lure you furthermore, they will also offer you gifts! They say:

“Everyone who purchases a lottery system will also receive 2 of the best lottery wheels around as well as excellent Pick 3 systems and proven tips that improve your odds of winning Scratch N Win Tickets for Canada and U.S (others charge $30 – $40 for this info alone). You also get a secret tip that does improve your Odds on winning the lotteries and you guessed it. You get it for FREE!”

Are They Legitimate?

Yes, well about that, here’ what they said:

“Please don’t send us your testimonials anymore. Due to New FTC Astroturfing Guidelines (Sec 255.5), testimonials now have to be thoroughly proven (which requires far too much of your personal information). This new law is a real hassle for both the customer and seller. This is why we no longer allow posting of any updated testimonials. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.”

Oh, so now it’s our fault? And what kind of personal information are you talking about besides name, email, and phone number? Bank statements may also be required to ensure that these guys who give testimonials have bought the software to comment about it! Makes sense, doesn’t it? Because to me, it doesn’t make sense why a company wouldn’t go the extra mile to get verified and add recommendations to their boat. So you guys better stop fooling us, lottery players are not fools, we’re educated. Just because we like to spend some cash on tickets doesn’t mean we can purchase just about anything a random Tom, Dick, Harry or Mr Lottery comes up with.

My Thoughts

If they’re true, they should give you a live preview. Actions speak louder than words. There’s no about us, no privacy policy and no terms. How sure are we these people, whoever’s behind this tried the software and won? If they did, why sell it? If you have a hen that lays gold eggs, you don’t give that to others, do you? So my advice, move on. Save your money. Don’t look back.

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