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Lotto Guy

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Price: C$19.95
Trial: No
Guarantee: No
Description: Yet another mathematical software lottery system promising to universally boost chances for winning the lottery (no matter what you play).

Lotto Guy Lottery System Exposed — Inexpensive and Brilliant or Just Cheap?

Lotto Guy Lottery System Exposed

Lotto Guy Lottery System Review

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that each time you buy a lottery ticket, you’re going to win? You’re not alone in that desire. This is precisely what lotto software developers capitalize on when making their systems. Lotto Guy is yet another “universal” formula that’s supposed to boost your chances of success. But will it?

For the longest time, the Lotto Guy site has been criticized for its appearance. If you’re wondering why go check it out. If you don’t feel dizzy after looking at the homepage, you’re a real champ.

The Lotto Guy Lottery System isn’t investing in aesthetics and functionality. But that isn’t what matters here. Anyone can look beyond the ugly website if they have a reason to do so. And that’s what we’re about to discover today.

The system makes some bold promises, but we will actually put them to the test in the subsequent section. In the end, we’ll reach a valid conclusion to determine if you should be spending your money on Lotto Guy or not.

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What Is Lotto Guy and What Does It Do?

As per the terribly long and tedious explanation on the tremendously ugly website, the Lotto Guy Lottery System Formula

“will realistically give you very real 30% increased chance of winning.”

Realistically, that’s an authentic and concrete number. Nobody mentions, however, exactly how it has been derived.

The site also brags that Lotto Guy was voted first for the mathematical software used to develop the system. Yes, we’re also wondering what that means and if it means anything at all. There are no credentials, no certifications, and no information about who ranked what and how many software products were analyzed.

In other words, things aren’t looking too good for Lotto Guy right now. Starting with the horrendous eyesore and moving on to the Clickbank-y way in which the page looks, it doesn’t seem like a properly developed product with proper guarantees and actual, specific information. But let’s move on.

How Much Does It Cost?

Is the Lotto Guy Lottery System free? The short answer is no.

A Lotto Guy system free download isn’t available for those who may be interested in testing the formula before committing to spending money on it.

Anyone who wants to use Lotto Guy will have to spend 19.95 CAD on it. Obviously, this isn’t an exuberant amount. However, what matters here is determining whether you’ll be getting something useful and valuable for your investment.

How Does Lotto Guy Work?

The free hosting and ugly website are a dead giveaway that Lotto Guy is pretty amateurish. But if you take a look at the comments above this review, you’ll find lots and lots of positive testimonials. How could that be?

Before examining the reviews, we need to find out how Lotto Guy works.

The system allows users to pick odds and evens and highs and lows within a range. This is it! It’s not country-specific, and it doesn’t analyze any past information from lotteries to make the statistical analysis accurate.

The website, however, makes claims the system is universal. How could that be? Easy!

Anyone can say anything online.

We can tell you that we’ve hit the jackpot five times by using constellation information. You have whatsoever no way of proving our claims unless we provide the evidence.

Unfortunately, the Lotto Guy doesn’t provide anything along those lines.

In fact, the website contradicts itself more than once. Originally claimed as universal and tested, the system is described as working mostly for Pick 5, Pick 6 and Pick 7 Canada and US games.

Even if something actually good about the system, such bogus and misleading claims make us really mad; anyone who has a legitimate product will be more than happy to say loud and clear exactly what they have to offer. This isn’t what the Lottery Guy team has done.

Lotto Guy Lottery System Terms and Conditions

Are you surprised to find out that The Lotto Guy system doesn’t actually have properly drafted terms and conditions?

Payment is being made through PayPal, which means that their T&C applies.

Also, you’re being told that winnings aren’t guaranteed when you use the formula. That’s a pretty standard disclaimer, but it doesn’t add to the credibility of a product that has already made a horrendous first impression.

Who Is Behind Lotto Guy?

That is such a lovely and valid question!

The entire presentation on the homepage mentions “we” as the team that developed and tested out (universally) the Lotto Guy System. Who hides behind the pronoun, however?

The support email is a Gmail one (once again – so professional)! There is no company name or registered entity that stands behind Lotto Guy… and pays taxes for profits generated through sales.

And since the website uses free WordPress hosting, there’s really no way to learn more by checking out the hosting information.

The fact that a developer has not come forward to put their name on the product should speak loud and clear to you. Just check out the website and the official presentation. Check out the “customer” reviews published above our article. Based on this information, you can make up your mind about the validity of the Lotto Guy Lottery system’s claims and usefulness.

Had there been actual credentials, we might have been a bit more lenient. But the way the entire product is presented speaks volumes, and we don’t like what we’re hearing.

Why You Should Register with Lotto Guy


No advantage to this tool

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lotto Guy


It’s not free

It’s quite difficult to understand.

The reviews are not positive

Would you mind rating Lotto Guy?

Is Lotto Guy Legit?

There is nothing special about Lotto Guy, period! It wouldn’t have been worth giving a try had it been a free product.

Unfortunately, Lotto Guy isn’t free. While the cost of acquiring the software formula is fairly low, there doesn’t seem to be anything worth buying. The team that developed the formula didn’t invest anything in its presentation or usability. The whole thing appears so amateurish and cheap that it discourages you from spending anything.

There are indeed lots of positive Lotto Guy reviews out there. If you actually read a text by someone who understands lottery systems and who has been using such programs for a while, you’ll see that such people disapprove of the “project.” There are many such texts out there; you’ll need to do a bit of Google searching to come across them.

Also, we don’t like the secrecy and the lack of transparency. Anyone confident in a product that they developed will show their face. There will also be normal terms and conditions, guarantees, and maybe even a demo version (it could be a limited one) to give the potential buyer a glimpse into the software world.

We cannot recommend Lotto Guy as the next lottery-winning formula to test out based on what we’ve seen.

Because of misleading claims, contradictions, and the lack of transparency on the official Lotto Guy website (and let’s not get started on the design), the system receives a generous 2 out of 10 stars rating.

  1. have had very good results with LG-actually won second prize in a pick 6 out of 49 draw–highly recommend this–certainly better than some of the garbage out there—-and DON’T listen to any of the crap that this “Lotto Guy Review” promotes–the guy who runs this is a con artist–he is pushing some junk call “Win Lotto Systems” which he claims was developed by a “Professor Foster”–unfortunately no such person exists

  2. Their method is solid, works very well if used correctly. Works best to use the system along with all of their special strategies that can be applied. This way gives best over-all win rates.

  3. I agree with Mike….. the system does have quite a following, lots good reviews on this site as well as others. No subscription which I feel is a big plus and it’s low cost. As far as I can tell the system has established a good reputation….. definitely worth a try

  4. If we don’t test whether a system or method to see if our accessibility and effort can work with said system or method, then we will not find out for sure. Been noticing this Lotto Guy System has quit a following, which means users of this method do get some results. Of course no system or method is guaranteed, but you must try and try again if you want those wins bad enough. Count Me In!

  5. I debated for a few years before I decided to try this particular system. I have never used anything like this before … was just trying to see if I could obtain some better results … I wasn’t expecting to win a fortune. When you have an edge, good things can result.


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